Viashino Pyromancer


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Core Set 2019 (M19) Common

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Viashino Pyromancer

Creature — Viashino Wizard

When Viashino Pyromancer enters the battlefield, it deals 2 damage to target player or planeswalker.

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Viashino Pyromancer Discussion

ArchonBlue on Lightning Bolt Tribal

1 week ago

Thinking of trying out Viashino Pyromancer to make Wizard's Lightning more consistent. Any thoughts as to what I might take out? Or if there's another 1 or 2 drop red wizard I'm missing? Thanks! :)

killer_eye on Mono Red Burn Deck

1 week ago

hi! looking at your list, i would make the following changes:

-2 Electrostatic Field: it's not aligned with your objective of being fast

-2 Bombard: not flexible enough, we want a flexible removal to provide reach once our creature can no longer push it's dmg

-1 Dismissive Pyromancer / +1 Viashino Pyromancer: both count as a wizard for a discounted wizards lightning but viashino is much aligned with "fast" as an objective

-1 Risk Factor: i think 2 copies is already, technically that's 4 due to jumpstart.

this will make your list 60

Ryjo on Mono Red Burn Deck

1 week ago

This deck is looks like its in the "Is it a goblin deck or is it a burn deck?" zone. I would be more inclined to lean into the burn aspect, and build something like the following:

cdkime on New to MTG

1 week ago

I moved your thread from the "Deck Help" (which is primarily designed for Kitchen Table or uncommon formats) to "Standard Deck Help", just to make sure it's clear what type of advice you're looking for, as well as draw the attention of those who keep an eye on the Standard sections of this site.

Moving on to actual deck advice, I'll start with a disclaimer: Standard is not my forte, so feel free to defer to others' opinions.

For some general deckbuilding advice, when you're trying to make a burn deck, you want to focus on highly efficient attacking creatures and burn spells (low mana cost, high payoff). Ideally, you are casting something painful every single turn. Burn is a glass canon deck--you have a bit of interaction and removal with your burn spells, but generally you want to be hitting your opponent with direct damage. Since your spells are all low-cost, Burn struggles in the late game, when opponents have a more established position--so, you just need to make sure you can win before then.

Here are some cards that you should consider:

  • Ghitu Lavarunner - Often this will be a 2/2 with haste, which is fantastic for one mana. Consider running four copies of this.

  • Experimental Frenzy is a super neat card for burn. While it doesn't advance your victory the turn it is played, Burn's biggest problem is having spells to cast. Since your spells are cheap, you usually empty your hand quickly--Experimental Frenzy effectively always gives you 1 card in hand. You do not need four copies of this, as you don't want to draw it early, but 2-3 would be fine.

  • Viashino Pyromancer burns for 2 the second it enters the battlefield, and sometimes can swing for 2 more. Not bad.

  • Wizard's Lightning is fantastic with Viashino Pyromancer and Ghitu Lavarunner. Casting for three mana, it's not ideal, but one mana for three damage is fantastic--there's a reason the most commonly played card in Modern is Lightning Bolt.

Hope some of that helps!

vorpalaxe on The Perfect Kill it with Fire

2 weeks ago

I recommend using two Vexing Devils because it is the best first turn drop. It is still good on turn two, but on turn three you would rather cast anything else. Viashino Pyromancer is a better third turn drop. Getting three Vexing Devils in one game would be terrible, but getting one in your opening hand is ideal. just my thoughts. Browbeat is too slow, unfortunately. the first time I got stuck with nothing but Needle Drop, I took them all out. Love the card, but it is no Lava Spike.

