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Nightveil Predator [PAUPER EDH]

Pauper EDH* Counters Pauper UB (Dimir) Voltron



Nightveil Predator pEDH that needs work. Open to constructive criticism. Always evolving. Better description to come.

[Added description 7-17-19]

This is a Voltron type deck that has been working well in both multiplayer and 1v1 settings. Nightveil Predator as a commander is super solid. I play this as an aggro control deck until I get set up with Nightveil Predator equipped with a Viridian Longbow or a Hermetic Study. From there it's just all about popping off creatures with your Sniper Bow equipped Predator and attack for commander damage. Freed from the Real also helps this combo out quite a bit as you are able to machine gun crits if you have blue Mana open. I run as many transmute spells as I can, or I should say the ones that "fit" better than others. This helps to dig for pieces and parts. I tried to come up with the best list I could and have been play testing against pauper and regular EDH and not doing terribly bad. Against regular EDH decks the games can still be pretty one sided as you would figure but honestly I have fun playing them out. Against other pauper decks you can also figure that once Nightveil Predator hits he's pretty hard to deal with. I have not been changing this one too much. It's been about the same since I built it. People are a little wonky about people using this guy as a commander so I have no idea how long this guy will actually be viable. I'm not concentrating my efforts to dial this one in really tight. Most game stores have already banned him as a pauper commander. I'm open to constructive criticism and deck ideas/changes.

Thanks for readin'.


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