Sacred Wolf

Sacred Wolf

Creature — Wolf

Hexproof (This creature can't be targeted by spells or abilities your opponents control.)

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Sacred Wolf Discussion

maigray on Green Grifters

3 months ago

Other creatures I considered but passed on for one reason or another: Korozda Monitor , Battering Krasis , Festerhide Boar , Charging Badger , Primal Huntbeast , Sacred Wolf , Gladecover Scout .

FalloutCat on Hexproof fun

3 months ago

Replace Sacred Wolf with Witchstalker

Serendipity1 on Newbie looking for help; wolf/werewolf ...

4 months ago

Hey, I'm looking to make a wolf/werewolf deck. When I started playing magic I decided I wanted a plain old wolf deck. It was then explained to me I needed to make it a wolf/werewolf deck to make it easier on myself, and that it should be a green/red deck. So far, I own...

x2 Howl of the Night Pack

x2 Nyxborn Wolf

x1 Sacred Wolf

x1Briarpack Alpha

x1Wandering Wolf

x1Raised by Wolves


x1Pyreheart Wolf (Which I want more of)

So as you can see, I don't have many cards yet. I do have a list of cards I want to add, but don't own yet:

Darkthicket Wolf

Rot Wolf

Young Wolf

Lone Wolf

Feral Ridgewolf

Kessig Wolf

And while these aren't wolves/werewolves, I kinda sorta want them:

Master of the Wild Hunt

Blunt the Assault

So tell me, am I headed in the right direction, or am I completely wrong about this? Please give me some good constructive criticism, and please explain what werewolves are/do.

xiao.wen on aura clad crew

4 months ago

id say go for the Evolving Wilds sac tap lands over the guildgates, the guildgates are definitely better than absolutely nothing other than running 24 basics, so if youve got nothing else and you find yourself often short a second green or second white or something, grab em, but the evolving wilds ability to reduce the chance of late game dead draws by thinning the lands out of your deck makes them a bit better. its probably up to taste based on how many double WW and GG costs you have that you want out on turn 2 or 3, but in my own experience, the ability to sac and search for whichever you are short on gets the mana fixing job done just as well as the guildgate with more versatility (3+ color decks, any pair of colors, etc). the guildgates have legit flavor though. for even more flavor fun, theres an older cycle of guildgate style taplands that arent too much more $$, i think the selesnya one is called Arctic Flats .

Troll Ascetic is sweet! i hadnt seen that one before. i cracked a Thrun, the Last Troll this spring which is quite similar but way more expensive to buy. didnt realize there was a cheaper one! i always find Sacred Wolf an overachiever, and Troll Ascetic is a slightly harder to cast upgrade, sweet!

also, dont forget about thrun's enchantment Asceticism !

oh and i left out a selesnya land earlier in Razorverge Thicket i think the english term for that cycle is checkland and they work quite well in modern as a 2x or so.

xiao.wen on aura clad crew

4 months ago

fun idea, i wish mesa enchantress was 1W instead of 1WW so you could get her off the kitchen table, ive got a playset and i always try to use her, but modern is just too intense and fast for her to get very far in serious play. Kor Spiritdancer Unflinching Courage and Rancor are your best cards here, making room and upping them to 4x will help you figure out how to streamline and tighten it up. theres a bunch of ways to tighten it up, obviously that avg. CMC needs to come down, but which direction to go? food for thought: hexproof bodies work well with aura strategies because one of the main weaknesses of aura strategies is the propensity to get 2-for-1'ed with removal taking out your creature and the aura attached to it. Sacred Wolf Gladecover Scout Bassara Tower Archer Fleecemane Lion etc. Naya Hushblade is a bit eccentric but she can def get some good work done, but she requires serious planning on how to lay out the next 2-3 turns

Strangleroot Geist wears rancors like a champ. Gift of Orzhova demands removal and Sacred Wolf wears it like a champ. Auramancer helps with the card advantage problems of losing all your auras when your creature dies. Knight of the Holy Nimbus is a pain in the ass to kill so will likely protect your auras from getting dumped a bit. Hero of Iroas helps speed you up. Hopeful Eidolon impacts the board alot more than Nyxborn Shieldmate . Selesnya Charm is so good that you should always at least consider running it when you are running selesnya. it starts getting super good if you are thinking about Fabled Hero .

in terms of cuts, Celestial Ancient Silent Sentinel and Plea for Guidance are good places to start.

and of course, working on your manabase will improve performance without making any other changes. Sunpetal Grove Temple Garden Temple of Plenty Windswept Heath Brushland Stirring Wildwood . even a playset of the scry land will help you out here for sure. in terms of balance, 10-12 or so of the nonbasics will help consistency without causing too many problems. even a playset of the Terramorphic Expanse or Evolving Wilds would help you move forward probably if you dont have access to the more expensive specific selesnya lands. stay away from the guildgates and the vivids though if you have access to the others.

Tungdil on Wolves

5 months ago

Sugiro tirar o Spitting Earth , Howl of the Night Pack e Massive Raid , e adicionar Furious Resistance , mais dois Fog e mais um Sacred Wolf .

xiao.wen on Hexproof Heroes (suggestions plz)

5 months ago

yea, ive always had mixed feelings about caller of the pride, but as this is standard, its no longer an issue since its on to Ajani Steadfast with tomorrow's core set prerelease event! i was really hoping they would bring back Sacred Wolf , but its hard to complain with Bassara Tower Archer around until next fall. steadfast is even slower than caller, but perhaps better geared towards naya hexproof with his +1. the fact that he only needs one white might help counteract the increased cost in terms of getting him down consistently on t3 or 4.

Deftie on

6 months ago

Maybe try to squeeze in about 4 more Forests? Also, try to put in some Elvish Mystic , as they really help with getting out your big creatures. I'd take out the Runeclaw Bear for those. If you want to go into a more 'devotion' theme, maybe some Bassara Tower Archer instead of Sacred Wolf so you can block flying creatures, and some Aspect of Hydra ?

Power / Toughness 3/1
Color(s) Green
Cost 2G
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 7.36
Avg. cube pick 6.84


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
2012 Core Set Common
2011 Core Set Common

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