My Second attempt at a PDH-Deck. After my first (rather controlly) Deck I felt like something fastpaced. Enchantments being an alltime favourite of mine instantly caught my attention.

I found the need to have a lot of topdeck control (since this enchantress-deckstyle does perform less consistent than its big sisters in proper EDH), hence my inclusion of Seer's Lantern and Darksteel Pendant . Furthermore I incorporated some diggers such as Kruphix's Insight and Vessel of Nascency to help refill your hand. I particularly found that this version of the archetype does not draw as deep and constistent - the cards above really do improve consistency. Mind Stone , Selesnya Locket and Commander's Sphere further help out as well as ramp.

My Meta is dominant with red/blue/black hate control, so I hardly dare going full satyr voltron style, rather just let him chill in the back for the cardadvantage, while my hexproofers do the hardwork. I am almost about to cut the Phantoms, since they are quite susceptible to bounce and right out murders, although I do enjoy them becoming undamageable once you push their defense. Maybe I will swith them for an Aura Gnarlid and maybe a Humbler of Mortals for the midgame kill.

The real MVP of these decks are the Protection Circles, which red/blue/black hardly ever has an answer for aside from laughable bounce (they can counter afterwards though) and Scour from Existence / Universal Solvent (lol). Often people just look at my circle blank face, look at me, back at the circle, shrug and just fold. The most amazing things about these is, that they work around hexproof because of their wording, almost shutting down nightveil predator deaths.

Another nice, yet random interaction is the Guardian Idol in combination with Rancor and Conviction , sometimes ensuring some easy and safe damage.

Also Whip Silk and Conviction serve as some reusable carddraw-engines, once Satyr is on the board (preferrably with a hexproofer as target).

Did I mention how laughably good Hidden Spider is?

Anyhow: Here is my (again noncombo) take on an archetype in this format. Enjoy, Discuss, Inspire

Thank you for your attention.


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