You have one win con so protect it with counters. Labman is on a one man mission to victory. Do what you must to complete the mission.

A heavy mana Gen Wave will typically win the game with Tatyova out as you'll draw your last card when it resolves. Or, use Omniscience to cast shit, draw from land etbs, and continue casting until Lab man wins. Not trying to auto win with Enter the Infinite as I like a challenge and not die of boredom.


Glacial Chasm to fend of attackers until you get your win con.

Counter wisely. Bounce everything and counter what you miss.

Recycle your graveyard with Season's Past and Eternal Witness. Use Mystical Tutor to fetch for SP and keep your hand stocked with counters. Keep using MT for SP or Gen Wave when ready for the win.


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