Truefire Captain


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Uncommon

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Truefire Captain

Creature — Human Knight

Mentor (Whenever this creature attacks, put a +1/+1 counter on target attacking creature with lesser power.)

Whenever Truefire Captain is dealt damage, it deals that much damage to target player.

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Truefire Captain Discussion

Fallerup on Heaven's Might (Gisela, Blade of Goldnight)

6 days ago

Truefire Captain would fit nicely here along with Star of Extinction, that way you could wrath the board + deal 40 damage to one of your opponents at sorcery speed.

Oldschool930 on Naya Star

1 week ago

SynergyBuild, good call! I do want to protect Truefire Captain more than myself, and I was really trying to find hexproof cards. Root Snare is one mana less though...I like it!

Mahoot on Infinite Boros Dino Burn

1 week ago

Went 2 and 2 at FNM last night.

All the games I won were with with the Truefire Captain and Star of Extinction combo, except one where I laid down all of my Relentless Raptors early and got in underneath the opponent before she could do much of anything with her Gruul stompy deck. The other deck was an Izzet control/burn deck with a mill side plan. I just had to play around his counter spells and lay down the pieces while he was tapped out, or nearly tapped out.

The two I lost were against Simic Merfolk and this grody Esper Control deck. I actually did pretty ok against the control deck, getting the opponent down to around 3 health both games, but wasn't able to maintain pressure late game.

Merfolk was just too quick. After the match with Merfolk was over we played a couple more games for funsies while we waited for the round to end. I won both of them, so the first two were just kind of off, I guess.

I also built the deck on MTG Arena and it's about half and half there as well, though I have been able to hit at least one of the four card combos a few times and rely less on the two card "Win Target Game" combo.

This is the part of deck building where I struggle. How to fix the problems and tune it up.

It needs removal. I put some Justice Strikes in the sideboard. I'm considering Deafening Clarion though that would clear out my dudes same as theirs. Would be ok if I had dudes in hand to play, or a Firesong and Sunspeaker on the field (more on them later).

It also need a more solid turn three play. Treasure Map feels good on turn three cause I can play it with a mana up and start scrying on my opponent's turn right away, but having a good on-curve creature in the slot would probably be beneficial. Maybe something that can Mentor a Relentless Raptor?

Raptor Hatchling doesn't necessarily need four copies since Forerunner of the Empire tutors him up. He is a pretty ok 2 drop because it makes people think twice about blocking or swinging in because they don't want me to get a 3/3 out of the deal, but going down to two and opening up the other slots to removal or an on-curve creature would probably be better.

Firesong and Sunspeaker are kind of funny. They seem to get folks real nervous even though my deck just wants to use them to gain a butt load of life off a Star of Extinction. I'm not sure they fit in the deck, though if I run Deafening Clarion maybe it'd be ok. One-of is alright, though there's probably something better in the slot (probably not a 6 drop)

Maybe the deck needs to be an aggressive Boros build with the option to combo off. Primary plan to Boros your face off and maybe hit a dirty combo in the process?

Won't be able to go to another FNM for a few weeks. Got some work stuff coming up. I'll get some more games in on Arena and play around with some tweaks.

Mahoot on Infinite Boros Dino Burn

2 weeks ago

Another Update:

I took it to my LGS tonight and found some folks playtesting standard decks, so I jumped in with them and gave this deck a whirl. I was only able to play it against one dude who was running an Izzet burn/control deck. I was pretty sure that it would be a really bad matchup for this deck that is so reliant on critters being on the field and spells resolving, but it ended up doing very well. We played three matches and I won two of them. The first game I won I hit the Truefire Captain and Star of Extinction combo. He really did not like that one bit. The second time I won was with infinite tokens infinitely large with a Forerunner of the Empire, Raptor Hatchling Bellowing Aegisaur and Chance for Glory. He didn't like that either. The cool thing was that once he saw the combo with Truefire Captain and Star of Extinction he was gunning hard for the Captain so I kept playing them to soak up his removal while I was able to resolve and keep everything else I needed to hit the second combo that won me the second game.

