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Come on down to Emry's Lochmere Lake Watersports Super Center! We've got deals! deals! deals!

With no mana down, Emry's will give you the keys to this certified pre-owned Bomat Bazaar Barge rated best in class by G.C. Karn and Associates**! Emry's sells more than just watercraft! With no mana down sign and drive this low mileage Daredevil Dragster ! Well qualified groups of buyers can take this Consulate Dreadnought all over the plane for just one colorless mana! Impress your friends and enemies alike with this beautiful Blinkmoth Urn or accessorize your new Dusk Legion Dreadnought with this stunning Unwinding Clock ! Every vehicle or powersports accessory you buy at Emry's Watersports Center has a chance to receive one of these fantastic discounts from Jhoira's Familiar , Etherium Sculptor , or Foundry Inspector or...

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with Sai, Master Thopterist 's free thopter token deal! That's right Emry's Lochmere Lake Watersports Super Center has everything you need for fun on the water, in the great outdoors, or while planeshifting and always the plane's lowest pricing!

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For a limited time only, push pull or tow in your trade-in for top mana at our Krark-Clan Ironworks .

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Don't wait, these deals (and probably this deck) won't last for long!

♫ (Saxophones blaring) ♪♪ ♫ Emry's Sports Center, your key to summer fun!!! ♪♪ ♫

(speed talking commences)

Due to unprecedented demand, wait times for vehicle recovery are currently very long. Vehicle recovery will be prioritized based on value. Emry's is currently under Gatewatch environmental committee investigation for excessive lake dumping. All no-money-down offers contingent on credit approval and Emry's final tapping authority. Vehicle accessories and options not included in base price unless advertised. **Based on Karn, the Great Creator 's annual ranking of "Medium Duty River Barges". All "no mana down offers contingent on eligibility for cost reduction discounts. All sales final. Emry's Watersports Super Center reserves the right, without warning and in any phase, to reposes any and all vehicles and/or accessories to dump back to the bottom of the lake. Emry's is not responsible for unexpected removal, targeted or otherwise.

I've never seen a vehicle theme deck for Emry and although it's probably one of the weakest builds available that still has good synergy, I thought I'd try it out. As soon as I started, I abandoned all pretense of making a "good" deck for maximum "used powersports and sports accessories" flavor. I still think that this is a fairly decent playable deck, but...

The deck is built first around vehicles with artifacts etc. and especially token generating artifacts to make the main themes workable. This deck can majorly struggle to disrupt other decks plans so you need to get as much on the board as possible as quickly as possible and ram some jet skis down their throats. Fortunately, Emry is cheap and it's not hard to establish a decent board state quickly. Emry is focused on her world and Lochmere lake, so there is not a ton of interaction, but Spellskite and Wizard's Replica are recurable (or copyable) which can give you some avenues. On the removal side, combat damage with the bigger vehicles is sadly a fairly relied upon form of removal, but Lux Cannon , Transmogrifying Wand , Meteor Golem and even Aether Spellbomb give you some ability to deal with threats. Deadlock Trap is kind of a pet card for me, and is probably mostly a junk card, but it can deal with activated ability problems as well as removing a threat temporarily and you can always dump it, sac it for value, or just let it sit on the battlefield for to increase your artifact count if it's not useful.

There are a lot of cards in the deck that great in any artifact deck, but one card that I have to call out as punching above it's weight class is Scaretiller . The basic idea is that since you'll almost always have milled a land or two into the graveyard, you can tap it to crew a vehicle and get a land out of the lake evert turn. You can do it to crew a vehicle for an attack, a block, or just at an end step to grab the land. You always need bodies to drive.

Suggestions are welcome, but I'm not out here trying to make this deck win. I'm just here to crush some sandos ride the waves on Lake Lochmere.


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