Octopus Umbra

Octopus Umbra

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature has base power and toughness 8/8 and "Whenever this creature attacks, you may tap target creature with power 8 or less."

Totem armor (If enchanted creature would be destroyed, instead remove all damage from it and destroy this Aura.)

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Octopus Umbra Discussion

proterran98 on Bruna

3 weeks ago

I attack with Bruna, Light of Alabaster , I have Eldrazi Conscription and Octopus Umbra in the graveyard.

1- if both auras go on bruna does she become a 18/18 or a 8/8? How do counters vs. cards like Giant Growth , effect base and power?

2- if bruna is enchanted by Octopus Umbra and Illusory Wrappings what is her base power and toughness? If she is enchanted with Octopus Umbra and I use Gigantomancer on her does she become a 7/7 or 8/8?

3 - can I choose to enchant with the eldrazi and NOT with the umbra?

4 - both have attack triggers, do they activate or has bruna already attacked?

Thank you

carpecanum on Chicken of the Sea

1 month ago

Aquitect's Will to replace Convincing Mirage probably. I have also had good luck with Launch and Octopus Umbra .

In order to get your boss out before blockers exist it helps to get her out on turn 2. Saprazzan Skerry and Svyelunite Temple are some of the only cards that can do that.

Other people often go voltron so Grip of Phyresis hurts them and helps you.

This is one of my favorite commanders. The amount of ramp from Thada is amazing and exiling combo pieces is just as useful. Try to steal Double Strike equipment early and exile two artifacts at a time, or artifacts that double triggered effects.

carpecanum on Higure, the Still Here

3 months ago

Draining Whelk and Hypnotic Sprite become reusable counter spells. They have flying so you can usually Ninjitsu off of them. Faerie Duelist is useful.

If you run out of Ninjas Feldon's Cane or something to refill your library could help.

Higure could do some serious commander damage with Octopus Umbra

AkaAkuma on Reyhan & Sakashima: Arcbound Aristocrats

4 months ago

Man, well done on this deck! You got all the goodies Reyhan wants.

Although.. It seems a bit shy on the mass removal department. What about Find / Finality and double with an extra recursion slot?

Then I personally would also replace midnight clock for Rishkar, Peema Renegade , as the clock only synergyses with Toothy. I rather use my graveyard then freshen it up also.

Lastly I really like Hadana's Climb  Flip (backside is nuts) and the somewhat crazy inclusion of Octopus Umbra . Lots of creatures have base power 0 anyway

carpecanum on Sea Creatures

6 months ago

Octopus Umbra fits the theme and would be a nasty surprise on a mana dork or something.

I always loved Homarid Spawning Bed with big. blue, buffed creatures.

Guildless Commons and Colossal Whale

carpecanum on Budget Inniaz, the Gale Force

7 months ago

I'd look for a few more enchantments that help you no matter who controls it. Like Gravitational Shift does. Or that don't change effect with ownership, auras like Octopus Umbra.

Look at a list of Group Hug cards possibly, like Akroan Horse. The more she can afford to give away the more she can steal.

This commanders ability is very powerful because it doesn't even target. Opponent's will have no choice but to kill Inniaz over and over. You may need to throw in more Shroud/Hexproof/Indestructible.

carpecanum on Thieving Rouges

8 months ago

Thada Adel, Acquisitor. Massive ramp as she plays every Sol Ring in the game. Might be too expensive though.

Octopus Umbra is a nice buff and it takes out a blocker.

Is Anowon, the Ruin Thief your commander? You didn't say.

SuperWeapons2770 on The sneaky stalkers ($50 Budget EDH)

9 months ago

Here is it with working cardlinks

Potential Auras: Octopus Umbra, Auramancer's Guise Potential Creatures: Grismold, the Dreadsower, Volrath, the Shapestealer, Vorel of the Hull Clade Potential Lands: All the Vivid lands ex. Vivid Grove, Potential Artifacts: Helm of the Gods Potential Instants: My favorite, Misdirection

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