Born of the unholy union between an Ancient Cephalid and an Abyssal Cenobite, Hexapod is the Lord of Mazes and Labyrinths of which he commands the creatures, traps, and walls.

enter image description here "Those who will not follow are doomed to lead." - Anarchist**

I am a player first but also a collector. I hoard foils and promos, as reflected by my deck lists. I mostly enjoy casual multiplayer Commander with my friends, and the occasional Modern event at a LGS. I have to rebuild my Cube so I can start hosting events again.

My favourite archetypes are creature-based: Aggro, Tribal, and Voltron. I also enjoy the occasional Group Slug. My meta is high-powered, mid-powered and battlecruiser casual multiplayer.

Please feel free to comment on my decks, constructive feedback is most welcome and will be reciprocated.

The Heart Of The Labyrinth

”Welcome, adventurer.
You have found the center of the Labyrinth!
Don’t get carried away, this is but the beginning of your journey.
From here, you can access many Kingdoms. Choose, but choose wisely.
Where would you like to go today? “

A series of doors adorned with etched nameplates and colorful gems are phasing in and out of this plane before your eyes. Select the portal you wish to open below.

What have you done?

As you enter the Antechamber, the door slams shut behind you. A charred stone archway opens before you, etched with the words “Abandon all hope”. The cold air carries the smell of burned flesh, and as you carefully inch your way across the hall that opens into the vast skyless opening, you can tell the mounds bordering the path are but pieces of what were once living creatures, riddled with vermin.

Horrible beings soar overhead in worrying silence, gliding on leathery wings. Derelict buildings and unusually shaped stone constructions flank the road on either side. Against the gloomy light in the distance, a taller, more sinister fortress stands tall, echoing with cries of terror and pain.

There is no more will in you, yet you are pressing forward, as if compelled by unseen forces. As the dark stone walls come into view up close, you can make out a balcony, where a silhouette is standing. Getting nearer, you can tell the tall elvish woman is calmly sipping from a wine goblet, and smiling. Surely, she will help you get out of here.

Abandon All Hope | Ayara, First of Locthwain
You exit the doorway through a majestic tree. The small cabin is filled with natural remedies and grimoires. It sits beside a lovely brook in a luxurious forest.

A joyous band of craftsmen and artisans are gathered, trading goods and exchanging tales. This is clearly an enchanted place, and everyone important is either a Cleric, Druid, Shaman or Wizard. The woods are filled with wonderful and strange creatures that lead you into wondrous adventures and magical discoveries.

The trees and flowers grow at a fast pace, and there doesn’t seem to be a limit to where the forest spans. Having earned some repute through your battles with invasive Goblins, you are granted an audience with the spiritual leader to be rewarded for your courage. You ask for a return trip home, to which the ruler laughs with a dismissing gesture. “Look around you; the forest is your home now.” You return to your cabin, cradling the hot pumpkin pie you were awarded for your bravery.

Dana's Tribe | Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy
A carpet of clouds unravels beyond this door. You step lightly until your foot reaches a solid slate underneath. As you make your way forward, a scintillating white marble tower rises on the horizon, and in a blink, you have reached the door.

Although everything is silent, there are people bustling around, carrying card: Hammer of Nazahn weapons and card: Shield of the Oversoul armor pieces, seemingly converging to a great hall. Curiosity draws you toward the large door from which you think you can hear a faint choir. Bright light pours from the room and as you near it, a sturdy hand on your shoulder stops you. A voice echoes in your mind: “Have you brought an offering?”

As you shuffle around you pockets and bags, looking for a suitable gift, you are flooded with memories of a past long forgotten. You were once a great warrior, but your armies were betrayed and vanquished. As a final punishment, your mind was erased by the enemy War Mage. All you have left of your former self is a dirty, broken sword.

Hesitantly, you present it, and the guardian smiles: “That will do nicely.”

As you cross the threshold, the warmth of nice summer day seems to envelop you. Although you can feel disapproval in the eyes of the servants, you resolutely march towards the altar and lay down your sacrifice. Only then are you compelled to look up at the source of the light and warmth, hovering before you in all her grace, surrounded by a choir of angels, the Legendary Defender of Selesnya.

Legendary Defender | Sigarda, Host of Herons
The fog slowly dissipates around you as you advance, but your vision remains hazy. Your limbs are heavy and keeping your eyes opened requires effort.

People are congregating around the burial ground, dressed in black or white hooded robes. A ceremony seems to be under way, and ritual chants are filling the air, though you can’t make out the words. Suddenly, you are at the front of the assembly, and the High Priest and High Priestess are performing a sacrifice. You are strangely calm despite the hot blood pouring on the stone altar.

The stars above are shimmering, and the light reflect off scintillating dust, forming the shape of a celestial feline. You wake up in your bed, feeling heavy and tired. You feel silly having been so scared of the dream, until you notice the blood stains on your sheets.

Opium And Poison | Lurrus of the Dream Den
"This door won’t open under the current stars. Come back when you have more experience."

