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Hmmm... Uncommon Creature with CMC 2? Check.

Hmmm... Repeatable Tutor Ability? Check.

Hmmm... 1/3 Body? Check.

Hmmm... Slight deckbuilding restrictions for the cost of answers? Check.

Hmmm... Ability to end the game quickly? Check.

Hmmm... Broken as Hell in PDH? Check.

Disciple of Deceit better watch out.


Many people know that mono-white decks in EDH decks and other variants (PDH) is bad. So why play a mono-white commander, (much less a Spirit Tribal commander) in cPDH? The answer is that this deck can avoid much of the problems associated with mono-white decks, (running out of fuel, not enough filtering, etc.) mostly because of our commander.
On the surface, Tallowisp is a mono-white spirit tribal commander, two things people don't look for in cPDH decks. Looking a little deeper, many people realize the potential for a Voltron style deck build around Tallowisp . I have found they were either dissappointed by the Voltron cards or didn't like the spirit cards they had to play to make the deck work. However, I do not classify this deck as a voltron deck. (Or a tribal deck, for that matter. But I guess I don't blame you for labeling it as such.) Instead, I would classify this as a control deck. Tallowisp provides a efficient win condition, plenty of removal, and a extreme amount of card advantage for minimal mana. All while being Mind-Numbingly consistent, and the only commander able to execute the same game-plan with such effiency.
This deck is a plain metagame deck, and is always going to be that way. In the most general sense, = Good, /// = Bad. You will see why after looking at how to play the deck.

Lets kick things of by saying that if there is another Tallowisp cPDH deck, find a different deck. Two people playing this deck is miserable for all involved, and becomes witchever Tallowisp player dies first. (This happens very slowly).

Everyone knows that Disciple of Deciet is the terror of cPDH, but there is only so much they can do. Most matchups are not either 'Favorable' or 'Unfavorable', but depend on your opponents boards. If they are doing well, you might need to delay your normal tutor lines to disrupt them, but that might not work. They really want to interact with you, so the faster you get online the better.

Threat level: Medium. Try to find somthing like a Shackles or Reprobation to cut off their tutoring ASAP, they probably will have a random card in their deck that could ruin your plans. Politics will get tricky with DoD.

Voltron decks: Bleh. Voltron in cPDH. I lumped all these together because... well because they don't really do much agaisnt you.

Threat level: Low. If they are playing white removal change the threat level, but it is very easy to beat even 3 Voltron opponents who are trying to kill you without said removal.

Mistmeadow Witch : Since Witch is white, they could be playing white removal, its higher on the Threat level, but I haven't found it to be very fast. Make sure you give Tallowisp Pro blue before blinking is online.

Threat level: High. White removal + a repetable effect that needs your attention makes for a scary matchup, and I would recomend removing the ability to blink from the Olka's repetroir ASAP.

Loyal Guardian : Mono-Green can't do much against Tallowisp , but rabit bite has never looked so scary. I would recomend giving your commander Pro green early on, then either use Choking Restraints , Weight of Conscience , or Reprobation on it, just because of the potential damage. However, when you are at a stage with Lifelink and Asha's Favor , you'll probably be fine.

Threat level: Medium. Make sure your freinds don't metagame against you by adding Disenchant type cards commonly found in green, but otherwise, if you remember to keep an eye out for large amounts of Rhino-Power growing on your opponents board, you should be fine.

Ley Weaver & Lore Weaver : I have found this matchup to be very easy, but tht could change with the amount of tallowsip hate your opponents start packing. Mainly they try to combo, and you find an enchantment that stops them. They don't have meaningful removal against you, so you really just find 1 piece ato stop them, then you continue doing what you were doing.

Threat level: Low. But keep in mind that you do need to answer them. They have a combo, and they will likley find it.

Tatyova, Benthic Druid : More of the same, but less combo-ish and more value based. We stomp on Value based decks. HARD. Not white, so no real removal against us.

Threat level: Low. Make sure they don't have any combos, and if you wern't using Reprobation , this is just as good of a target as any.

Soulhearder: Just a value deck that has some combos. Your main problem is the removal, so killing them is a priority. Sometimes you have to do it with your random assortment of flyers.

Threat level: High. White decks...

Aggro decks are typically pretty bad againt Tallowisp . Finding Lifelink and buffing your commander is usally game.

Threat level: Low.

(Spell based Voltron decks are also more annoying then plain voltron, just because they have so many burn spells. Keep this in mind.)

To play Tallowisp cPDH, you need to be good at threat assesment, so this might not be what you need to do, but for the most part, follow this pattern:

1: Check the color identity of the other commanders. If there is no Red or Black, skip the third step. If there is no Blue or Green, skip the fourth step.

2: You may need to wait on this step, based on who has removal for your Tallowisp . Sorcery speed does not count, so you are good if your think thats all they have. Cast Tallowisp .

3: Cast a Spirit/Arcane, search up Mask of Law and Grace .

4: Cast a Spirit/Arcane, search up Shield of Duty and Reason .

5: Cast a Spirit/Arcane, search up a card to interact, (reprobation), etherial armor, or a card like Asha's Favor to destroy a certain deck.

6: Repeat step 5. If you are running out of gas, find cantripping enchantments.

If you find Plow Through Reito , Empyrial Armor is always a good option for a one-shot.

Going to add a Mulligans section, and a probably going to change section.

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