Razaketh's Rite


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Uncommon

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Razaketh's Rite


Search your library for a card and put it into your hand. Shuffle your library.

Cycling B (B, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

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Razaketh's Rite Discussion

chadsansing on Charitable Emo

4 days ago

Sweet commander and idea.

I'd love to play this w/ non-budget tutors, too.

On a budget, Razaketh's Rite is another tutor that might be good here, as well as Dimir Machinations (for Unlife or Solemnity), Spoils of the Vault, and Insidious Dreams ($3 okay?).

Have fun - I dig this list a lot.

Pieguy396 on Gallery of Deceivers

3 weeks ago

This deck actually looks amazing! Nice job!

I'm not sure how effectively I can make suggestions due to the unique nature of your deck, but at a glance, it looks like you might need a few more tutors to find your Deceiver of Form - even some usually-not-good-enough tutors like Diabolic Tutor and Razaketh's Rite might be just what you need. I'd also consider cutting cards like Insurrection, Natural Affinity, Temur Ascendancy, etc.

It's also quite possible that the whole legendary-creatures-plus-Mirror Gallery package is too cutesy, and it may well make your deck more effective to just replace all of the legendary creatures with non-legendary ones. Just looking at your maybeboard, I like Goblin Rabblemaster, Sharding Sphinx, Utvara Hellkite, etc.

enpc on Mikaeus, Extreme Sub $20 Budget EDH

3 weeks ago

Not sure if it's been mentioned or not but what're your thoughts on Razaketh's Rite? It's cheap as chips money wise and it's not bad mana wise. Plus cycling is nice.

mlequesne on What's in the Box? Oh! It's a Combo!

1 month ago

Hi bro, there is a nice combo that you're missing : Necrotic Ooze with Triskelion (or Walking Ballista) and Phyrexian Devourer. You just need to have ooze on the battlefield and the rest on the graveyard. Easy to accomplish if you get Buried Alive. And if you add that combo I recommend to add also more tutors, even the cheap ones would work, like Diabolic Tutor, Dark Petition or even Razaketh's Rite.

cya =)

duff87 on Advertise your COMMANDER deck!

1 month ago

xander11,ofcourse. i would maybe put in the new Mastermind's Acquisition over Diabolic Tutor because it's the same thing basically but just with the added benefit of being able to choose a card from outside the game which can be quite useful if you have a ten card sideboard. Razaketh's Rite is also diabolic tutor with cycling which is just better. also black has no removal for enchantment/artifacts which can definitely be an issue. so maybe Unstable Obelisk for some added ramp and the option to destroy any permanent. just some thoughts. oh and Blood Pet and his homie..i completely forgot the name of the other one.sorry I'm probably no help. but there ya go.

Suns_Champion on Myr Warmachine

1 month ago

Hi! Neat idea! I really like it! +1!

I've got some good ideas for ya:

Zur the Enchanter will tutor for Arcane Adaptation. You could probably make him the commander for a guaranteed shot at Adaptation every game. I suggest you do that.

Here's my suggestion for an add on to the combo: Intruder Alarm. Now your combo is Near-infinite. IIIIIIIIF you make the Turbine a creature so it untaps when you grab a creature. This can be done with Ensoul Artifact(can be grabbed by Zur!), March of the Machines, Sydri, Galvanic Genius, Karn, Silver Golem, Toymaker, Tezzeret the Seeker (useful otherwise too), Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas, Karn's Touch, Xenic Poltergeist... you get the point. All the creatures would be Adapted Myr so they still help with the game plan. This side combo will make your main combo more powerful, allowing you to get all or your creatures rather than just one. Also you will additionally get infinite mana if you have a free mana-dork out. Something to consider.

Now regardless if you go with the side combo, you'll need a robust tutor package for consistency. Zur and a few others I've mentioned help, but here's some more: Enlightened Tutor, Diabolic Tutor, Razaketh's Rite, Demonic Collusion, Drift of Phantasms, Dimir Machinations, Mastermind's Acquisition, Brainspoil, Fabricate, and Beseech the Queen are all solid options.

Hope some of this helps! Let me know if you like or can't figure out the combo!

IAmTheWraith on Plays a Lot like "Hit Me" in Black Jack!!!

1 month ago

Diabolic Tutor seems better then Razaketh's Rite, it seems like going t4 tutor into t5 Ad Naus is better that t5 into t6.

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