I'm feeling pretty good about it. There are enough cards in the deck that make my things indestructible (Make a Stand, Sheltering Light) that I was able to keep up with his burn spells, or at least make him use two or three spells to get rid of my things.

Honorable mention, once again, to Relentless Raptor and Sky Terror. They do great work in this deck.

It's working! I'll keep playtesting, but I guess the next big step is to take to FNM and see how it do.

Thanks everyone for the support and feedback. Thanks BaneOfLordran for the heads up about Star of Extinction and thanks Apex_killjoy02 for the recommendation about Treasure Map  Flip. You were right. That card is so good at digging for the good stuff. Also I get to use my shiny Dino/Treasure token that was the FNM promo during the Ixalan and Rivals blocks of standard, which felt nice haha.

FoxMTG2017 on Test Deck Boros

2 weeks ago

Thank you for the comment multimedia

I'd been planning this deck with the intention of pushing for the Truefire Captain & Star of Extinction. Whilst this is very narrow I was hoping to get the surprise element of these to work against the Standard competition at my local group, who rarely play standard.

I love all of the suggestions you made and really appreciate any help at all. I don't know what I would be best removing to fit these in. Boros Challenger was a card I really wanted to put in but I am still new and still struggling to learn about synergy and manna curves.

Thank you again for your comment. I shall look at these suggestions in depth.

Geo77rey on Healing burn, burning heals

2 weeks ago

Mahoot I have thought of using that, tho if I do then I might as well run Truefire Captain so that 20 damages can be targeted to thier face. The deliema I am having is getting to 5 Mana but the 6th being a little hard. Could replace 1 Firesong and Sunspeaker with a Star of Extinction

Mahoot on Infinite Boros Dino Burn

2 weeks ago

I built it!

I did not get to play it at FNM tonight. I got off work late, but I stopped by my LGS and bought/traded for the pieces I still needed and put it together and was able to play against the employee at the store who was running an Abzan Land Destruction deck. We played two rounds and I nearly won with the Star of Extinction / Truefire Captain combo. I got too excited to cast it and tapped out. I should have waited one more turn, played the plains in my hand and then cast it so I could use Sheltering Light to keep the Captain from being blown up by a removal spell. I won the next game with Truefire Captain mentoring a Sky Terror. Never was able to hit my combo pieces because at the time several were missing (I had to trade for the Chance for Glorys.

I did end up clearing out 8 or 9 creatures with Star of Extinction and I was playing on the shop counter. On display beneath me was a Firesong and Sunspeaker for $2.50. I did the math and figured that if I had one of those on the field when I cast my Star of Extinction I would have ended that turn with 160 or 180 extra life... so I bought it. I am only running one as a trial for funsies, but I did go down to two Bellowing Aegisaurs and up to three Star of Extinctions to be able to maximize its potential. I don't want the deck to lose focus and get muddied up, but I think this could be an ok addition. It was certainly worth a couple bucks for me to try it out.

I am also looking at building this deck on MTG Arena. I think that this type of deck would lend itself very well to the "Best of One" format on MTG Arena. Just a few wild cards away from being able to make that happen.

risendragon on Truefire Star Combo

2 weeks ago

Echoing TheGodofUndead, I playtested this against my Walking Dead (Mono B) deck (go in my profile and try it!) and I found that while your deck has good creature removal, especially against 2/2 or equal power/toughness drops with that Justice Strike, your Truefire Captain could not do a lot of damage to my face when blocked against say a Vampire Neonate, which suprisingly shined as a chump blocker. Against discard, which the Mono B deck has a fair amount of, especially early on, your deck will be neutered if your have your Star of Extinction in hand. Again, it is a good-looking deck and very fun when you can pull it off, I just wanted you to be aware of what happens to it against a discard-tinged (not even focused) deck.

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