Lathnu Hellion


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Rare

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Lathnu Hellion

Creature — Hellion

When Lathnu Hellion enters the battlefield, you get EE (two energy counters).

At the beginning of your end step, sacrifice Lathnu Hellion unless you pay EE.

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Lathnu Hellion Discussion

Hyperalgialysis on Pummeler

1 day ago

Invigorated Rampage works great with the pummeler. I personally would use Voltaic Brawler and Lathnu Hellion as sideboard against control. They are often too big too fast for control to bounce back from.

Hokori on Not another energy deck

1 week ago

I feel that if you are playing aggro, you could consider Voltaic Brawler, It's a 2 drop thats very aggresive and has energy synergy, another card you could consider running is Lathnu Hellion, a 4/4 for 3 mana with haste, because your deck can get energy fast, you could pay the cost, and in the worst of cases, it's a "burn spell" that can be blocked. Lightning Strike is lightning bolt for 2 mana, as you probably know, Lightning Bolt is one of the best spells in red, Glint-Sleeve Siphoner is card draw and a creature that can attack for a bit of damage.

So those are my recommendations for jund energy.

Here I have the deck that I did for jund: Jund

Boza on Gruul Energy

2 weeks ago

I did not notice you do not have Cubs. 4x are very essential. The best two drop in standard by far. Can run away with the game by itself. Pairs well with aforementioned Lathnu Hellion by suppling it energy.

Boza on Gruul Energy

2 weeks ago

Lathnu Hellion is a must. i would cut lightning runner (8 energy is way too much)and monument (none of your creatures benefit from the first ability and you can only marginally beneft from the second).

Additionally, cut 4 lands that come into play tapped and substitute with 4 Harnessed Lightning. 20 + 4 attunes is plenty lands. Renegade tactics and crash through are mediocre at best. Get 4 Blossoming Defense for protection and pump, 1 more Lightning Strike for reach and 1 Invigorated Rampage for the pump.

pistachio28 on First in best Dressed

1 month ago

might I suggest Lathnu Hellion? It doesn't have double or first strike but I think it would work well in your deck because:

a) It's cheap (money)

b) It's cheap (3 mana for 4 power turn 3 attacker)

c) It gets you energy if you choose to sacrifice it our you can keep it around for a while with energy, it depends on your boardstate.

sg_86 on Jund Energy V.2

1 month ago

Architect of the Untamed is much better than Lathnu Hellion

Giganaut on The Far Flung Pummeler

1 month ago

Thanks for the reply! Rage nimbus seems really good and I've put it in. I'm still on the fence about Lathnu Hellion due to its early game aggro. With the right hand I can do 20 life by turn 4 with it. Hardened scales is also something I may or may not move out. But if I keep it I will definitely put Fabrication Module in my deck. Thanks again for the advice. Some really good ideas there.

ObliviousDaemon on R/G Energy Pummeler (Ixalan)

1 month ago

Here's my Electrostatic Pummeler deck that I run at FNM's, it's pretty competitive and no one expects the turn 4 win, which I get pretty consistently. I don't agree with your choice of Aethertorch Renegade or Greenbelt Rampager as they're slow for the deck and there are just so many better options. I also don't like the Khenra Charioteer because turn 3 you're looking to drop Electrostatic Pummeler or Lathnu Hellion, or maybe a Bristling Hydra if you got out Servant of the Conduit turn 2 (and it lived). I have the Longtusk Cub sideboard because they don't match what the deck wants to do game 1, but post board I'll sometimes put them in for Electrostatic Pummeler. I also don't agree with the Scavenger Grounds in the sideboard, I run 2 main and when I do draw it, if I don't need it I can just sacrifice it to either Hashep Oasis or Ramunap Ruins. I also don't feel that this deck needs Field of Ruin anywhere in it, there aren't really any lands that stop us, the only one that might being Ifnir Deadlands. Also, I found 4 Fling to be too much because I would consistently draw 2 a game when I only needed one. Here's my list if anyone wants to check it out:

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