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Atalya - Lady of Lifegain

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I wanted to make a deck that used a lot of the pretty older cards, while also staying in mono white. Atalya is an interesting commander that can gain you a lot of life. This deck is one of my absolute favorites to date. Hoping you guys will give some input on how to make this deck even better.


Gain as much life as possible while minimizing how much of a threat you are. This deck excels at simply watching the game happen while occasionally stepping in to either save someone or put an end to other deck's nonsense. Once you have gained a good bunch of life, you want to cast Storm herd or another win con to utilize your health pool. Don't be afraid to just take hits. The more people think you aren't a threat the easier it is for you to appear out of nowhere with the win. Trust me, it's happened PLENTY of times.

Win Cons:

Crested Sunmare - Obviously your slowest win con. This card adds to your threat level, but can be great once you've built up a life total and are still gaining life. Sunmare+Enchantress= Super Fun lifegain combo!

Storm Herd - Another slower wincon (It's mono white, cut me some slack here) But a potent one. If they survive, you can really bring some hurt. The Mana cost is a HUGE downside, but until i find something better, it's gotta stay.

Felidar Sovereign/Test of Endurance - Not my favorite win conditions, I'll be honest. This deck just wouldn't be right without them, though.

Aetherflux Resevoir - Easily the best wincon in this deck.

Approach of the Second Sun - A fun wincon!

Thanks for any and all input, you guys! I really like Atalya, and i've been working on this for a long time now. Thanks in advance!


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