Tomik, Distinguished Advokist

First Tomik deck on Tappedout! Inspired by ToSGod's Brimaz taxes deck is my own Taxes style teck with the new Tomik, Distinguished Advokist. I already had a taxes stax deck built but he seems like a more fitting commander. I am moving towards a more Death-and-Taxes strategy.

Combos & Synergy

One notable combo I enjoy is Balancing Act + Teferi's Protection to cause my opponents to sacrifice everything and, if I am hellbent on resolution, discard their hand as well. Avacyn, Angel of Hope along with any Armageddon effect is also quite devastating. Land Tax + Scroll Rack is obligatory card advantage in white. Boreas Charger + Path to Exile is a once off combo that I have resorted to when behind in games before. Martyr's Bond is a powerful effect that makes people hesitant to destroy my things.


Tax effects such as Thorn of Amethyst and Glowrider as I have a large chunk of non-creature spells that I would prefer to cast without being hindered. Fall of the Thran is also excluded as Tomik does not stop the second ability sadly. Ravages of War is excluded simply because I do not currently own a copy.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


Updates Add

Hey all! I am currently testing the new Sword of Sinew and Steel and Generous Gift and a few other cards from Modern Horizons as they roll out. I also have considered removing rest in peace from my deck as it nombos with my graveyard synergy cards that help me rebuild after an armageddon.


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