Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
From the Vault: Annihilation Mythic Rare
MTG: Commander Uncommon
Shadowmoor Uncommon

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Firespout deals 3 damage to each creature without flying if R was spent to play Firespout and 3 damage to each creature with flying if G was spent to play it. (Do both if RG was spent.)

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Firespout Discussion

Phoenix-2063 on Restore Balance To The Force

2 weeks ago

bridge doesn't quite suite the deck as it also kills off our win con - Greater Gargadon however Ghostly Prison is an option for sideboard against aggro over Firespout as the tax really stings when you have no land ;)

Sargeras on Izzet Midrange on a Budget

2 weeks ago

Anger of the Gods is great if you expect to be playing creature heavy decks that play lots of 1,2,3 drops, and is Dredge hoser, however against a deck like Control, the card does effectively nothing, so you have to decide whether or not the card is good enough to have a place as a 2-3 of in the main. However, if dredge and GW decks that play cards like Kitchen Finks/Voice of Resurgence aren't a thing in your playgroup, you can be a really sneaky bastard and use Firespout instead of anger, that way you can wipe your opponent's board without killing your Chimera. (given that their stuff isn't flying too)

After a bit of playtesting, I can give you some more constructive feedback, which is

  1. While Ember Swallower is a decently sized 4/5 body for 4cmc, that is all it really is, as you need at least 3 more turns for it to become a 7/8 and try to ram through an opponent's board. (Which means it has to live that long) I'd try to swap these out for a playset of Thunderbreak Regent, this card is cheap now that it is out of standard, and is a 4/4 with Flying that has the ability to Lightning Bolt and opponent if they target it.

  2. While Spellbound Dragon has the potential to bring a lot of damage to the field, it is pretty underwhelming by itself, I'd personally recommend playing Stormbreath Dragon or Thundermaw Hellkite as these creatures are devastating when they hit the board and can win games by themselves. (They all have a synergy with Thunderbreak Regent) But playtest to see what works.

Realistically, you'd need to playtest to see what works and what doesn't work, as you are trying to homebrew up an arch-type, so there is no well-defined plan, only things you can look at and see if they work or not.

lagotripha on giants have big clubs

1 month ago

I'd feel more confident running some Ondu Giant, Giantbaiting, Borderland Behemoth, Stinkdrinker Daredevil, Sunrise Sovereign. Some acceleration and stabilisation seems essential- Firespout perhaps. Good luck with the brew.

Yuri200X on Counters

1 month ago

I think there is a more effitient way of ramping early mana:Arbor Elf/Voyaging Satyr+Utopia Sprawl/Fertile Ground/Overgrowth

Usually decks that demand a lot of mana use this instead of mana dorks because they don't get an easy removal (although you might need to be careful with your enchanting choices not to get Ghost Quarter'd away). Plus, slamming a lot of enchantments instead of creatures will help you against Anger of the Gods, Firespout or sweepers in general.

I think you focused too much on the more recent Sets (theros, Khans, etc)... Try to dig past the recent sets.

In general, i think you could replace these slots: Feat of resistance, gods willing, solidarity of heroes, wildwood rebirth and brave the sands with more efficient cards...

Lets assume you change the way you ramp and adopt the way i suggested, with less mana dorks and more enchantments. Then this would mean you'd be able to run Day of Judgment or Wrath of God to kill everything in sight to mess with your opponent. Sure you'd have your mana dorks removed, but against an aggro deck you'd get ahead because you'd take more valeu out of the global destruction and yet get to keep your enchantments. Also, you'd be cleaning the way for your incoming Hidras.

Also, you could run something like Primal Command and be able to choose which Hidra to pick. Also, with a more efficient ramp you could add something like Harmonize. Or maybe an alternate kill condition with Wolfbriar Elemental (ramping him for 10 mana would give you a total of 6 2/2 tokens plus his 4/4 body).

