This deck has four main focuses:

  1. Scarecrow tribal. Since most scarecrows aren't actually that good, shapeshifters are also suitable here to still trigger Reaper King's effect.

  2. "Any color mana" ramp. Getting Reaper King out on around turn 4 is a priority, because this way you can start blowing stuff up sooner. Wait to play your small scarecrows until Reaper King is out.

  3. Protection of the commander. Reaper King is a very powerful card once on the battlefield, but also a big target. Cards like Padeem, Consul of Innovation and Champion's Helm protect him.

  4. Card draw. Because it's an EDH deck. Cards like One with the Machine are especially great because they take advantage of Reaper King's converted mana cost of 10.

Other important interactions:

A kicked Rite of Replication targeting Reaper King gives you 25 triggers. This can never force you to destroy your own things, since you can target an enemy permanent multiple times if there aren't enough of them. Bring to Light, among other things, can tutor and cast Rite of Replication, in which case you will still need to kick it yourself.

Deathbellow War Cry tutors Changeling Hero, Changeling Berserker, and Changeling Titan. These three go infinite with each other, giving you unlimited Reaper King triggers. The fourth minotaur can be Unsettled Mariner to make the combo harder to disrupt or just Morophon, the Boundless for value. The World Tree can also tutor the combo.

Seahunter and Skyshroud Poacher tutor Morophon, the Boundless first almost always, even before Reaper King is out. Then they usually work toward assembling the Changeling Hero, Changeling Berserker, and Changeling Titan combo (note that creatures with clone effects such as Phyrexian Metamorph can be part of the combo if you don't have all three changelings). Skyshroud Poacher can also get Bloom Tender!

Godo, Bandit Warlord tutors and goes infinite with Helm of the Host.

Have fun Vindicateing!


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