Ray of Command

Ray of Command


Untap target creature an opponent controls and gain control of it until end of turn. That creature gains haste until end of turn. When you lose control of the creature, tap it.

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Ray of Command Discussion

Cmi1103 on Marchesa, The Royal Pain

2 months ago

Grave Betrayal and Insurrection would go well in here. As well as other spells allowing you to steal creatures such as Mob Rule, Ray of Command, Act of Aggression etc... But I like the idea of using creatures with the same ability because you can re-use them off of Marchesa's ability.

Rhadamanthus on Hazoret's Favor and opponent's controlled …

4 months ago

If you still control the creature at the beginning of your end step, you'll sacrifice it before it goes back to its controller.

The "next end step" means the next end step that happens. In your example, that means the end step of your turn, since Hazoret's Favor triggers during your turn. The End Phase is made up of 2 steps: end and cleanup. For various rules-related reasons, "beginning of the end step" abilities trigger at the beginning of the end step, and "this turn" and "until end of turn" wear off in the cleanup step. This is why the creature gets sacrificed before you give it back to the opponent.

You can only sacrifice things you control, so if someone else somehow gains control of the creature before your turn ends (an instant-speed effect like Ray of Command, etc.) then it won't be sacrificed at the beginning of your end step.

mlequesne on See That 1/1? That's Actually Blightsteel Colossus

6 months ago

I think you would like Ray of Command since it can do great things defending, attacking or only to feed your commander. Cheers bro

BOXES_O_MOXES on Tatyova, benthic Druid pauper edh

6 months ago

Hi there! I would consider running a Library of Leng and a Thought Vessel. Your hand will get big quick and you don't want to be discarding stuff. You have great discard abilities that work well with Library of Leng such as Dreamscape Artist,Thought Courier and Merfolk Looter. You can discard a card to meet their requirements and put that card back on top of your library to and draw it again with Tatyova when you put a land into play. It's good synergy. I would cut Temporal Spring. It's a sorcery. I know it bounces a permanent unlike other similar spells but You should concentrate on instants that have a similar effect or even just a bounce effect. Maybe just a copy of Into the Roil? Ray of Command doesn't seem like it fits. If you had a sacrifice effect to use with it I'd say it would be worth running it. You have a great creature base so there's no real need to steal creatures. You run quite a few of them so having one to use as a blocker shouldn't be a problem. Other than that I don't see much I'd change without knowing how it plays out. If the above noted items I suggested are working out for you without changes then you are good to go. Just some input I thought you might consider. Great deck! Upvoted.

hejtmane on Yasova end the turn

6 months ago

Here is what i am running


You really want Thassa, Deep-Dwelling and Bazaar Trader yes you can trade with yourself and keep their stuff and you also want sack outlets I still need to purchase Goblin Bombardment but there are plenty of outlets including the mana altars as while and a ton more. I personally not bought those yet this was a budget deck I am slowly upgrading.

Instead of sorcery speed Act of treason pay the extra mana and go with instant speed it can save you Grab the Reins and Ray of Command the beauty of having sack outlets steal their big new shinny creature and sack it sometimes killing combos etc I use it in another deck but you could leverage Reins of Power in Yasova Dragonclaw and Mob Rule can be game ending

There are a lot of cool stuff you can do hope this helps with the ideas

Eurgiga on Moon art cards for Princess …

11 months ago

A few I haven't seen yet:

Couple tips when looking for moons: Both actual moons and moon symbols count, so keep an eye out for moons on things like books, texts, and manufactured things in the art. There is no limit on how small they can be, though it's obvious it has to be large enough to make out. Some cards have very small, very sneaky moons hidden in them this way.

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