Ok so this is my edgar commander deck I have been working on for some time. There are still cards I would like to add but yeah just where it's at right now. The main thing for this is the token generation with purphoros and impact tremors and anointed. Also I run the sanguine and exquisite combo for back. If that fails the final is to use damage base with buffs and interaction between vampires and artifacts. Also running necro with the whip to balance out draw power and life gain, as well as font of agonies to gain removal from the life payments. I tried to use the tokens for the main method to win as the sanguine and exquisite combo tends to paint a target as soon as one is out and gets removed quick. I leave it as a back up though with hopefully enough management and draw to put them down and win in one turn. I keep it to vampires for the buffs as an attempt to close the game if close enough. Let me know what you think!


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