You may need a sideboard too. There are some cheap awesome cards that can really wreck people up. Say you are facing an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn... One cheap and easy way to get rid of it would be a simple Oblivion Ring or even a Day of Judgment as I mentioned before. Now, an opposing Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger might not be hit by destruction, but oblivion ring still gets him... as well as Condemn, Journey to Nowhere or Stasis Snare. Oblivion ring gets most troublesome stuff in general, even planeswalkers.

Now lets picture you are facing against affinity, lantern control or Ensnaring Bridge. Some cheap, budget ways to deal with these decks are: Krosan Grip, Creeping Corrosion and Natural State.

Against Enchantments Prison and Aura Hexproof (a.k.a. bogles) you'd like something like Back to Nature or Paraselene.

If you face Dredge or graveyard based decks in general, Tormod's Crypt or Relic of Progenitus can kill them good.

Lastly, against counderspells, a cheap good choice is a simple Silence before you cast anything.

Take care man, I wish you luck :)

Hydrax on Bant Exalted

1 month ago

Off the top of my head, here are the changes I would make (just personal opinion):

  • Remove all 3 Sublime Archangel, yes it's a good card but 3 toughness means it dies to a lot of stuff like Lightning Bolt, Anger of the Gods, Firespout etc. In its place, add 2 Silent Arbiter and 1 Kira, Great Glass-Spinner. The reason: Arbiter has high toughness and won't die so easily, and Kira makes all of your creatures harder to get rid of. If anything, they'll have to get rid of Kira first before they can take out your other creatures.

  • Remove the 2 Apostle's Blessing and the 2 Blossoming Defense and move all 4 Mana Leak to the Main board. It's a fantastic card in Game 1, it helps you early on when your opponent doesn't have a ton of mana to work with, and since it's unconditional, it can work on anything.

For the sideboard, I'd make it look something like this:

  • 3 Kor Firewalker, good against burn and most Red decks

  • 3 Ceremonious Rejection, great against Affinity and Eldrazi, 2 of the most common decks in modern

  • 3 Heroic Intervention, side this in against decks with a lot of spot removal like Terminate, Fatal Push and Path to Exile, or against boardwipes like Wrath of God or Damnation

  • 3 Mirran Crusader, protection from Black and Green is huge against Jund and Junk, also very common decks in Modern. And with Double Strike on top of all the Exalted triggers, he's really going to hurt.

  • 3 Feed the Clan, it's a great card against aggressive decks, even burn, basically anything that's trying to kill you quickly. Remember, Exalted lasts until end of turn, so in combat you'll probably have a really strong creature, with 4 or more power. In the second main phase, cast Feed the Clan and gain yourself 10 life. You're essentially making their job much longer, allowing you to win the game before they can.

That's just my advice, you have a good looking deck here, good luck!

warren667 on Izzet Dragons (Budget Version)

1 month ago

First off thank you for uploading all the dragon decks! I got happier every time I refreshed the page and there was another.

I own an almost identical list and it really needs a 3 dmg aoe in the sideboard like Anger of the Gods or Firespout to trade out with Icefall Regents against agro it sucks that you have to kill your myrs with them but its a small price to pay for staying alive.

Panas on Hydra Themed EDH

1 month ago

Allright! Your deck looks pretty solid from where I'm looking at! I did spot a few slots that in my opinion are less than optimal, but first thing first: +1!

Your deck is a liiiittle bit lacking in card draw for my tastes; I would include a card like Bred for the Hunt to remedy that. I'm also not a big fan of the phytohydra, but with a goblin aggro player on your table, I can see its merit.

The "bad" cards I've spotted are: Evasive Action, Temur Charm, Return to the Earth and Vanishing. In their place, I would include Heroic Intervention, Stubborn Denial, Kruphix, God of Horizons and one (or more) of the following charms: Sultai Charm, Naya Charm, Gruul Charm.

Firespout could also be something you may want to look at.

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