“The true mind can weather all lies and illusions without being lost. The true heart can touch the poison of hatred without being harmed. From beginningless time, darkness thrives in the void, but always yields to purifying light.” - The Lion Turtle

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So, about 6 months ago, I decided to rewatch Avatar: The Last Airbender, on Netflix. Coincidentally, I hadn’t brewed any Magic decks for a while and I thought to myself, “Hey, wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a deck themed around this programme”?

Magic; to me is a form of expression. The depth of the game means you can pretty much build or do what ever you want, and for me personally, I love brewing and building decks.

Avatar was a big deal to me as a kid, I remember getting home from school, dropping my bag and heading straight into the living room to watch it. I think it’s one of the best animated shows ever made. When I watched it again, as a now 27 year old, I realised that a lot of the show’s core messages had passed over me when I was younger, I’d simply just watched the show where the guys did cool stuff with the elements and had fights throwing water and fire at each other! I appreciated the story so much more now, the characters and their story arcs, the reason they were the way they were. So what started out as a “Ha, Eron the Relentless looks like Zuko, turned into much more. If I wanted to make this deck it had to be perfect.

So, if you have taken the time to read this far, and you share an equal fondness for Avatar: The last Airbender, then please indulge me a bit more by reading the description of the deck.

I hope you enjoy.

Every card in this deck was chosen for at least one of two reasons.

  1. Mechanic

  2. Flavour

If the card worked well with the decks plan, then I looked through every printing there has even been of that card on Scryfall, and I chose the one I thought had the best artwork.

The foil cards also represent key characters or moments in the story.

I designed the deck around the Prowess mechanic, so we want to cast a lot of noncreature spells to pump up the creatures in this deck.

I’m running lots of cheap auras that buff up our creatures and also trigger their prowess abilities, along with a lot of instants that will trigger prowess and protect our creatures.

I also added in a small theme of awaken. Turning the lands in the deck into powerful creatures acts as a beautiful bridge between flavour and mechanic in this deck, bending the elements to our will.

Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements , could stop them.

Adarkar Wastes The Ice Age printing was an auto include, coming with its very own Southern Water Tribe character, traipsing through thick snow on the frozen Tundra.

Glacial Fortress This printing paints the picture of a frozen Ship Wreck, similar to the wreckage of the Fire Nation Ship in the early episodes of season 1.

I chose the Snow-Covered Island from Cold Snap because I just like the look of these the best, and they’ve got to be Snow Covered Islands for the South Pole.

Lastly in this section we have Thawing Glaciers as soon as I saw this printing I knew it was going in, it’s even got Katara and Sokka in the art work!

Moving on to the Northern Water Tribe, I chose to add in the Island from Return To Ravnica, because I think it looks really similar to the Ice City of the Northern Water Tribe, Temple of Enlightenment & Hallowed Fountain also really back the feel of a huge civilisation in the reaches of the North.

Mystic Sanctuary was more of a mechanical include, because it gives us access to the instants in our grave to cast again.

This was a pretty easy section. Due to the fact that the Air Nomads we’re wiped out 100s of years ago, I knew there wouldn’t be much to include here, I also knew I’d be including Sea of Clouds from the off and there was only one other place to look for cards that would have suitable artwork for this section, and that was the Khans block for Mystic Monastery & Jeskai Banner.

I added in Azorius Signet & Nimbus Maze later on, as they both look like they could fit in to the Air Nomad regions.

This was a pretty difficult section, ideally I would have had access to for parts of the Earth kingdom, and with it taking up the majority of land and story in the world of Avatar, I knew I’d need to include a lot of different art work and feel, whilst trying to keep flavour faithful to the rest of the deck.

I had a good think, and decided to first check out the Boros Legions of Ravnica, I thought they might support a theme of the great city of Ba Sing Se, I settled on adding in Boros Garrison and Sacred Foundry along with Boros Signet and Heraldic Banner for some more ramp options. Meanwhile Temple of the False God reassembles the giant outer walls of Omashu.

