I originally built this deck with budget in mind. I plan leave the deck list mostly where it is at, but will add a maybeboard for changes/potential upgrades, as well as post good upgrades and suggestions here in the description.

The Locust God deck I have built is tuned to draw many cards, and wheel away our opponents hands. The board can grow fast, and swing wide with a lot of bugs.

I plan to add more about the deck here soon!

This deck was originally built as a $50 deck (excluding commander), but I recently added some additional includes such as Sol Ring and Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur which had been in my collection already. Otherwise, the deck sits around $90-95 now. I will post more upgrades below in “The Swaps” and better budget includes in “Budget Swaps”. Thanks again for all the suggestions and help!
Here I will post cards I’ve swapped in with the cards I swapped out (or ones that I will/recommend swapping in). I will do this in case anyone wants to pursue a budget build, and also work on upgrades later (and leave the current list the same). These are just suggestions, but things that I (and some others) think would best fit in the deck. Feel free to use these at your discretion.


Changes here will help fix our manabase to be sure we can cast our spells. Fiery Islet is more expensive, however is one I recently pulled from the Modern Horizons Prerelease, and include because I own it. Sulfur Falls and Steam Vents are still a bit on the expensive side, but dual lands will surely fix our manabase.


Here, Talisman of Creativity gives us both colors without the additional cost of a colorless, but only at a small price of one life. It fixes our mana better better than Prismatic Lens


While Magus of the Jar always gives us a nice seven, it has many downsides, especially it having to be sacrificed. Jace's Archivist is repeatable, and can sometimes get us more than seven cards.

Here I will post better budget cards for those wanting to build my budget deck but need to cut down on price. Will work on this soon :)

I realize that others run on different budgets, so I hope these includes can help you save a little bit of money, but still have a great deck!

Budget Artifacts

Budget Sorcery

Special Thanks to:

  • multimedia

  • VampiricTooter

  • DanyTargaryen102

  • DerektheRed

  • I really appreciate the help you did to help me find great upgrades for this deck!

    I would gladly appreciate any suggestions anyone has with the deck. Some I may accept or decline, but I would be glad to hear what you think could improve upon the existing deck! Thank you!
    I swapped out Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur for Narset, Parter of Veils because Narset locks down opponents draws similar to the way Jin Gitaxias does to hands. While not giving card draw, Narset also provides noncreature search and has a much cheaper CMC. Narset also comes at a cheaper pricetag!

    Recently Swapped out Reins of Power for Laboratory Maniac . In addition, I swapped out Keep Watch With Coastal Piracy . To keep the main deck mostly budget, I shall not add them to the decklist, rather the maybeboard.

    The maybeboard includes cards I am considering swapping out and/or consist of good upgrades. It might include some upgrades in which they are really good includes, but ones I do not have/know a great swap for them.


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