Cloudfin Raptor

Creature — Bird Mutant

FlyingEvolve (Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control, if that creature has greater power or toughness than this creature, put a +1/+1 counter on this creature.)

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Cloudfin Raptor Discussion

lagotripha on Temur Counters

1 day ago

Experiment One Cloudfin Raptor and Avatar of the Resolute are really, really strong in decks like this, particularly if you chose to run Vines of Vastwood and other hexproof effects in place of collosal might. Heroic Intervention will help deal with boardwipes, and Inspiring Call will do similar, but card draw. A lot of your creatures provide scaling mid-to-late game presence, but there aren't tools to survive the earlygame in the deck. I'd reccomend Anger of the Gods and lots counterspells if you want to keep the creatures as 5 drops or slow like vorel. U/R/G provides some interesting non Winding Constrictor tools, you should abuse them heavily. Creature protection, primarily effects like Spell Rupture and Unified Will, and ramp like Rishkar, Peema Renegade will enable max performance for the deck. If you find yourself stalling out, consider sources of ongoing lifegain like Spike Feeder/Kitchen Finks and Asceticism.Most of all, good luck and have fun testing.

xyr0s on Forced Adaptation ($35 or less)

1 week ago

Budget concerns? well... maybe exchange Hinterland Harbor for Yavimaya Coast. That should make it possible to commit to such major investments as $ 0.16 Cloudfin Raptor and $ 0.23 Coiling Oracle without breaking the 35 dollar upper limit. I still think there should be some kind of land capable of producing both colors of mana, though.

How much is the deck now without maybeboard?

The differences between Jhessian Infiltrator and Cloudfin Raptor are smaller than they seem, as very few modern decks has anything ready to block fliers by turn 2. I just favor Cloudfin Raptor, because it works of any other creatures you might play, where Jhessian Infiltrator requires a very certain sequence - or it will remain a 2/2.

Apart from Simic Charm the deck is sorely lacking any kind of interaction... shouldn't there be at least a few Vapor Snag in there somewhere?

xyr0s on Forced Adaptation ($35 or less)

1 week ago

Perhaps modern is that little bit too fast for strategies revolving around playing a 4 cmc creature, with no protection and no ramp, then playing an aura, and then playing a threat, which does not have haste... If you want to play UG with +1/+1 counters, perhaps a more stable early game could be

4 x Experiment One

4 x Cloudfin Raptor

4 x Hardened Scales

4 x Coiling Oracle

Also not expensive cards in any sense of the word. Hardened scales also increases the value of Blessings of Nature.

Index is really bad. Not only is it card disadvantage, but without ways to shuffle your deck, you'll occasionally be able to see how you will draw 5 non-relevant cards, and have no way to change this.

So I would remove

3 x Index

1 x Revenge of the Hunted

2 x Master Biomancer

3 x Trygon Predator

3 x Forced Adaptation

4 x Jhessian Infiltrator

It seems like you really like Master Biomancer. But a game where you have two in your first hand, in 20-land deck, is lost. It takes way too long to set up, compared to how easy it is to disrupt (even for other very budget-friendly decks), even if it doesn't die to Lightning Bolt. But 2 of them seems good. Jhessian Infiltrator can currently, with 2 other cards, deal 6 damage by turn 6. Experiment One or Cloudfin Raptor can do quite a bit better than that, especially with hardened scales.

xyr0s on Primordial Mutation

1 week ago

First off, it's much easier to read your decklist, if you sort it by type instead of colour (e.g. I think you have 22 lands, although the fifth Dismal Backwater makes it a bit uncertain.

Why the almost-singleton build? You will want more consistency i.e. that cards you want to see come up more often, and you gain that by having multiple copies of them. As an example: Coiling Oracle is a funny card, that is particularly good in turn 2 (and with a turn 1 Serum Visions), and in a shoestring-budget-meta also good with blinking effects. Having 1 Coiling Oracle is a bit wasted - it won't be there when you need it, and it's a lousy topdeck in turn 6 (assuming you have the land you want by then).

What does Coral Merfolk do, that makes you bring it? Same goes for Benthic Infiltrator and Annul. How about exchanging them for 3 more of either Coiling Oracle or Cloudfin Raptor? And now we're at it: bring more evolve creatures, like Experiment One, to make more out of the counters. A playset of Hardened Scales and Winding Constrictor also helps with +1/+1 counters.

Darklordnfg on Birds of a Feather

2 weeks ago

I ended up pulling Devrai out and putting in Pride of the Clouds. He gives good additional token productions and much better mid-game play. I really do not like how Kangee, Aerie Keeper interacts. Since he isn't a bird, he simply isn't worth dropping unless you can use his kicker which is much slower than this deck is built to run. He also is very prone to getting burnt out of existence. I am up for suggestions. Thinking about Cloudfin Raptor, Gustcloak Savior, Aven Mimeomancer, or Augury Owl.

awb422 on greenstomp

1 month ago

How do you cast Cloudfin Raptor?

Karns_Pyromancer on Lovecraft Cube

2 months ago

What little of Lovecraft I've read tells me that things like Experiment One, Cloudfin Raptor & Protean Hulk might be worth including.

Also, Spirit Cairn?

Rashuff on All-You-Can-Eat Reef Worms for $4.99

2 months ago

sorry for spamming you with comments but I figured out exactly what I would do replace Chasm Skulker with 2 copies of my favorite card Future Sight which basically allows for infinite draws if you just play off of the top of your deck and 2 Artful Dodge. If you want to keep creatures and keep it aggressive you could run an illusion creature Phantasmal Image to copy Cloudfin Raptor.

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