Compulsory Rest


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Common

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Compulsory Rest

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature can't attack or block.

Enchanted creature has, "2, Sacrifice this creature: You gain 2 life."

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Compulsory Rest Discussion

Regorek on Army of the Indestructible ft. Odric

1 day ago

You could use some removal spells, I think. Compulsory Rest would work pretty well against most decks. Ambuscade costs more but is a bit more permanent. Cast Out might also be nice since it hits anything.

Pskytzo on Multiplayer games, losing players permanents.

1 week ago

Lmao nvm clockwork i get what you're saying now... I was asking because i was under the assumption all objects leave as the rules state as a player leaves. I lost one game and dude kept my Oketra the True I was like wtf, and then someone else had a spell similar to Compulsory Rest on one of my creatures and when he died my other opponent stated that the permanent stays.

Pskytzo on Multiplayer games, losing players permanents.

1 week ago

In a 3+ player game when a player leaves the game what happens to permanents such as if another player took control of a creature or enchantments such as the player that left the game's Compulsory Rest.

greyninja on Hour of Devastation Spoilers

1 month ago

I have to agree with LittleBlueHero that Unquenchable Thirst is an all-star. I played 2x Unquenchable Thirst, Compulsory Rest, Cast Out, Lay Claim, bounce spells like Galestrike, Unsummon, Consign / Oblivion, Failure / Comply, and some of the white burn spells. Keeping their creatures on the battlefield is a really mean way to tease your opponent hahaha


The_Dark_Adonis on Left for Dead *need advice*

1 month ago

Firstly, I would like to say its nice to see a tribal(ish) standard. +1 upvote.
Secondly, I don't play much standard right now so consider these suggestions with that in mind.

From what I understand a lot of standard is going wide right now, which means walkers die fast, also her +1 gets rid of 2 cards and the only thing that can benefit is Diregraf Colossus. Yes Liliana, the Last Hope can return creatures to hand, but they can't both be on the field, and chances are Death's Magesty will come out second because of the higher CMC.
Possibly just my playing mostly control but leaving things on the field is always sub-optimal. Compulsory Rest gives your opponent an easy +2 life and does nothing against things like Walking Ballista.Cast Out is nice in that it can hit any non-land but the ability to get whatever it is back is bad. Consider Anguished Unmaking as a replacement. Not only is it cheaper but the removal is permanent too. If your worried about the 3 life remember that it's a resource and consider adding another Shambling Vent or 2 instead of Painted Bluffs. Authority of the Consuls can also help with life but probably is best only as a 2 of sideboard to answer aggro. Be careful here i.m not sure on the standard rotation atm so Unmaking may be rotating out this next set.
I would keep 1, possibly 2 but switch the ones going out for more Murder, sure it doesn't hit walkers but instant speed is worth it and you have a lot of creatues to smack them anyway. As for the 2nd half, it can't be cast from hand and exiling a creature from a graveyard is not really going to mess with anything your opponent can do, so is effectively for a vanilla 2/2, not worth it.
The ability is a nice thought but you can use your mana for something better, easily. However a 1/2 blocker you can potentially buff for only is rather nice. While there are certainly more efficient choices this is pseudo-tribal so I really can't say remove it outright. Festering Mummy is a good candidate to replace this. He may only be a 1/1 but can at least weaken, if not outright remove, a creature. Once again i'm not sure about the next rotation but if Relentless Dead is not rotating out it gets ridiculous.
Only run 1. means it can't come out before turn 3 and is only really threatening past turn 7-8. As a late-game bomb it's invaluable but sitting with one in your opening hand is probably not good.
Your only running 2 colors and one of them is splashed. You do not need mana fixing.

T0tal on Zombie deck help

2 months ago

Hey guys i am using Grantley91 's SUPER Budget Sub $20 B/W Zombies! Post Rotation deck and id like your help because i am missing:

2x Wayward Servants 1x Dusk//Dawn 2x Never//Return 1x Stir the Sands

I'm thinking of substituting Dusk//Dawn with Start//Finish or Compulsory Rest

also i have 2x Dread Wanderer and 1x Plague Belcher . Which of the cards in the deck should i swap them with ?

nyctophasm on Draft deck June 9, 2017

2 months ago

One other thing I noted when it came to the people playing against me is that enchantment removal is actually a very useful thing in this environment. I got Compulsory Rest played on more threats of mine then I cared to count. And although it didn't shut down Oketra the True completely, it did make her far less effective.


2 months ago

I like the idea of this deck as it also incorporates a bit of Taxes into standard. I would up your early response game as that mana curve looks a bit lopsided. You will be waiting until turn 4 to get rolling and a lot can happen until then especially with all the Zombie decks rolling around. Think of adding or sideboarding Censor which can counter or can trip and possibly Compulsory Rest as an additional lockdown.

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