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How to Abuse Plantaza's ability

This deck revolves around Plantlaza's ability to cascade. However, since there is that pesky limiter of only once per turn, I am trying to cheat the system as much as possible to ensure we can get that multiple times on our opponents turns. To accomplish this task we use cards such as Vedalken Orrery, Vivien, Champion of the Wilds, Cherished Hatchling to cast anytime we want. Additionally, i threw in Seedborn Muse, and Bear Umbra + a bunch of ramp to ensure we always have enough mana to cast our dinos even on other player's turns. I also have MImic Vat & Monster Manual to ensure that even if we don't have that much mana we can use it to get a free trigger off plantlaza on our opponents turns. We can do this on our opponents turns at instant speed to ensure we have either protection against attacks, or just before our turn starts to ensure we get the most value out of our commander. Finally, we can get double triggers off plantlaza etb in the same turn using Teleportation Circle, Sword of Hearth and Home, and Conjurer's Closet since if you target her the exile and return would be a new instance of plantlaza and the only once per turn rule wouldn't apply. If you have both out you would hit it 3x per turn at the most, this can only happen on your turn.

For some added flavor, I threw in Flaming Tyrannosaurus just to gain further benefit from casting stuff from outside of our hand which we should be doing a lot, from plantlaza's ability and from cards like lurking predator.

The staples for a deck

The removal package is pretty standard. A lot of it comes from etb effects of our creatures. Ramp consists of mostly creature based ramp, card advantage does not have a whole lot. However, since we're going to be using our commander's ability hopefully a lot i think that will more than make up for it. Our protection package is pretty slim merely Heroic Intervention, Eerie Interlude, and Ephemerate these are great ways to not only trigger plantlaza but also great ways to protect her from spot removal / board wipes.

Finally, we added some relatively good dinosaurs that just have value such as Wrathful Raptors.

This deck is definitely open to suggestions and I kind of like the idea of clones / changelings. If anyone knows of any that have good ETB effects please comment below!

I’ve taken some feedback from a commenter below and removed the cards that double up on ETB effects and focused more on cards that will allow me to cast on other players turns. Additionally, I removed from high mana cost cards and replaced them with cards that provide a little bit more value at lower cost.

I also fixed the CMC of cards like Blasphemous Act cause that card is only ever played at one mana really and I fixed the cmc for The Great Henge and Ghalta, Primal Hunger to be 5 cause that or less is what I’d usually play those cards for.


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