This is an EDH deck built around a theme: Morph creatures!

I chose Animar, Soul of Elements as the commander for its ability to reduce the Morph alternate casting cost of . Also, he can be Voltron and has good buit-in protections.

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Theme: Morph Creatures

The deck is mainly .
We have good blue Morph creatures bringing draws, counterspells, bounces and copy/steal effects.
Green brings ramp, beaters and draws also.

The color is here just as a splash that can be easily removed if you wish. In my list, it only brings two beaters (Akroma, Angel of Fury, Blistering Firecat) and a really cool unmorpher (Skirk Alarmist).
I think the manabase has too much red sources, but I need them to guarantee a turn three Animar.

Thus, if you don't like Animar (for example because of its threat level), you can easily switch to Kruphix, God of Horizons.

No Tutors

I play not a single one Tutor.

Why? We play green, a color with lots of tutors for creature! And we play 50% of creatures!
I agree, but those tutors don't have Morph (outside of the theme) and they will reveal the Morph creature I tutorized. I want to stay stealthy as much as possible.

No Sol Ring

It's true that it's weird to see an EDH deck without Sol Ring.
The fact is this manarock doesn't allow me a turn-2 Animar, or isn't related to the theme, convinced me to drop it.
At least my ramp creatures are interactive with Animar (cost reduction). Sol Ring is just an uninteresting card for the theme.

But sure! Play it yourself if you wish. Just replace Wood Elves or Sakura-Tribe Elder!

Exceptions to the Theme

Some cards are outside the theme: mainly card-advantage effects (Edric, Spymaster of Trest, Bident of Thassa, Creeping Renaissance, etc...), ramp effects (Birds of Paradise, Wood Elves, etc...) and removals (Phyrexian Ingester, Duplicant). I made those exceptions because the deck can quickly run out of gas and had difficulty to manage opponent's creatures. Those problems cannot be fixed with Morph creatures only, and the deck will just die to the first Wrath effect without good drawing effects.

Blink Effects

The Morph Bouncers are Cloudstone Curio, Crystal Shard, Equilibrium, and Temur Sabertooth.
Also, Morph creatures with bounce abilities (Echo Tracer, Icefeather Aven) can be considered as Morph bouncers.
They are used for multiple purposes:

  • Creature protection (blink).

  • Attack deterrent (blink opponent's creature).

  • Morph cycling (re-using its unmorph effect).

  • Deceiving (bounce a morph then cast another one).

  • and Comboing off (Cloudstone Curio and two Morph creatures generate an "Big Furry Monster Animar").

Casual & Budget

This is clearly a casual EDH. Do not expect to win frequently. But the deck is very fun to play because it brings so much deceiving to your opponents. They never know what you are going to do!

This can be a budget deck if you change de manabase (I use a lot of fetchlands and ravlands to guarantee an Animar turn three). Taplands are a great cheaper option, at the price to slow the deck a bit.
The moxes (Chrome Mox and Mox Diamond) can also be switched to lands or ramp effects to decrease the price of the deck. They are here only to fix mana and to offer the possibility of a turn two Animar (like Birds of Paradise).

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Unfortunately, without a new block with Morph creatures, it's difficult to update the deck frequently.
But no update doesn't mean that the deck isn't alive anymore. On the contrary, I still play this deck when I need a funny moment ;-)

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