Labman is on a one-man mission to victory. Do what you must to complete the mission. (1) Take out their HQ, (2) call in an air strike, or (3) dismantle their resources.

There are three(ish) win cons:

1- Omniscience + Enter the Infinite + Laboratory Maniac.... the boring, no skill, and brainless way to win.

2- Hurricane + Glacial Chasm + Boseiju, Who Shelters All.... a more humorful, tactful way to win.

3- Scooping from bouncing everyone's perms and then destroy up to 8 lands per turn with Strip or Waste and extra land plays. You can either take your single biggest threat out, split it between two and set them back, or share the love and blow up 1-2 lands each slowing down their tempo.... oppression through land destruction.... an honorable way to win.

ish- Lab man + Gen Wave with Tatyova out or if she isn't out you can draw your last card with Mikokoro, Center of the Sea.... the hail mary pass when all else fails.... a clutch way to win.


Glacial Chasm to fend of attackers until you get your win con.

Counter wisely. Bounce everything and counter what you miss.

Urborg and Chromatic Lantern is there to allow your fetch lands to tap for mana when you run out of lands to search for.

Recycle your graveyard with Season's Past and Eternal Witness. Use Mystical Tutor to fetch for Seasons Past and keep your hand stocked with counters. Keep using M-Tutor for Seasons Past, Hurricane, or Gen Wave when ready for the win.


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