Looking for help to improve the consistency of this deck.

There are many early mana ramp cards in this deck. The goal is to get Animar out as soon as possible. After that, most of the creatures in this deck will be almost free to cast.

The win-combo in this deck:

I--Infinite counters on Animar:

1- Ancestral Statue

2- Cloudstone Curio + any two morph creatures

3- Tidespout Tyrant + any two morph creatures

II--Infinite mana: (enchantments like Utopia Sprawl and lands likeGruul Turf)

1- 'I' + Selvala, Heart of the Wilds

2- Temur Sabertooth or Equilibrium + Peregrine Drake or Palinchron

3- Cloudstone Curio or Tidespout Tyrant or Deadeye Navigator + Peregrine Drake or Palinchron or even Cloud of Faeries

In the unfortunate situations where Animar cannot be cast, '2' still works

III--Draw entire library:

1- 'I' + Soul of the Harvest or Primordial Sage

2- 'II' + Lifecrafter's Bestiary

Since this decks requires casting cards over and over again, there are a lot of counter spell morphs in there. Once the library is drawn, lay down all of useful morphs first. To win, just keep casting and flipping Atarka Efreet to deal direct damage (I chose this card because it will just be another free morph to cast when not needed).

Both the bounce engine Cloudstone Curio and draw engine Lifecrafter's Bestiary can be tutored by Trophy Mage, which can be tutored by other tutors.


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