Boon Reflection


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadowmoor Rare

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Boon Reflection


If you would gain life, you gain twice that much life instead.

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Boon Reflection Discussion

HOPMONSTER on The Tax Office

1 day ago

Good Start here. I also built an orzhov lifegain deck early on when getting into EDH.

Some cards I'd rec:Rhox Faithmender, Wall of Limbs, Beacon of Immortality, Crypt Incursion, Boon Reflection, Celestial Mantle, One Thousand Lashes, Pillory of the Sleepless, Tainted Sigil, Chalice of Life  Flip, Marble Chalice,

Planeswalkers:Ajani Goldmane, Sorin, Grim Nemesis, Sorin, Lord of Innistrad, Sorin, Solemn Visitor.

I used Karlov of the Ghost Council instead of Obzedat. He's a ton of fun to play with. If you want to see my deck: Soul Shakedown Party

BringerOfStorms on Staying Alive Right Meow

2 days ago

Cool looking cat deck. You might consider adding Ajani's Mantra for the theme and the subtle lifegain that rarely gets targeted by your opponents. Also Boon Reflection or something that really pumps up the gains you do make.


StigIt2me on Draconic Blessing

2 weeks ago

You said plenty that was helpful, freakingAud, and I'll respond to each paragraph in order.

When it comes to Soul Warden, Essence Warden, and Soul's Attendant, I might remove Ajani's Mantra and Angel's Grace to put in Soul Warden and Essence Warden. That way, I have a source of constant lifegain via Celestial Force, and I'll still have Sunscorch Regent, Soul Warden, and Essence Warden as sources of lifegain that trigger throughout the game. I would not be able to trigger lifegain through Suture Priest often enough because of the moderately low creature count in the deck, so it's not worth it to me.

I realized I forgot to add Propaganda a few hours after I updated the deck with the overhaul, but it's in now. Norn's Annex is an automatic "Yes."

For the mana creatures, Oracle of Mul Daya is going in, but I usually avoid mana dorks like Llanowar Elves and Birds of Paradise because they're so fragile. My playgroup doesn't specifically target anyone's mana sources very often, though the occasional board wipe (i.e. Wrath of God) has been known to happen and problematic artifacts have been known to cause players to overload Vandalblast. I feel safer in my playgroup running mana rocks.

Rest in Peace is amazing. It's in because it makes everyone leave their graves alone... and because of its interaction with Energy Field.

I'm loathe to spend more than $25 on a card unless I really love it or need it (...that's why I bought a promo Treva), so I probably wouldn't spend about $60 on a Doubling Season for any deck that isn't a token or +1/+1 counter deck. It's too expensive to just serve a handful of purposes for the deck. I usually just want Ajani's +1 effects more than the ultimate. But, if I can -8 him, it's a good day, especially with Boon Reflection, Alhammarret's Archive, and/or Rhox Faithmender.

Baconfish on No, No Brion, That's Not Your Creature

2 weeks ago

How about a Rhox Faithmender instead of Boon Reflection? Maybe it's too easy to kill the Rhox, what do I know

TearsInRain23 on For All Those Who Died -EDH-

1 month ago

@Daedalus19876: SO far this deck has a 14 game winning streak with no losses at my lgs both 1v1 and 4 player.

Removed Always Watching (replaced with Norn's Annex, Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim (the sacrifice wasn't utilized to full effect in this deck. Replaced with Weathered Wayfarer for utility.), Batterskull (too slow here. Replaced with Shambling Vent), Kokusho, the Evening Star (Will find better use in my tbb Meren deck, replaced with Luminarch Ascension because angels.), Well of Lost Dreams (too much mana sink for lifegain that was garnered through combat damage more than anything else. Replaced with Painful Quandary), Death Grasp (Useless after the first game I used it, replaced with Selfless Spirit), Necropotence (The drawing at the end of my turn was hurting my games and almost cost me one so it had to go. Replaced with Karn Liberated because just because), Boon Reflection (did little. Replaced with Aven Mindcensor for control), and Oblivion Ring (Slow removal. Replaced with Unmake).

Other cards I have considered are Nirkana Revenant, Bloodchief Ascension, Ghostly Prison, and the two angels that meld into Brisela, Voice of Nightmares.

PhotogenicParasympathetic on Brion Stoutarm

1 month ago

So I don't really like Academy Rector here - you've only got one enchantment, which, granted, is a really good one, but if it's removed or already in your hand or you're out of creatures to use with it, Rector becomes a dead draw.

I'd add a few backups options, things like:

Furnace of Rath/Dictate of the Twin Gods which double's Brion's damage.
Angelic Accord which guarantees you an angel every turn you activate Brion, sac'ing the last angel you got.
Boon Reflection, in case you desperately need to survive.
Concerted Effort, to share the lifelink around.
Cradle of Vitality, to very quickly make things HUGE.
Celestial Convergence, to be rude.

LordBalthamos on Soul Sisters Chalice Variation

1 month ago

There are many ideas I can offer that you could add to your deck, feel free to take into consideration any of these:1.) Well of Lost Dreams2.) Wall of Reverence3.) Archangel of Thune Definitely4.) Reliquary Tower5.) Beacon of Immortality6.) Celestial Mantle7.) Boon Reflection8.) Angelic Chorus9.) Purity10.) True Conviction11.) Requiem Angel12.) Noble Purpose

TitanWalls on Buying Time for Massive Lifegain and Trample

1 month ago

Hah! Assault Formation could be interesting! I hadn't considered turning my defenders into damage threats as well!Axebane Guardian kinda feels like a less efficient Overgrown Battlement, though.Boon Reflection also bears some looking at. I played around with Rhox Faithmender but it was wonky for my mana curve, but the enchantment might work out better.

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