Creature — Beast

Mutate (If you cast this spell for its mutate cost, put it ontop or underneath target non-Human creature you own. They mutate into the creature that is on top and that creature has all the abilities of every card that is underneath it.)

Reach, trample

Whenever this creature mutates, destroy target artifact or enchantment an opponent controls.

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Set Rarity
Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths (IKO) Rare

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Format Legality
Leviathan Legal
Pre-release Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Standard Legal
Casual Legal
Pioneer Legal
Highlander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Custom Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Historic Legal
Limited Legal
Brawl Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Legacy Legal

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Gemrazer Discussion

GoRacers7786 on infinite +1/+1 mutate

1 week ago

OutlawPete92, in my experience okio is correct. I have a similar build on arena but I am using Gemrazer and Wildwood Scourge and after doing that I have realized that you need 2 copies of the Gemrazer/Wildwood Scourge in order to make it infinite. What okio is saying is that even when you mutate Gemrazer or Vulpikeet on top of the Wildwood Scourge the creature on tops gets all the abilities of the cards underneath so even though the new creature isn't a hydra, its the word 'another' that keeps this combo from being infinite without 2 copies of the mutated creature. I have done this on arena and all it does is draw the game but it is essentially an infinite combo

PlagueRats on Midrange Mutate

4 weeks ago

Thanks VampDemigod, I know about Wildborn Preserver. I wouldn't want more then the two copies, but I've found Wildborn Preserver usually works out pretty well here. This deck plays a fair bit on the opponents turn and wants unexpected creature threats. Any card that can potentially add counters to itself is a good target for Brokkos, Apex of Forever or Gemrazer. I like big creatures with trample.

Gidgetimer on Lithoform Engine Rulings?

1 month ago

When you copy the Gemrazer (I assume? There is no "Gemsmasher".) the copy copies the choices made when casting it, so the fact that it was a mutate spell and the targets. The copy effect does not allow you to change targets.

Assuming everything resolves with no further interaction you will first mutate a token Gemrazer onto the Dirge Bat and you will destroy an artifact or enchantment and a creature. Then you will mutate on the normal Gemrazer and destroy two artifacts/enchantments and one creature.

You can put each morph over or under the creature it is morphing onto, so you will end up with either a Dirge Bat a token Gemrazer, or a non-token Gemrazer. Whichever the creature ends up actually being will have the abilities of the other two.

Neotrup on Counter a mutate ability?

1 month ago

Kadena's Silencer does counter abilities that trigger from Mutate though, like the one on Gemrazer, so it can mitigate the advantage that mutating onto a stack poses, but the same could be said of Murdering the creature targeted by the mutating spell..

Neotrup on Deceiver of Form and Mutating …

1 month ago

Let's say you have a Grizzly Bears that's a copy of Golden Bear and you mutate Gemrazer under it, leaving Grizzly Bears on top. You'll have a 4/3 with Reach and Trample (and the trigger), and if you then play Clone copying it you'll have another 4/3 with those abilities. Both will be named Golden Bear. This is because the copy and mutate effects are both applied in layer 1 in timestamp order, and set the copyable characteristics. After the turn ends, you'll have a 2/2 Grizzly Bears and a 4/3 Golden Bear, both of which have Trample, Reach, and the triggered ability (and mutate, if that comes up, but that only really matters on the stack). This is because the first effect on Grizzly Bears wore off, but the second still applied, and the Clone only cares about what the copyable characteristics were at the time when it copied.

If instead you mutate Gemrazer on top, you'll have two Gemrazers after the turn ends, and considering they'd both be 4/4s, that would probably be the better play.

DragonSliver9001 on Yeva Draw-Grow

1 month ago

Inkmoth which element of mutate are you not understanding? bouncing and repeating a Gemrazer?

Inkmoth on Yeva Draw-Grow

1 month ago

Kamerot: This is the one element of mutate I am not understanding, and if you can clarify what you mean by that, you might just add to my reasons lol.

So, Caustic Caterpillar was an answer to Torpor Orb, but lately Drannith Magistrate/Linvala, Keeper of Silence have been more problematic. Ram Through eliminates them while being cheaper than Caustics ability and becoming an alt win con. In comes Gemrazer, looking to replace Reclamation Sage. It can save key pieces while being able to kill Torpor Orb AND Cursed Totem, also back up trample for Ram Through, and the possibility of blocking Aven Mindcensor/Linvala, Keeper of Silence. Ashaya makes Mana dork lines so minimal that we only ever need the dork to produce 1-3 Mana to win, so we can stand to lose an elf for the priest (our only elf reliant line btw).

But, please tell me more on repeatability of Gemrazer.

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