Lathnu Hellion


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Rare

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Lathnu Hellion

Creature — Hellion

When Lathnu Hellion enters the battlefield, you get EE (two energy counters).

At the beginning of your end step, sacrifice Lathnu Hellion unless you pay EE.

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Lathnu Hellion Discussion

SwagMuffinMr.5 on Hour of Devastation Sucker Punch!

1 month ago

I LOVE this deck idea. I was planning on building one just like it however this is a way better structure then the way I was going to take it. I have some suggestions though.

First off, I would suggest swapping out a Wrangle with another Fling because fling has faster burst potential than Wrangle where fling can basically double damage and Wrangle is going to remove a single blocker but only increase damage to a maximum of 4. Plus fling just has more synergy with Kari Zev's Expertise

Second, Hazoret's Favor just seems too slow for me. This may seem like a pretty wild suggestion but I think it would be efficient if you replaced those two with two Lathnu Hellions. The hellions have haste, they are high tempo for their mana cost, and they have nice potential for fling fuel. All you would really need them for is just two turns anyways. Turn 3 play and swing for 4 damage. Turn four, pump with invigorated rampage and swing for 8 damage, then second main phase fling it for another 8 damage.

Last, I think Goblin Dark-Dwellers is a really good card to gain more value from Kari Zev's Expertise however it will be rotating out soon so eventually you might want to replace those with more Glorybringers, Combustible Gearhulks, or Heart-Piercer Manticores.

Remember, these are just suggestions, but I think these are some of the changes you should make to get the deck faster. Your original work has inspired me to play this deck in standard. What a fun deck!

Grunyarth on Hours of Rakdos (HOU - B/R Aggro)

1 month ago

I would also recommend Lathnu Hellion. You can't keep him around for more than 2 combats with this deck, but a 4/4 haste can be brutal. In a deck with little energy synergies, Ahn-Crop Crasher is better, but he is another viable 3-drop if you want to add several more. You also have 21 spells that cost 1 mana, so I don't think that getting to 4 mana is necessary for Reckless Bushwhacker to be surged. It is true though, that Reckless Bushwhacker is best played on turn 4, even if you don't get to 4 mana then.

clayperce on All Things Pummeler

1 month ago

Are you speaking about the New Perspectives/Approach of the Second Sun combo deck? If so, I've played against it a couple times, though never with Pummeler. So please take my theory-crafting here with skepticism! But here are some thoughts:

  • New Perspectives is the key, so Instant-speed Enchantment removal is probably the best answer. Which I guess means Appetite for the Unnatural. Or Negate in Temur Pummeler.
  • They can't combo off if they're dead. Which means you've got until turn 5 or maybe 6 to kill them. Aggressive mul'ing for a fast hand may actually be the best plan.
  • IDK what the deck will look like in HOU Standard of course, but in AKH Standard they usually ran 4x Censor, 4x Sweltering Suns and 4x Haze of Pollen mainboard, and 3x Negate in side. Any of which can just wreck your plans. Of these, I personally think Haze is the most frustrating ... being Hazed after pumping up Pummeler just rots. Insult, Fling, and Dispel (in a Temur build) are all great vs. Haze. Or just drop the Pummelers post-board and add Lathnu Hellion/Glorybringer/beater of choice, and just keep hitting. Eventually they'll run out of Hazes, and every turn they're holding up a Haze is one they're not comboing off :-)

Good luck (and good skill) in the match-up!

Izu_Korasu on Four Colors Wins (HOU)

1 month ago

id consider dropping Champion of Wits and The Scarab God so that you can drop blue and focus more on the central theme. (maybe Earthshaker Khenra aswell)

cards that either hit hard (Lathnu Hellion, Voltaic Brawler) provide value (Glint-Sleeve Siphoner, Bristling Hydra, Electrostatic Pummeler) or help you hit harder/help your creatures survive (Invigorated Rampage, Larger Than Life, Supernatural Stamina, Uncaged Fury)

ninexpad on Mono-Red Aggro (Avg. CMC 1.82)

1 month ago

Instead of Hijack you could also play Kari Zev's Expertise for the same cost and you will get a free 2cmc Spell out of it. Speaking of Kari Zev I would personally go down to a maximum of 3 copies as you don't really want more than one at any given time. I personally would add another Lathnu Hellion for it

djnewellmit on Lets throw a samut

1 month ago

I have been playing Pummeler since MTGGoldfish first published the Poisonless Infect ( decklist, so I can really appreciate what you are trying to do here.

