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OWOoze What's This? - Experiment Kraj EDH

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Grafting activated abilities together to create a monstrosity that neither God nor the game designers ever intended.

This deck's primary way of winning is by combining an untapped activated ability, a mana generating ability to generate infinite mana and untaps for Kraj and then using one of the wincon cards or a creature with a card drawing activated ability to draw to a wincon and then win the game.

The deck also functions surprisingly well as a beatdown deck as the +1+1 counters the deck generates can turn the normally noncombative creatures into real board threats and +1+1 counters

One particular card of note in the deck is Phyrexian Devourer, while on the outside it doesn't look like much just having it on the board can turn Kraj from a 4/6 to a 1 hit kill at instant speed.

With Kraj's ability to copy all creatures activated abilities, not just your own and the decks' ability to steal many of its opponents best cards ever game with it is different.

If you like complex board states and complicated combos this deck is for you.

note If anybody could tell me the approximate power level (1-10) of this deck is I would really appreciate it.

feedback and suggestions for improvement are welcome.


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