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The Queen's Booty! (Grixis Pirates)

Commander / EDH* Aggro Control Jank Tribal UBR (Grixis)


Skull and Crossbones 1530 A.D. Th' SNES game Turtles in Time gave them thar owns level, Blackbeard 'n Pegleg are jus' two o' thar many scallywags o' lore, 'n Muppet Treasure Island be a gem o' a movie.

Anywho, here we 'ave our first true look at pirates as a creature subtype from WoTC, 'n I must say they do nah disappoint. At a grand scale they be shifty 'n crafty wee creatures that do nah wants t' be blocked fer thar abilities t' fully trigger thar Admiral's greatest quality. But the Queen, she wants her booty! So me deck be tryin' t' give these pirates ways fer them t' nah be blocked Demoralize , Nemesis Mask , but also stayin' true t' th' pirate way wit' keepin' cards wit' major flavor Revel in Riches Costly Plunder Spell Swindle and continuin' ta trigger thar ETBs Marchesa, the Black Rose Deadeye Navigator . Who doesn't love some pirate FLAVOR?!?

Some combos Wincon1 - late game Brass's Bounty + Revel in Riches (Or any other treasure producing spell with ETB trigger plus Deadeye Navigator .

Wincon2 - Deadeye Navigator + Prosperous Pirates = Continuous Prosperous Pirates re-entering the battlefield, and with Marionette Master on the field it will deal infinite damage.

Reg. Combo1 - Dictate of Erebos + Goblin Bombardment or Ruthless Knave

Reg. Combo2 - Marchesa, the Black Rose + Unspeakable Symbol + creatures for setting up the Dethrone trigger and Marchesa's second ability. Greed also helps pay the life (and adds SWEET flavor) but obviously doesn't give the counters.

So scrub the poopdeck ya landlubber! The Queen conductin' her pirates for booty! Admiral Beckett Brass at yer service! Aye!

I enjoy the challenge of running Marchesa and not giving in to all the normal staples of the deck and attempting to retain as much Pirate-Ixalan flavor as I can. Please help! Definitely willing to hear suggestions.



68% Casual

32% Competitive