First, I second shame2rest in adding Invigorated Rampage. I also highly recommend making room for Blossoming Defense. Samut is loaded with value, but you will seldom be able to cast her and have mana remaining to play the pump spells you want on her first turn down. Blossoming Defense is a must have to help protect her and ensure you get a chance to untap with her on the battlefield. Then you can Rampage and Fling her all you want.

I would consider cutting Onward / Victory to make room.

Second, your creature count is very low for all the pump spells you are running. It's possible the hasty creatures will help offset some of your opponents' removal, but you should probably get some other good creatures that work with your strategy. Maybe Lathnu Hellion would work nicely, since its energy will keep it around for one turn. Hit for four damage on an open battlefield on turn threen. Then on the next turn, you should have four mana for an Invigorated Rampage followed up with a Fling, combining for 8 combat damage and 8 more from the Fling. That's 20 damage between turns 3 and 4. Your low creature count is also another important factor to consider adding Blossoming Defense.

I really like your inclusion of Supernatural Stamina. That makes for some nasty tricks, especially with the Flings.

Because your creature count is so low, you are going to get less value out of your monuments. I would consider cutting those, but I can see where the reduced cost of Samut with Hazoret's Monument can be enticing. Rhonas's Monument isn't as useful as it first appears because you cannot target a Samut you are casting with the monument's trigger. If you want to keep the monuments, I may suggest cutting the Supernatural Stamina to simplify your mana base and make the deck more consistent and add some more creature threats in its place. I mentioned Hellion before. Voltaic Brawler is also a very aggressive threat that works with your colors.

For your Bloodlust Inciter, I don't really see the benefit. If you want to keep your curve, you could consider Narnam Renegade as a nasty little attacker if you give it trample. Unfortunately, the deathtouch is not active when you fling it. You could also consider swapping the Inciter's for a playset of Attune with Aether, especially if you consider adding in the Hellions as I mentioned before. Swap in one swamp so that you can more easily cast the Supernatural Stamina, and you could also add one plain if you keep Onward / Victory.

Hope any of this can be useful to you.

Variux on mono red aggro

1 month ago


I think you need to add some haste to the deck. One of the main reasons for running Red in any format is the low CMC cards with haste. I have a mono red deck for Standard as well, perhaps you could take some things from it and add it in to here!

I would recommend adding in Lathnu Hellion somewhere. Attack with him twice, and then fling him at your opponent for 4 extra damage before he dies anyways. I see you have Bloodlust Inciter which does help with haste, but if he gets removed then your haste is gone. I would recommend running Village Messenger  Flip, as it is a 1/1 with haste which turns in to a 2/2 with menace. You could also run Bomat Courier to help get Hazoret on the battlefield quicker, as it will discard cards for you. Also kick Hazoret up to a 2x instead of a 1x.

My mono-red deck. :)

Naj187 on Jund Energy - Amonkhet Edition

1 month ago

@Grunyarth I definitely like Hydra more than Woodland Wanderer right now. There is a LOT of removal out there and hydra protects itself as soon as it resolves. I can save my blossoming defense for my glorybringer or a glintsleeve if i need cards. I don't think it's a bad card, though and is definitely a consideration

I dropped Voltaic Brawler down one because, yeah it's great and probably is the best 2 drop in the deck, its not always the easiest card to cast on turn 2.

As far as Lathnu Hellion and Reckless Bushwhacker I don't see what i'd take out and other than making my deck into an aggro deck, they really don't fit the midrange theme i'm going with. Insult to Injury is definitely a win card if you have a decent board state. A few of my flex slots are my Rhonas the Indomitables and Khenra Charioteer so thats where i'd look to make subs.

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