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Grimgrin Voltron-Control

Commander / EDH UB (Dimir)


My first and still favourite Commander deck, built entirely around Grimgrin, Corpse-Born. The deck plays as a mixture between Voltron and Control and can occasionally shift towards Combo, although that is by far not its primary strategy. The Black portion of the deck builds around classic card draw and sacrifice outlet staples, aiming at controlling the board and generating long-term value. The Blue portion features the bulk of the Control side of the deck, with a mixture of Counterspell and additional card advantage. An Artifact subtheme fills the gaps of a typical Dimir list, including mass permanent removal, creature protection and ramp effects. While explosive starts are absolutely possible for this deck, this is also a list that tries to play the long game and grind out victories through recurring advantage and repetitive creature removal, in the form of Grimgrin, Corpse-Born himself.


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