Karador, Ghost Chieftain

Haunted Kingdom | Karador, Ghost Chieftain

Under high alert, a powerful warlord is building an army of to defend his kingdom, helped by his great advisorfoil.

While Brago, King Eternal oversees the acquisitions, Venser, the Sojourner wields the Panharmonicon, creating multiple resources for the military campaign.

Defensive lines are raised to protect the Kingdom. On the shores, Thassa, Deep-Dwelling can see Kira, Great Glass-Spinnerfoil protecting the sea. From this privileged position, Shalai, Voice of Plenty Guards the aerial routes. Elspeth, Sun's Champion has summoned The Wanderer to bring forth a protective mist over the surrounding land.

After their reconnaissance, wise General Sidar Kondo of Jamuraafoil and master spy Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitivefoil are ready to brave the sands and breach enemy defenses to strike at the heart of the opponent's empire.

Para Bellum | Arcades, The Strategist
Sweaty and exhausted, you are curling on a damp tree trunk, your tattered clothes trailing in the dirty water below. As you struggle to stay awake, you remember passing through the door, several days ago. Your eyes slowly getting accustomed to the light. You recall the emaciated man perched over a peculiar assortment of instruments, and the body parts piled around the strange device.

In the coming week, you routinely burglarized the laboratory for supplies and food. But tonight, it is an eerie sound that brought you back, a demented, low rhythm with screeching pitches. And then you saw them again. Those same guards that are chasing you now, that you have killed over and over again.

A tall, dark figure looms behind them in the shadows, then lightning crashes, revealing the shape of its insectoid head squirming in silence. A feeling of impending doom runs through your spine as your blood feels like it is turning to ice in your veins.

Sometimes They Come Back | The Scarab God
As you cross the threshold, a sparse mist rising from below makes you close your eyes in reflex. As you open them, the eerie brightness of the sun makes you close them again, then squint as you raise your hands to filter it out. You are caught off-guard when the floor rocks and you fall on hard, wet wood.

“Hey landlubber! Find your sea legs, the Captain will see you now!”

The Goblin merchant standing before you signals impatiently while you struggled to secure your footing and follow them. Apparently, the vessel you are sailing on is high at sea; there is no land insight, and not a single cloud in the sky. A large bird is circling you from a great altitude, and its odd shape troubles you. The sailors are polishing life-sized golden figures adorning the railings around the bow.

In front of the cabin, a tall and bulky Orc is standing guard, obviously a lieutenant. He does not acknowledge your presence, but opens the door for your guide. Inside, a curious-looking goblin runs nervously from the door as you enter the room. Your eyes are struggling to accommodate to the darkness. Blinking, you see the table upon which navigation equipment is strung across an ancient-looking map  Flip. A large red lizard is shuffling across the floor and unto a wall. You hear the man before you can see him.

“Ah, very well, I was hoping you would come aboard. You see, we are headed to the Guild’s marketplace, hoping to conduct some fruitful business. A skilled individual such as yourself is an invaluable asset for this delicate acquisition  Flip. Have you brought the weapon?”

Although he is lurching over the table, the old man easily stands higher than you are. He seems vigorous, and oozes confidence and power. Secured to your back in a detailed leather scabbard, the ancient bladefoil is calling for you. You nod silently as he raises his eyes to register your response.

“Great, have a nap while we approach the coast. At sundown we land, and by dawn we will have remade the world.”

Malcolm, Keen-Eyed Navigator &Breeches, Brazen Plunderer, Esquire

The Crimson Permanent Assurance | Malcolm&Breeches
"This door won’t open under the current stars. Come back when you have more experience."

Nekusar, the Mindrazer

Drawing Your Last Breath | Nekusar the Mindrazer

As you are walking towards the horizon, the warms desert sand around seems to call to you.

”We have been waiting for you.”

You exit a stone doorway, startled by the calm but loud, heavily accented voice of a welcoming gentleman. As he leads the way, you struggle to assess your bearings. You are standing outside a military tent, at dusk. Remnant of a blood red sun is carving the outline of a surreal landscape. You turn slowly, and find yourself facing a handsome Warlord, seated in a large wooden chair, polishing a large blade.

As the sun sets completely, you feel shifting behind you, and without looking you know you are surrounded. As a sharp pain erupts from your neck, a beautiful woman in an ornate dress glides towards you, offering a warm, thick drink.

”It is an honor to be welcomed into our family. Now let’s get you suited up for this battle. Welcome to The Partnership!”

The Partnership | Edgar Markov
Nothing lies beyond this door, but the infinite void of space. Panicked, you mean to pull away from the portal, but there is nowhere left to return to, as the outer space seeped into the maze. Emerging from the darkness, basked in colorful lighs a radiant man is smiling with an extended hand.

“You have unraveled the very fabric of the Multiverse. Now I will teach you how to weave it into life anew, and eternal.”

Mesmerized by his shimmering gemmed gauntlet, you emerge in a beautiful cavern made of clear gemstone, wondering how you got there, but ready to learn the ancient mystical arts of conjuration.

Music of the Spheres | Jodah, Archmage Eternal

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