City of Brass and Chromatic Lantern we’re chosen to represent exterior and interior of The Library hidden underneath the Desert, whilst Library of Leng was given its place to represent the unlimited knowledge that the Library holds, it is also a very old card, which adds extra flavour for me, as the Library itself is 1000s of years old. The artwork of Chromatic Lantern also gives a subtle nod to Wan Shi Tong, the ancient Spirit that has taken the form an owl, that guards the halls of the Library.

Inside the Library we have Star Compass and Sol Ring, which I think closely mimic the giant Callander that Ang and Sokka use to see Sozin’s Comet.

The remaining lands in this section are meant to convey the vast plains and open spaces that fill the Earth kingdom, whilst also helping fix our mana with Exotic Orchard.

I also think that Sunbaked Canyon acts as the Great Divide, that is said to be extremely difficult to navigate on foot.

The final part of this section, I trawled through different prints and art of Mountain and settled on a few that I think give a good representation of The Fire Nation’s cities and villages. My personal favourite being Mountain

Temple of Epiphany was given it’s home as the Fire Temple, located on Crescent Island, or in this deck’s case Volcanic Island

I chose to run Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest as the general of this deck, as it gave me access to the most colours, he has a powerful activated ability that we can use to power out the board, and also offers flavourful artwork resembling Aang.

Aang is represented by several cards in this deck, the most powerful, and my favourite, is Serra Ascendant. I know, I know, this is generally considered a no no in the format, but I just couldn’t resist including it, the art work from the Masters set it saw a reprint in is so similar to Aang in his Avatar State. If it gets enchanted with Dragon Mantle & Octopus Umbra then it really would be The Avatar.

Fierce Guardianship and Leapimg master also depict our hero. I think Fierce Guardianship is pretty overpowered, just like The Avatar, and I really like the artwork in Leaping Master, I also think it really adds to the flavour with its ability to gain flying.

Here we are introduced to the main characters. In the same fashion as Aang, I found several cards to show off each of the main characters.


First off we have Halimar Tidecaller, the artwork is perfect and her ETB can return a card with Awaken to our hand, she also gives our land creatures flying, bending the Water to her will. She’s also represented with Jhessian Thief, once again chosen for the Art Work and Prowess trigger.


Sokka is represented in Elite Vanguard, I did spend quite a while looking for the card to depict Sokka. The flavour text is great, and really, Sokka is simply a 2/1.


Zuko has a lot of nods throughout this deck too, he’s one of the only Fire Benders in here. I did think about adding in others but I decided that this deck is focused around Aang and his friends.

The first card that shows Zuko is Crimson Mage, depicting his furry nature. He’s also shown in Sakashima's Student donning the mask of the Blue Spirit. You can also spot him in Pyroblast

I also chose to add in cards to this section that represent the bending displayed in Book I.

I love the Umbra enchantments, they’re pretty great flavourfully, the art suits the the theme of this deck AND they trigger prowess. They go straight in.

You make a fine Octopus, pupil Aang

I did consider the White Umbra enchantments too but the art didn’t quite feel right, so I went with Sphere of Safety instead for Aang’s ball of wind he always covers himself up in.

We’ve also got some awaken cards in here, Scatter to the Winds & Rush of Ice show off some water bending, trigger prowess and they have awaken, which can turn our lands into creatures that we can use to defend ourselves. Part the Waterveil doesn’t have the best art, but it’s the best extra turn spell I can run flavourfully due to the awaken mechanic.

Yip Yip

Luminous Broodmoth was the best suited as Appa for me. There’s not much in the way of art work for Appa, but flavourfully, just when our heroes are in trouble, Appa appears, plucking them out of danger and whisking them away in to the air, so the flying counters seem quite nice here. It’s also white and has a good toughness, very fitting for a Sky Byson.

Also, Kitesail, just Kitesail.

At the end of season one we find the gang in the Northern Water Tribe; Aang and Katara are trying persuade Master Pakku to teach them the art of water bending. Descendant of Soramaro plays this roll, but whilst the gang are in the capital city it is attacked by a fleet of Fire Nation ships lead by Admiral Zhao, who kills the Moon Spirit and stops the Water Benders from using the water. To represent this I added in Blood Moon, it works flavourfully and the art work suits this scene too.

