Speedway Fanatic


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Uncommon

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Speedway Fanatic



Whenever Speedway Fanatic crews a Vehicle, that Vehicle gains haste until end of turn.

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Speedway Fanatic Discussion

Indexxical on Sligh.dec

1 week ago

How about Village Messenger  Flip? He might give you a bit more value than Speedway Fanatic since there aren't any vehicles in here. He's also a cheaper mana cost. Best of luck in your endeavors, friend.

Kolanskyman on haste and burns

1 week ago

Vessel of Volatility is bad because it cost you card and doesn't affect the board state. While it is true that fast mana like Seething Song leads to degenerate strategies, Vessel of Volatility is too slow. With only 20 lands, you are going to have trouble playing any card with mana cost greater that 3. 20 Lands leads to one lander opening hands that are not keepable with your curve. Although haste is nice, I'd recommend focusing on an agro shell with cost efficient creatures such as Forerunner of Slaughter over Voldaren Duelist.

With respect to B/R, Unlicensed Disintegration is the best removal spell in standard because its a Terminate with a Lightning Bolt glued on.

You could even try a R/W build in Standard with cost effective one drops such as Expedition Envoy, Inventor's Apprentice, Thraben Inspector, Town Gossipmonger  Flip with Hanweir Garrison at the top of your curve. Maybe throw in Speedway Fanatic

If you really like Hasty stuff, the most powerful haste creatures in Standard are Dust Stalker and Fleetwheel Cruiser, and Lathnu Hellion. Reckless Bushwhacker has seen modern play in 12 whack, but is still powerful if you cast it for surge cost on turn three and have a bunch of 1 drops on board.

Finally, Reality Smasher has seen modern and legacy play. Although super strong, eldrazi haven't been seen in standard since the pain lands rotated out.

Muushuu on Red black Ragavan

2 weeks ago

Billy_Shears I put in the Forerunner of Slaughter because sometime your vehicles need haste but you don't have a Speedway Fanatic.

sepharus30 on American Muscle

1 month ago

The duel lands aren't that great this set. I've had luck with Inventors' Fair but as for the rest of the deck the humans really aren't the best to use. The dwarfs in the set do it better. Like Gearshift Ace and Speedway Fanatic Also Start Your Engines is super helpful

warren667 on Burn it Down

1 month ago

In the description you said your main goal is to Burn the opponent down and creatures are just a backup plan. If this is truly the case here are a few suggestions.

Every deck with red has Lightning Bolt because it is the strongest common and you should consider investing in them.

-2 Assembled Alphas -1 Clear a Path +3 Guttersnipe gutter snipe is faster than the alphas in multiple ways and fits the flavor very well.

Searing Blaze, Lightning Storm, Magma Jet, Skullcrack, Shard Volleythese are all great cheap burn spells that can replace Weapon Surge, Tormenting Voice, Cathartic Reunion, Hijack Lava Axe, Lightning Talons Seismic Stomp, Talons of Falkenrath, Hammerhand

-2Speedway Fanatic -2 Scourge Wolf + 4Hellspark Elemental-2Rummaging Goblin -2 Dragon Hatchling + 4Keldon Marauders-2Ruinous Gremlin -2 Insolent Neonate +4 Spark Elemental

12 Creatures is plenty for a burn deck so any extras I didn't name can become burn spells.

With all of that said it looks like you are a actually pushing for a more creature dmg based deck with all of the combat tricks and enchants that you added in the original deck. If this is the case I would direct you to this deck for something to gain inspiration from https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/474720#online

oshen on R/W Aggro Consulate Dreadnought / Turn 3 Win

1 month ago


Thanks for the suggestions. I thought about Scrapheap Scrounger and still think you may be right about having it over Speedway Fanatic. Only once has the haste been a big deal. After reviewing Craig Wescoe's Dogs in Boats, I think Lupine Prototype may be a much better alternative. Maybe go 2x Lupine Prototype and 1x Thraben Inspector. I am not a fan of the Stitcher's Graft for this as I am paying 3 mana for +3/+3 which is not the value I am looking for.


I'm glad you like the deck. Not really a vehicle guy myself, but I wanted to build an aggro deck with the most bang-for-the-buck, and I think this is it. I have played with the idea of 21 or 22 lands, but it seems far less consistent than 20 lands. I have tried it and I get mana flooded more often with 21 lands than I get mana screwed with 20 lands. Thanks for the suggestion.

clayperce on R/W Aggro Consulate Dreadnought / Turn 3 Win

1 month ago

Have you looked at Scrapheap Scrounger? I'm wondering if its ability to Crew 3 might be better in enough cases vs. the Haste effect from Speedway Fanatic.

Also, have you tried Stitcher's Graft, maybe as a one-of or two-of? I've been playing Craig Wescoe's Dogs in Boats and I'm always happy to see the card.

Draw well!

Argeaux on Speedway Champions

1 month ago

HairyManBack the really nice thing about Speedway Fanatic is when you use it to give Skysovereign, Consul Flagship Haste, and then do 6 damage to a Planeswalker when the Flagship hits the field.

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