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Prime Speaker Vannifar Elfball

Commander / EDH*


Elfball combo

Only requires 3 lands or sometimes less

Prime Speaker Vannifar + Faces of the Past OR Intruder Alarm + Any creature = Infinite loop. Here's the chain:

Pod 1CMC: Any Elf

Pod 2: Any elf or Dwynen's Elite

Pod 3: Any Elf

Pod 4: Any Elf or Elvish Symbiote

Pod 5: Elvish Soultiller <-- This makes it infinite

Elfball combo baby

You want to be running every elf dork ever printed so it's easier to get the combo off on T2/T3 and it's easy to start the pod.

Plus you make infinite mana with the enchantments if you have a spare dork.


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