Octopus Umbra

Octopus Umbra

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature has base power and toughness 8/8 and "Whenever this creature attacks, you may tap target creature with power 8 or less."

Totem armor (If enchanted creature would be destroyed, instead remove all damage from it and destroy this Aura.)

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Octopus Umbra Discussion

Bolbae on Guided by Faith

3 months ago

Colossus Hammer by itself is too slow, but since you're already playing Hammer of Nazahn, Sigarda's Aid and Open the Armory it might be worth considering.

Because of all the enchantments, Sovereigns of Lost Alara are another possible choice.

Apart from that, I wasn't saying Octopus Umbra should be swapped, that's completely up to you of course.

Should you decide on further empathizing on the "Winged Guardians" backup plan, while Anointed Procession doesn't let you keep Saint Trafts' Angels, it still massively boosts their damage output. In addition, those created by Moonsilver Spear do stay. Together with Sundial of the Infinite you can also react to the triggered ability at the end of combat and keep all tokens that would be exiled.

I'm not much of a Voltron player though and I don't know if you really need that backup plan, so that's just an idea.

Have fun!

Tinnuki on Guided by Faith

3 months ago

Bolbae Thanks for the clarification. To be honest, I wasn't super sure about that interaction, but the way you explain it, it makes sense. It's a good thing I never bothered to make space in the deck for it.

Do you have an alternate suggestion in regards to Octopus Umbra?

Bolbae on Guided by Faith

3 months ago

Hi Tinnuki! First of all, thanks for your appreciation on my deck page.

I took some time to take a look at your deck and it seems like a cool and fun take on a Voltron strategy and I'm glad you're having fun with it. I especially like your inclusion of Octopus Umbra - it feels a little bit janky, but absolutely fits the deck.


I also wanted to address a small mistake in your description:

"Anointed Procession (Coming Soon) can clone and keep our Traft-based angels, as the copies are not bound by the end-of-combat exile"

I'm very sure that is not the case. Anointed Procession is a replacement effect, which essentially changes Saint Trafts text to be "..., create two 4/4 white Angel creature tokens that are tapped and attacking. Exile those tokens at end of combat". In this case, both tokens are affected by the exact same rules - both tapped, both attacking, both exiled at end of combat. Compare to the Populate mechanic, which simply creates a copy of a token (and is not a replacement effect, linking the creation of the second token to that of the first one). In that case, the second token would not disappear - it would also not be tapped and attacking though.

Hope this helps you strategize, have fun!

carpecanum on

4 months ago

Drop Rings of Brighthearth . Most of your abilities are triggered not activated. ("Whenever", "when", "during"). Replace it with something else that works on "triggered" effects or "enters the battlefield".

Jack-in-the-Mox is out of your color identity. Chicken a la King could replace it.

Felhide Spiritbinder , Arbiter of the Ideal , Daring Thief or others with "inspired" could be very good combo'd with your Lobe Lobber

Commander damage is always a good win-con. Blackblade Reforged , Octopus Umbra . Mostly you shouldn't really be trying to win too often with ILLEGAL CARDS.

carpecanum on The Sea of the Damned (Theme Skel Ship/Gyruda EDH)

4 months ago

I would think Freed from the Real would be thematic and an excellent combo. Contagion Clasp and Contagion Engine both sound like cursed items you would find on a skeleton ship. I think these 3, at least, should come out of maybe board

Fallen Shinobi, Octopus Umbra

proterran98 on Bruna

6 months ago

I attack with Bruna, Light of Alabaster , I have Eldrazi Conscription and Octopus Umbra in the graveyard.

1- if both auras go on bruna does she become a 18/18 or a 8/8? How do counters vs. cards like Giant Growth , effect base and power?

2- if bruna is enchanted by Octopus Umbra and Illusory Wrappings what is her base power and toughness? If she is enchanted with Octopus Umbra and I use Gigantomancer on her does she become a 7/7 or 8/8?

3 - can I choose to enchant with the eldrazi and NOT with the umbra?

4 - both have attack triggers, do they activate or has bruna already attacked?

Thank you

carpecanum on Chicken of the Sea

7 months ago

Aquitect's Will to replace Convincing Mirage probably. I have also had good luck with Launch and Octopus Umbra .

In order to get your boss out before blockers exist it helps to get her out on turn 2. Saprazzan Skerry and Svyelunite Temple are some of the only cards that can do that.

Other people often go voltron so Grip of Phyresis hurts them and helps you.

This is one of my favorite commanders. The amount of ramp from Thada is amazing and exiling combo pieces is just as useful. Try to steal Double Strike equipment early and exile two artifacts at a time, or artifacts that double triggered effects.

carpecanum on Higure, the Still Here

8 months ago

Draining Whelk and Hypnotic Sprite become reusable counter spells. They have flying so you can usually Ninjitsu off of them. Faerie Duelist is useful.

If you run out of Ninjas Feldon's Cane or something to refill your library could help.

Higure could do some serious commander damage with Octopus Umbra

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