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Any time mate.

September 27, 2021 7:13 p.m.

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I have to back enpc on this one izzet is a superior choice
I ran 15 copys of Dragon's Approach in my deck and had no problems chaining off by utilizing cards like Niv-Mizzet, Parun & Archmage Emeritus
as for Thrumming Stone odd's of 1 in 4 of a 100 card deck is 25 cards. but things never run that smooth so in a mono red deck that needs this to be a guaranteed hit i would run odds of 1 in 3 (33 cards) then stack by odds with cards like Dragon's Rage Channeler & Burning Prophet

October 19, 2021 7:26 a.m.

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"If you have played out your hand, then you are winning the game."
do you even understand what a glass cannon is ? or are you just prone to instantly becoming offended because you don't understand and have to result to insults.
1st of all if you were not playing a glass cannon deck you would have access to cards like Red Elemental Blast, Pyroblast, Deflecting Swat, Bolt Bend, Ricochet Trap, Burnout, Fork, Reverberate, Reiterate, Fury Storm so you wouldn't be such a pussy about opponents having counter spells
2nd of all a real red player would already have Jeska's Will, Birgi, God of Storytelling  Flip, & Faithless Looting before considering Wheel of Fortune

i do have to admit though your comment about me being a shit-fly does seem fitting because what else do you expect your shit deck to attract

so keep on swatting and in the mean time here is an average deck list for godo, it already has everything your wanting included along with the responses and card draw required to make it all work

1 Godo, Bandit Warlord
1 Birgi, God of Storytelling
1 Brass Squire
1 Cryptic Trilobite
1 Dire Fleet Daredevil
1 Dockside Extortionist
1 Dualcaster Mage
1 Fury
1 Goblin Engineer
1 Goblin Welder
1 Imperial Recruiter
1 Magus of the Moon
1 Palladium Myr
1 Simian Spirit Guide
1 Treasonous Ogre
1 Abrade
1 Chaos Warp
1 Deflecting Swat
1 Desperate Ritual
1 Final Fortune
1 Magnetic Theft
1 Mine Collapse
1 Pyroblast
1 Red Elemental Blast
1 Ricochet Trap
1 Seething Song
1 Tibalt's Trickery
1 Faithless Looting
1 Gamble
1 Heat Shimmer
1 Jeska's Will
1 Rite of Flame
1 Shatterskull Smashing
1 Sweltering Suns
1 Twinflame
1 Wheel of Fortune
1 Wheel of Misfortune
1 Arcane Signet
1 Argentum Armor
1 Basalt Monolith
1 Chrome Mox
1 Cursed Mirror
1 Defense Grid
1 Everflowing Chalice
1 Expedition Map
1 Fellwar Stone
1 Hammer of Nazahn
1 Helm of the Host
1 Honor-Worn Shaku
1 Jeweled Amulet
1 Jeweled Lotus
1 Lotus Petal
1 Mana Crypt
1 Mana Vault
1 Manifold Key
1 Mind Stone
1 Moonsilver Key
1 Mox Opal
1 Panharmonicon
1 Prismatic Lens
1 Sol Ring
1 Thran Dynamo
1 Welding Jar
1 Blood Moon
1 Possibility Storm
1 Stranglehold
1 Daretti, Scrap Savant
1 Ancient Tomb
1 Buried Ruin
1 Cavern of Souls
1 Crystal Vein
1 Dwarven Ruins
1 Emergence Zone
1 Great Furnace
1 Inventors' Fair
1 Sandstone Needle
1 Urza's Saga
23 Mountain

Your Welcome

October 18, 2021 5:55 p.m.

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my "off the cuff observations" are based on taking the time to actually play test the deck you linked, taking the time to analyze the card list, and even taking the time to respond to your thread. which is much more then anyone else has done for you.
it plays like every other godo deck that's main function is to ramp into 11 mana and secondary function response / removal, the only thing different about this deck is that you chose to add flavor for choices to fetch instead of just sticking with helm as the target. none the less i was easily able to end the game with the helm combo between turns 3 and 4 every game while blowing out my hand and utilizing 1 time use mana rocks.

if you have the habit of keeping a shit hand instead of utilizing mulligan options that causes you to play less competitively and not being able to blow out your hand well that's just your play style and has nothing to do with the fact that "tempo needs card advantage"

and with that said in response to your crappy comment i am done investing the time to help you.

October 18, 2021 4:48 p.m.

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Reply: bryanedds says...#3 Partial disagreement in the context of this not being a glass cannon Godo build.

My bad i misunderstood because the deck you have linked is a glass cannon that blows out its hand casting godo, that deck would need card draw to function the way you want

October 18, 2021 4:05 p.m.

Devoted Druid+Vizier of Remedies+Minds Aglow
Bant draw combo that makes everyone lose

October 18, 2021 1:39 p.m. Edited.

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It doesn't work that way

Cedh Godo primary function is to assemble 11 mana, secondary function is instant speed response / removal. That's it no other functions.

Swapping 5 cards for stax peaces won't work. 1st no card vantage to draw them, 2nd not enough tutors to grab them, 3rd alot of the cedh ramp base is 1 time use focused on casting the commander. What that all means is most games the stax peaces will not see play, and they have a chance to be dead cards in hand if you do get one.

If you want a godo stax your going to need to add more functions to the deck which will require alot more then 5 cards to be swapped out.

October 18, 2021 1:20 p.m.

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Keep in mind card draw is only an advantage if you have the resources to support it
If you have already blown all your resources in casting and can't afford to activate greed then you don't need to draw becouse what ever you do draw will just be a dead card in hand anyways

October 18, 2021 12:35 p.m.

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All depends on the deck
In competitive when you can turn 1 Dark Ritual, Necropotence dump 30 life and drop a game winning combo on turn 2 Necropotence is the clear choice

Optimized decks could go either way

Focused and tuned decks that are not combo focused benefit more from Greed were an early game necro keeping 7 cards in hand will run you out of life way before end game comes

As for not able to pay to activate 1st balance your colors, your going to want to cast and or activate your commander so you need consistent access to black. 2nd never activate greed on your turn. Paying for it will leave you short of casting what ever you draw. Instead mana dump into it at the last end step before your untap phase.

October 18, 2021 12:01 p.m.

P.s. check your deck link

Hey check out my deck [[07-10-21-rise-from-the-ashes]]
October 8, 2021 7:02 a.m. Edited.

Not an actual Phoenix, but Prossh, Skyraider of Kher kinda looks like one. that you want with to ramp into the higher cmcs, general access to a sacrifice outlet opens the doors for combos.

October 8, 2021 6:58 a.m.

I can see why you would like having exile and recursion on a stick in the command zone but you will be fine putting kaya in deck and run Ravos, Soultender you don't have to partner
but there is some good partners like Tymna the Weaver for card draw
and Sengir, the Dark Baron so that when you combo one player out it can cause a chain reaction removing the rest of your opponents

October 2, 2021 7:35 a.m.

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Kediss, Emberclaw Familiar & Ardenn, Intrepid Archaeologist
Make for a solid equipment voltron strategy

September 30, 2021 5:38 p.m.


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