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Muldrotha deck focused on using mostly control permanents like hesitation or the spellbombs/fleshbag marauder to recur control enchantments and artifacts while self milling a bit.

looking for suggestions to upgrade and make more focused and more tuned would be appreciated, I am looking to get to about 60-70% competitive without adding any cards over £50.

I haven't ever really used liliana, so cutting her is and option, this deck ideally looks to bin razaketh with corpse connoisseur(possibly going to get entomb or bury dead). Reanimate Raza with animate dead then search for Ashnod's Altar + Mikaeus, the Unhallowed + Walking Ballista . I am planning on getting a Triskellion at some point for redundancy, if ballista and ashnods somehow get exiled. I have added mystical tutor as a way to search for Diabolic tutor or counter spell/negate.

Added Underrealm Lich to combo with Possessed Portal allowing to be able to draw if it hits the table but preventing everyone else's draw. This with The Gitrog Monster + Underrealm Lich would allow me to potentially deck myself in one turn if I get a Labratory Maniac and gitrog.

I am feeling like my deck is trying to do too much to be able to be consistent and competitive, I just can't compete with my playgroups decks which are tuned more to 60-80% and would like some help changing cards for others.


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