I need to be clear about a certain character introduced in season 2, and that’s Toph, I could not find anything in this colour wedge that I thought represented her as well as the cards for the other characters, ideally it would have been Nissa, Vital Force but we don’t have access to that. So I’ve gone for Gift of Granite to capture Toph and her Earth bending.

Assemble the Legion acts is the armies of Ba Sing Se, whilst Frantic Search, Faithless Looting, Compulsive Research & Opt show Sokka & Katara & Aang searching through the Library to try and find answer to the impending doom of Sozin’s comet.

Whilst the gang are in the depths of the library, Appa is stolen by sandbenders, forcing Aang and his friends to travel on foot to Ba Sing Se. On this journey they cross the deadly Serpent's Pass. This is why you'll find Pearl Lake Ancient in this section. Aesthetically they are very similar and it also has prowess, so it slots nicely into this build.

We also see a few more cards in this category that show Aang, slightly more powerful than in Book I, Master of Pearls & Mistfire Adept help buff our creatures, Center Soul shows him protecting others. Counterspell depicts him opening the Chakras to tap in and out the Avatar State.

Finally, we see him at the end of Book II, shot down by Azula whilst in the Avatar State, which is shown in the art work of Negate

Finally we have the end game, Book III. Throughout Book II you witness Zuko’s character transform from an angry child, willing to do anything for his father’s approval; to somebody who understands that his actions have consequences, someone who understands right from wrong.

Zuko is shown again here, with more powerful cards; Abbot of Keral Keep & Dragon Whisperer, these complete his transition from dark to light.

Katara also shows up again in this section as Narset, Parter of VeilsJA and we see Aang again as Taigam, Ojutai Master and Homura, Human Ascendant  , now that he has mastered the art of Fire bending.

Before Aang faces Firelord Ozai, he travels to the kingdom of the Ancient Sun people, with Zuko, in hopes of mastering Firebending.

I’ve added in the promo of Ancient Ziggurat to act as the Temple of the Sun People, with Keiga, the Tide Star & Ryusei, the Falling Star portraying the last two Dragons on earth.

There are a few more enchantments to cover off here, that I think do a good job of showing off more Fire bending. Dual Casting & Ghitu Firebreathing are pretty awesome, and Mizzium Mortars, Aria of Flame, Red Sun's Zenith & Quest for Pure Flame were added to demonstrate the raw power that the firebenders draw from Sozin’s Comet.

I also included beguiller of wills as a subtle nod to Hamma, the old Southern Water Tribe native living in the Fire Nation, who uses to art of blood bending to control her enemies.

Lastly, we have Humble, I included this because it is a perfect end to the deck, doing exactly what Aang does to Firelord Ozai, taking away his ability to Firebend, leaving him ultimately powerless and thus, ending the 100 year war.

Thank you for reading this, I’ve been building this deck, selecting art and writing this description for around 6 months. If you want to add any suggestions feel free but each card in this list was purposefully chosen, I know there would be better cards to add in to make the deck more powerful, but it does work quite well.

To help add to the feel and flavour of my deck I have designed my own playmat and sleeves for the deck, which can be seen below. I am currently working on a sleeve design too, which I shall post when complete :)

If you love Avatar, then feel free to share the love on this deck and leave a +1

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Updates Add

Thanks for all the up votes recently guys, I love coming back to this deck. I’ve made a couple of slight alterations, I’ve cut Defy Gravity and I’ve added in Leaping Master, I think this art work is better and also offers very similar flavour.

Sakashima's Student has been added into Book I, this is to represent Zuko when he dons the mask of the Blue Spirit, I decided to cut Weaver of Lightning

Lastly I’ve added in Beguiler of Wills to act as Hama, the Southern Water Tribe native who created the art of blood bending to control her enemies!

I’m still toying around with some of the options in the maybe board too, the main one being prophetic firespeaker as Uncle Iroh, I’m not sure what to cut for him though, potentially something from Book III

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