Lathnu Hellion


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Modern Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Rare

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Lathnu Hellion

Creature — Hellion

When Lathnu Hellion enters the battlefield, you get EE (two energy counters).

At the beginning of your end step, sacrifice Lathnu Hellion unless you pay EE.

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Lathnu Hellion Discussion

Lordeh on Thalia's and friends (Naya Edition)

18 hours ago

Ok so after game day I found the weaknesses and strengths of the deck as far as play testing against my local meta.

Round 1 Vs R/G Energy won 2-1

This went quite well with the exception that Lathnu Hellion cause dome issues early game. However a Thalia, Heretic Cathar with a Metallic Mimic or Always Watching proved effective.

Round 2 vs W/B Zombies 0-2

This was just awful draws and stuck on 2 lands by myself with the opponent curving out each time so it was just brutally quick. I did not trust in the heart of the cards.

Round 3 W/B Zombies 2-0

Complete reversal in how the deck played with just an additional land. Rhonas the Indomitable with Always Watching out meant that as long as i has a creature they had to deal with him and couldn't.

Round 4 U/G Rashmi/Eldrazi 1-2

Lost game 1 because I was unable to deal with Rashmi, Eternities Crafter and he ramped into Elder Deep-Fiend and Conduit of Ruin and go Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger and blew out the board state.

Game 2 was a turn 5 kill by myself by just dropping Thraben Inspector, Metallic Mimic and 3 Thalia's Lieutenant

Game 3 was close but came down to missing a crucial land drop turn 3. Getting down Thalia, Heretic Cathar a turn early would have made the difference.

Recap. The deck went fairly well but I have made some changes by cutting the Khenra Charioteer for more Always Watching and putting in 2 Declaration in Stone in the sideboard for zombies.

Guardians on Need sideboard help for this ...

1 day ago

I think that 3-4 Glorybringer is the best amount. It is very good in most game 1's and is almost always a live draw. It does kind of compete with chandra as a two red mana spell that when resolved demands an answer. I might try 3/2, or 4/1You probably should also have 3-4 Bristling Hydra if control decks are prevalent.

Your plan is to be agressive, but not Lathnu Hellion and Voltaic Brawler agressive. I think 2-4 Channeler Initiate is a good spot to be in,as it is pretty sweet at ramping and getting deep-fiends out.

You probably should run Whirler Virtuoso over Electrostatic Pummeler, you have no Blossoming Defense and no way to make it huge unless you get huge amounts of energy.

Oath of Nissa also probably isn't worth it, you could run Channeler Initiate over it

I'm not sure if you are really attached to Fling, i might cut it if you aren't too attached

My suggestions for the mainboard

+1 Glorybringer (take out a chandra if you want 4)

+1 Bristling Hydra

+2 Whirler Virtuoso

+1 Lumbering Falls

+4 Channeler Initiate

+2 Blossoming Defense/Magma Spray depending on how prevelant control, zombies, mardu, or aetherworks re in your meta

+2 Game Trail

+1 Forest

+1 Manglehorn (it's great at stopping vehicles, Aetherworks Marvel, and other random stuff like clues with its etb)/+1 Whirler Virtuoso

-3 Oath of Nissa

-2 Spirebluff Canal

-1 Cinder Glade

-3 Electrostatic Pummeler

-3 Voltaic Brawler

-3 Fling

Sideboard comments:

Kozilek's Return vs Sweltering Suns/Radiant Flames: Return is only really good against really good against super-aggro decks. Zombies has Transgress the Mind to get rid of cards like Elder Deep-Fiend so return won't be flashed back. It is true, however that Sweltering Suns kills your stuff, so maybe find something else. Chandra, Flamecaller could be good. Or a different card that is good against zombies. Skysovereign is one of those cards, especially good on t4 with a mana dork. I also don't know how prevalent zombies is in your area.

On the topic of control hosers: Bristling Hydra is very good against most control decks, Glorybringer is good against planeswalker control decks, Prowling Serpopard is great against UR, UW, and other blue decks, and Tireless Tracker is good in general. i'd stick with 2-3 of the cat snake for right now, and maybe 1 tracker. You already have it in the main right now so...

+1 Bristling Hydra (very hard for tower, UR control, and sometimes mardu to beat)

+2 Manglehorn/Release the Gremlins (Over Appetite for the Unnatural Manglehorn is especially good as a pre-Deep-Fiend play) You could stick with appetite though.

+2 Sweltering Suns/Radiant Flames/Chandra, Flamecaller

+1 Tireless Tracker

+1 Skysovereign, Consul Flagship

+1 Negate?

-3 Whirler Virtuoso (cuz it's going in the main)

-2 Kozilek's Return

-1 Baral's Expertise

-2 Appetite for the Unnatural

Side note: If you want to keep Fling and stuff, it's your choice. I'm only giving advice. If so:

MB changes:

+1 Voltaic Brawler

+2 Blossoming Defense

+1 Bristling Hydra

+1 Lumbering Falls

+2 Game Trail

+1 Forest

+1 Anything

-3 Electrostatic Pummeler

-3 Oath of Nissa

-2 Spirebluff Canal

-1 Cinder Glade

Side Side Note: Lumbering Falls is great against control! (and in general) Throw em in!

Changes I definitely advocate for:

CUT Electrostatic Pummeler

Add some hexproof stuff like Bristling Hydra, Lumbering Falls, and Blossoming Defense

Skysovereign, Consul Flagship in the side

Kozilek's Return out for Flamecaller, Sweltering Suns, or Radiant Flames

Keep calm and brew on

Mj3913 on Help w/ R/B Fast Stuff. ...

