Hi I'm new here, and I was hoping somebody could offer some advice.

      This is a deck I bought/traded from A friend trying to slim down their collection. They described it to me as "Horse Tribal" which I think was mainly due to 
        Crested Sunmare
     being the main win con. It was definitely not built how you would normal build this commander, instead being focused on effects like 
        Spirit Loop
    's to double up on lifegain.

      Anyway, I haven't been able to get this deck to function they way I want it to, because even though I edited it I never rebuilt it from the ground up. Soooo I could use a different perspective. I kinda know what I want to change and I have some of the important pieces, but spellslinger decks aren't my strong suit.

      While I really want to make this deck since it's such a good commander option, I don't want to break the bank in the process. Also any advice about how to maneuver around the site as a newbie would be great ^_^

                                     Thanks A Bunch!


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