Evincar's Justice

Evincar's Justice


Buyback (You may pay an additional as you play this spell. If you do, put this card into your hand as it resolves.)

Evincar's Justice deals 2 damage to each creature and each player.

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Evincar's Justice Discussion

Spell_Slam on Turbo Frog

4 months ago

I've never actually seen a full Golgari deck dedicated to Fogging someone to death. Kudos!

Tortured Existence decks often run the combo of Spore Frog and a dredger (most often Golgari Brownscale for the life gain) in order to loop their frogs forever. This could be an interesting direction to take your deck that would take up way less deck space than all your fogs.

You appear to want to win through combat damage. This will not be an effective strategy when you are also blocking out combat on your turn, which will leave stalled out board states. Try something like Evincar's Justice, which can eventually kill your opponent AND often wipe the board, which is usually better than fogging.

You are missing out on the best Fog effect in Pauper: Moment's Peace. Bonus points for interaction with Grisly Salvage. I would replace Clinging Mists or Darkness with that.

Zakath on This deck is a deck 1

7 months ago

Might I suggest for possible board wipes: Dregs of Sorrow, Evincar's Justice good to remove token and machine gun opponents, Last Laugh could be interesting if you include Sanguine Bond, Massacre Girl

Conspiracy (if we can find one cheap enough) would be good with a couple of cards you already have.

Priest of Forgotten Gods could definitely work for some more card draw and disruption. TCG says it's a $1

Grim Harvest is a pretty cool recursion tool - especially with Priest.

Wilt over Naturalize - same cost & effect but you can cycle.

I really like Journey to Eternity  Flip in this deck. It's a little on the expensive side but I think it can generate quite a bit of value.

LightSpeedConcede on Mono Black PDH

8 months ago

Those are great suggestions. I'll definitely have to find a place for Rise Again and Vendetta can easily be swapped in for one of the less useful removal spells. Feed the Swarm is incredible and I haven't had time to swap it in yet since the release of ZNR. Evincar's Justice definitely deserves a spot to kill the green players pesky Elf tribal he's running. Thank you for the suggestions! This is the first pauper deck I've created so I'm still learning the good commons.

Snips500 on Mono Black PDH

8 months ago

Cool deck, might I make some card suggestions. Evincar's Justice for some more boardwhipe effect/mana dump, Feed the Swarm very good creature removal and enchantment removal (the latter of which is the first of its kind in black at common), Vendetta is more great removal ecepecialy since no one has any black creatures except for you, Rise Again the best black unconditional reanimator spell at common, Stir the Grave is a better reanimator spell if ur trying to reanimate low CMC stuff.

I am also interested to see the other 4 decks your group came up with.

MrMortifex145 on Dimir Control - 2020

10 months ago

Magic_Faqs thanks!! I'm pretty confident about the mainboard, however Elves is a really bad matchup. Personally I play paper and at my lgs basically nobody plays elves so I concentrated on other archetypes. This can be solved by adding more Shrivel or Suffocating Fumes in the sideboard. Vodalian Zombie already helps with defense, but being able to close the game with just one sweeper is pretty hard. I wouldn't get Evincar's Justice because Wrap in Vigor is a real thing lol.

Spell_Slam on Rotwidow's Pack of Spidahs

1 year ago

I love this deck. PDH games go long and your deck help stall out the board and wins through those stalls using your commander. It's a solid strategy.

You want to maximize your creature count as much as possible to take advantage of your commander. There are a few effects in your instants, sorceries and enchantments that could be replaced with creatures.

Crypt Creeper has a solid body and is basically like Scarab Feast. You could also try Faerie Macabre if you want to go for the free graveyard hate. No one expects that.

Diligent Farmhand makes sense in this build, even as a worse Sakura Tribe Elder.

I'm a big fan of Elvish Skysweeper in slow decks like this. The effect is expensive, but it can lock a player out of the game.

Because most of your creatures have a lot of toughness, this makes damage-based sweepers very strong. I would play the full gambit of Crypt Rats , Pestilence , Evincar's Justice and Gangrenous Zombies . Two of them are creatures, so that's a nice bonus.

Heart Warden is ramp that also turns into card draw later, like a Mind Stone.

Slum Reaper is great removal and puts a creature in your graveyard.

You could probably get some good value out of Mortician Beetle and Silumgar Scavenger .

Spore Frog is a good political tool that can encourage opponents to attack elsewhere. I could see it over Terrifying Presence, even if you lose on spider flavour.

Vulturous Aven is very similar to some of your card draw, but is has a body.

I think you should play Watcher in the Web and Oran-Rief Recluse in the maindeck. Watcher often feels like a fog while Recluse is great removal that usually has a target in multiplayer.

In terms of cuts, I don't understand Wildsize. You can also easily cut Spider Climb. Most of your creatures have reach already and +0/+3 is not great, even for 1 mana. Arachnus Web is also pretty weak removal. Rancor is a good card, but is it really useful for your game plan? How often will you win by attacking with your spiders? Naturalize feels a bit vanilla and could be replaced with another creature that gives you a similar effect. You also have quite a few cantripping creatures that I don't quite get the purpose of. Are they chump blockers? You have quite a bit of card advantage in black already. Wander in Death could be Death Denied or Reaping the Graves instead.

PhyrexianGameplay on Dizzy Control

1 year ago

Clandestino22 it's an instant. you do it on your opponent's end step, and it's also not the main win condition, milling them with stream of thought is. Teachings decks play devious cover-up loops and still play both Capsize and Evincar's Justice (capsize as "card advantage" and evincar's justice as a wincon).

theages on WUBR

1 year ago

4 colors and no Arcum's Astrolabe ? That's really greedy of you.

If you go a little heavier on the black, you could run Evincar's Justice which is both a board wipe and a win con as well as Thorn of the Black Rose in order to get your combo going.

I don't quite understand why your deck is only running one Mnemonic Wall when it's essential to the deck and you can't tutor it.

Your deck feels pretty weak to removal that exiles, such as Unmake or Ob Nixilis's Cruelty , to non-elf swarm tactics (namely, goblins and slivers) and to Thorn of the Black Rose and Palace Sentinels decks. I'm not sure how you fare against burn either, as it feels like you'll probably lose pre-board and your best shot at winning post board is getting Ephemerate + Hallow + Mnemonic Wall which is unlikely to happen twice in a row.

Overall, this feels like Teachings Tron that doesn't play the Urza lands in order to play Skred effectively but lacking the access to the Urza lands means you can't make good use of Mystical Teachings as you're not floating in a pool of mana. You do, however, get rid of the Crop Rotation + Expedition Map + Prophetic Prism package that is essential to playing Tron, which leaves more slots open but I'm a bit skeptical still.

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