1 week ago

Hiya folks, as the titles says; Looking for help, / fast stuff. I am attempting to return to the standard scene, and as I have not been following the spoilers like a proper devoted player as of late I am a bit behind on what the meta is and blah blah blah... I borrowed a R/B deck for the standard showdown and loved how it played, so now I am trying to make it my own. I have created a build nearly identical to that I played, and am looking for help making some choices on cards. I have a brief write up in the description but I will try to add more here.

Pia Nalaar is questionable to me in this build, now someone suggested Kari Zhev, Skyship Raider, however I have yet to test this and would like further opinions.

Debating an Energy Subtheme using Lathnu Hellion, Glint-Sleeve Siphoner, and Harnessed Lightning. My concern with this is it makes it more of a combo deck and susceptible to interruption.

Bloodrage Brawler is another iffy choice... 4/2 for 2cmc is nothing to shake a stick at, but with only 4 madness cards, is it worth it?

Don't even get me started on the sideboard, I just kinda made a mashup from different examples of r/b decks.

Sorry for the novel, for those that made it thanks for taking the time to read. On a final note, for anyone experienced with code... maybe they can tell me what I did wrong, it seems a bit wonky.

Rakdos Fast Stuff

Standard* Mj3913


BonVoyYawg on I'm Invincible!

1 week ago

Woot Woot, 2nd Standard Showdown today was excellent! 3-0 for first place (2 boosters and 3 showdown packs!). Glorybringer was only relevant one round and was shuffled away (from a Commit / Memory) before seeing play a second time today. The slight changes to the balance as a whole really paid off today, no mulligans, no mana screw. The only match I lost was my final opponent who got in some great control on me before Torrential Gearhulking me in 4 turns.

  • Round 1: 2-0 Win - Esper Zombies was actually my most exciting matchup of the day. Game 1 landed Glorybringer taking out a liliana, death's majesty and Wayward Servant. Game 2 ran loooong, like way uncomfortably long for a Gruul deck. Near the end, opponent siphoned back up to 20 life, drained me to 4, had Lily and Ob Nix out with 9 zombies. I had a single Pummeler out that was covered on his turn with a Blossoming Defense that I had from his Commit / Memory use. My turn, draw Invigorated Rampage, play that, another defense and pump pummeler to 56 for the win! Was an intense matchup!
  • Round 2: 2-0 Win - Temur Marvel deck, first game managed to dodge the Ulamog drops because my opponent drew both of the ones in his deck. 2nd game was a turn 5 pummeler for 20 xD
  • Round 3: 2-1 Win - UW Control. This is always a fun matchup, it's all about getting those Prowling Serpopards down!

At the moment, I think Glorybringer was still the right call for this deck right now. Though I think there's a stronger case for Lathnu Hellion.... Could you imagine Turn 2 Brawler, Turn 3 Rhonas, Turn 4 Hellion and swing?

Overall the balance I saw today in my games for mana was much much better, amazing what 1 card can do

alulien on

1 week ago

Man I've got a big ol' hardon for Lone Rider  Flip. It That Rides as One  Flip is metal as fuck, and it's a BEAST. I've had the most success with a turn 2 Glory-Bound Initiate (he and Honored Crop-Captain are main the reasons to add imo) attacking exerted turn 3 after playing the Rider. He's awesome presence turn 3 if he flips so that's really sweet. Certainly, Lathnu Hellion is better than the Rider in a vacuum, but as a 2-of I've found Lone Rider  Flip to be just awesome. I'll goldfish a bit to see if a swap in that 2-of slot seems worth it.

svtdbird on

1 week ago

Why no Lathnu Hellion? You're an aggro deck with energy already. He fits perfectly. If you tell me you don't have room then I think you haven't playtested with him

Leatherankh on Burn With Me! Mono Red Deck

1 week ago

Since you're going creature heavy, here's a list of some from earlier sets that you should take a look at.

If you want some ideas, I have a deck on my profile called RDW 2017, take a look at it. I 3-0 my local FNM with it last week. Good luck!

AMGordon on Amonket Temur Energy Aggro Deck

1 week ago

Things I like.

  • Cutting down the land count when you have mana dorks, Nissa and attune with aether.
  • Glorybringer. I figured it was only a matter of time until you got a couple of these.
  • Cutting the Khenra Charioteer. couldve been a cool card but your list didnt have big enough creatures.

Things I dont like.

  • I really dont like whirler virtuoso in this list at all. I think it is a really bad use of your energy since youre not going infinite with it anymore. If there was only one thing I could change about this list it would be this card. Here are some things that I think would just be better in this spot.
    • Bristling Hydra: Better beater, gives you the same energy, can still be cheated in with Nissa and is great against a control heavy meta right now. This is my first choice.
    • Walking Ballista: Youre a ramp deck and this is a mana sink. The only whiff would be to cast this off of Nissa but in literally any other situation this card is still pretty great.
    • Lathnu Hellion: This is to get you back to the MW feel that you originally wanted. Heck of a beatstick and its super cheap. If you have a greenbelt in hand you can keep him around indefinitely for 2 green mana.

Other thoughts.

  • Having seen it get played a few times I wonder if it is worth testing Bounty of the Luxa after all. The card draw would at least be good.
  • I would tweak the sideboard a bit.
    • Take out the Essence Scatter because youll never want to keep mana up because there is no other use for it at instant speed.
    • You should move the two Elder Deep-Fiends into the side after you take out the scatters. It will be a great trick against BG decks.
    • I would add two Prowling Serpopard into the remaining two sideboard slots to test. The meta is very heavy shifted in controls favor right now, and I dont know why, but I would have these just as some insurance.
    • I like the choice for Magma Spray and love the Manglehorn. The confiscation coup seems cute, I dont know where you bring it in but it could be really fun to steal an Ulamog if you can pull it off. Maybe you can side in the Luxa instead of coup for when you think a game is going to go long.
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