Caught in the Brights


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Common

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Caught in the Brights

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature can't attack or block.

When a vehicle you control attacks, exile enchanted creature.

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Caught in the Brights Discussion

j2los on The Divine Army of Chris Pikula

1 month ago


Go for it. I can always archive some comments. Actually since you brought up vehicles, I think Ensoul Artifact on a vehicle and attacking with Caught in the Brights might be a hole? I'll have to think about that one.

j2los on The Divine Army of Chris Pikula

1 month ago

thecakeisalie42,All the ones you named have a ':' and are activated except Caught in the Brights which admittedly I looked over, but in that particular case Null Rod stops the vehicles, (and alternatively you could needle the vehicles as well)

thecakeisalie42 on The Divine Army of Chris Pikula

1 month ago

So I think I have a hole in your wall.

With the triggered ability of Sun Titan, your opponent can resurrect a Vanishing.

Yeah that's a card.

But anyway, when an aura is put onto the battlefield, its controller has to attach it to a creature. This does not actually target, and thus gets around your shroud. So they put it on one of your lock pieces and phase it out.

Other troublesome auras that could be cheated into play include Flickerform, Caught in the Brights, and Weight of Conscience. Meddling Mage can't name the auras, just the cards that put them onto the battlefield.

From a brief search, that's Academy Rector, Sun Titan, and Zur the Enchanter.

Wow I spent a lot of time researching and figuring this out, but I think it works. Tell me if I missed something.

I mean, you can Dispersing Orb away the problems, but from what I understand you want to avoid that?

Panzerforge on heavennicole

1 month ago

I'm reviewing your card list! It seemed easier to do it here, where I can take full advantage of all the CSS/HTML tags and such. I'll do this in installments, so without further silliness, I will begin!

Cultivator's Caravan

This is a good card, and great in Commander, after you've already included a Darksteel Ingot, since it's double usage as both a standard fixer ( for an artifact with ": add one mana of any color to your mana pool.") and a handy 5/5 vehicle to smash people with. However, in your Standard Mono-Black deck, you don't need mana of any color but black, and if you're going to have a 3 drop vehicle in your deck, there are far more scary ones to include than the Cultivator's Caravan.
Final rating: /

Grasp of Darkness

A powerful card, for sure. It has a mana cost you can easily afford, and it hits nearly every major threat in the current meta. You can kill a Felidar Guardian before it becomes a threat, smash The Heart of Kiran right after it's been crewed, and even kill one of my poor Wretched Gryff before it explodes into a giant pig. That being said, it's also an expensive card, and it rotates out as soon as Amonkhet comes out, making it difficult to want to spend the $16 for a playset of them.
Final rating: /

Harsh Scrutiny

A great sideboard card for you. Perfect for grabbing that early game Winding Constrictor, or a Felidar Guardian, or, if you're feeling spiteful, even their poor, cute, giant Decimator of the Provinces. This is cheap, and sideboards in well without altering your mana curve.
Final rating: /

Herald of Anguish

These guys are well feared, but not the easiest thing to cast, and vulnerable to Lightning Axe, and Caught in the Brights. You already have one in your deck, and running a second one could mess up your curve a lot. In my opinion you're better off having one as a nasty surprise for your opponent than you would be using them as a win-con.
Final rating: /

Hope of Ghirapur

A good 1-drop for your deck to sideboard in instead of Augmenting Automaton. As a sideboard card they fill a double-role, with being an okay little flying blocker to stall vehicles that you can bring back from your graveyard and keep casting to block with, or against "burn" style decks, you can sacrifice them and stop your opponent from hitting you with Alms of the Vein, Incendiary Flow, and other such nastiness. A very good addition.
Final rating: /

Lost Legacy

Another great one for your sideboard, in particular against decks that are heavy on enchantments, or combo decks that really, really need their Felidar Guardian and Panharmonicon in order to get an auto-win. It has a slightly high mana cost, but the effect in round 2 is devastating to the right deck.
Final rating: /

This is only the first 6 cards! I'll keep working on your list!

Murphy77 on Meme Express (T4 Win)

2 months ago

I like the structure of your deck, and built something similar in Little People - Big Vehicles, which I haven't really play-tested. I just get the feeling that your side-board lacks counters against other decks. Against a Copy-Cat deck, you might want to change out your Built to ... cards for Authority of the Consuls. If your opponent is playing creatures with death-touch, Caught in the Brights will to well in the same slots. Other impact cards might include Declaration in Stone and possibly the Heart of Kiran/Gideon, Ally of Zendikar combination.

Aftertherevolution on Gonti Revolt

2 months ago

cheap decks + stealing cards = good!

I'm no expert by any means, and I've only just started experimenting with this mechanic, but it seems encouraged with the new 'revolt' mechanic in aether revolt. The key to it is that the card comes back to the battlefield as if it was an entirely different card like you had just cast it (but isn't considered casting :)

here's a link about flickering and it's rules:

It seems like it's primarily used in scenarios like:

  • blocking an opponent who will obviously kill your creature, but then once blocked, remove it and bring it back. (it's a 'new' card, and isn't involved in combat any longer).
  • avoiding the effects of a removal spell cast on the creature (flicker them off the field, the attacking spell fizzles and then back on)
  • also useful to remove unwanted enchantments, counters etc. (on your own cards, or opponents)
  • note: if you flicker a token, it won't come back as it disappears once it leaves the battlefield.

My interests in this deck though are:

  • triggering the 'revolt' affect on cards without sending others to the graveyard, and
  • triggering the 'when enters the battlefield' effects.

For example:

Another little example:

  • say my opponent has Desolation Twin on the field and it's 10/10 token.
  • if I use Identity Thief on the token, it will be that creature for the attack, but also the opponents token won't come back from exile as it no longer exists.

Drizzurp on (RW Mid Vehicles) Red Trails and White Lights

2 months ago

Yeah unfortunately Wizards realized they $#%#@ up and made a crazy broken card. Heart of Kiran is pretty close to broken IMO too but we'll see what happens. Also, a few extra pieces of removal in here probably wouldn't hurt either to allow you to get your damage through. Stuff like Blessed Alliance (good for its multi-uses), Declaration in Stone or Immolating Glare for a more budget version. I see you have Caught in the Brights too which is a good card but I suggest Thopter Arrest over it. Seems strictly better.

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