Lochensky on Wizards controlled burn on a budget

2 weeks ago

Thanks for all the great advice. I understand your point on the Naru Meha. In my mind though I was imagining her as a turn 5 drop and Adeliz being a turn 4 drop. In a perfect world, its Goblin turn 2, Wee Draganaut turn 3. Then on turn 4 drop Adeliz + a one mana lightning strike and that gives me a 3/3 goblin, 4/4 Wee, 3/3 Adeliz and 3 dmg lightning on turn 4 for a total 13 damage. Then turn 5 would be Naru Meha with another lightning to copy for 6 damage and win in 5 turns. That's a perfect scenario though which won't happen regulary. And I can see if Naru Meha gets delayed even one turn, then she becomes suboptimal as Niv Mizzet will usually be a better turn 6 drop. Not to mention if the first 4 turns work in that situation, she's probably just overkill by turn 5 anyway.

I also like your reasoning for lowering the counts on some of the creatures. Dropping Adeliz and Wee Dragonauts to 3 each and dropping Naru Meha out leaves me with 4 open card slots. Would a Storm Sculptor be a good idea if I added a couple Viashino Pyromancer for the nice double drop combo? Or maybe a turn 5 Tempest Caller to clear out any blockers for my attack.

drsnailtrail on Wizards controlled burn on a budget

2 weeks ago

as a guy who tried REALLY HARD to make Izzet wizards work in standard, it just doesn't stand up to the top decks. Golgari steamrolls right over it, control locks it down completely. Unfortunately the better cards for an Izzet deck right now are the drakes and Niv Mizzet, along with the more expensive card in the format. As a person who prefers a budget deck himself, I just didn't want to dish out cash for the cards needed for a functional build (note: functional, not winning).

All that being said, you already have Niv Mizzets so thats a good start. To be frank, this format is far friendlier to those who run counterspells in the main board and seek a mid-range game or tempo game over an aggro game unless you have 500 bucks to blow on cardboard. Here's an analysis of some of your cards listed:

Adeliz: absolutely fantastic card, I love it so much I moved the deck it fits in to modern format instead. However, 4 is too much as drawing two in a game before you've even got one out means you're down a card and turn to draw more gas to boost your wizards. Ultimately, 3 is far better since that chance becomes a little lower.

Naru Meha: It LOOKS like a card that fits but I assure you this is a budget control card instead. In fact, it's more of an EDH jankpiece than a playable standard card which is a damn shame considering how well it synergizes. However, at 4 mana with double blue cost, plus an average 2 mana needed to cast something for it to copy beforehand, you're not playing this thing before turn 6 at best. That's fine, ultimately except you've already got a six-cost in the form of Niv Mizzet which is a far stronger card. Now Naru IS an infinite combo enabler but the pieces needed are a little... inconsistent. As such I'd cut them entirely from the deck if your aim is to be fast and consistent.

Stormtamer: This is a really good card but it's situational. If your aim is to use it to counter a spell that could kill your game plan, then yeah awesome. It counters Settle the Wreckage, it counters Planeswalker abilities that target you, and it counters removal. As long as the spell or ability has a target that you own, you can counter it. However I personally find there are faster, more powerful wizards to play for your first match, and thus I usually put two in the sideboard.

Wee Dragonauts: Great booster card but it's not 4-of-great. 3 is good, and probably better in the long run so you don't draw too many.

There are a ton of budget options for faster wizards you could play right now. For example: Viashino Pyromancer, Ghitu Lavarunner, and Ghitu Journeymage. ETB effects can speed up the game really quickly, especially when you have a hand full of burn and some of these guys to play.

All in all, don't forget to have fun, and remember that no one's opinion on your cards is law; not even mine.

David_H18 on Fire and Ice

2 weeks ago

Hey redbird, just a few quick suggestions, why not Sacred Foundry? This looks like a competitive deck, and especially with Goblin Chainwhirler you need to hit 3 red lands on turn 3. I also think you might want to look into fitting Viashino Pyromancer in here if you're trying to go the aggro route (I'd personally put it in for Lava Coil, I love the card but I don't think it's aggressive enough for your deck). Anyway, just throwing in my opinion. Feel free to agree with it or call me an idiot as you see fit, and whatever you do have fun!

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