Devoted Crop-Mate


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Uncommon

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Devoted Crop-Mate

Creature — Human Warrior

You may exert Devoted Crop-Mate as it attacks. When you do, return target creature card with converted mana cost 2 or less from your graveyard to the battlefield. (An exerted creature won't untap during your next untap step.)

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Devoted Crop-Mate Discussion

JBert on Boros Humans

12 hours ago

Amonkhet brought a lot of great cards to RW Humans, Honored Crop-Captain being one of them. I've been playing the deck for a few months now and definitely have some suggestions.

4x Always Watching is simply a great anthem with fantastic synergy with Humans that can be exerted.4x Glory-Bound Initiate combos well with Always Watching so that you can swing with a 5/5 Lifelink turn after turn.

Replace Village Messenger  Flip with Town Gossipmonger  Flip, I recently made this switch and it's brought me more success than you may think. Gossipmongers can also be flipped in response to blocks if you have an Always Watching out.

Metallic Mimics don't do well when played on curve, and do a worse job of beefing your board state than Always Watching as they don't provide any bonus to previously played humans with the exception of the Lieutenants.

Devoted Crop-Mate as a 2-of works wonders, bringing back 85% of your creatures and potentially providing a pseudo combat trick if you can bring back a Lieutenant.

As far as removal is concerned, I've found Declaration in Stone to be the best for MOST creatures, as the only naturally hasty threat is Glorybringer. For all others, Repel the Abominable will help you in every matchup except the mirror. Use Fragmentize on vehicles and keep at least 3x Cast Out in the sideboard for Planeswalkers and even Liliana's Mastery

willwrdn on R/W Humans

3 days ago

I would disagree with that. I feel like what you would lose in mana consistency by splashing green would be more of a hindrance than an aid, especially if you're going to run as few as 19 lands.

I might take a look at Devoted Crop-Mate given how you're running so many creatures 2 CMC or less.

PrismaticSparx on Animal Taxes

5 days ago

From a cursory look over the list, it seems half decent for casual play. Some notes:- Devoted Crop-Mate and Renegade Rallier probably aren't going to give too much value, as most of your creatures have cmc greater than 2.- I'd swap out Yavimaya Dryad for Wood Elves - If the aim is to tax opponents then Thalia, Heretic Cathar, Aven Mindcensor, Kataki, War's Wage, Leonin Arbiter, and Michiko Konda, Truth Seeker might be good additions

nvmorale on Cheap Standard Humans

6 days ago

I think that you may be playing too much lands, depending on the curve 20-22 lands will be fine, also you need to add more 1-drops like Expedition Envoy and Town Gossipmonger  Flip, for more consistence, and always play a 1-drop in turn 1, maybe you can cut one of the Stitcher's Graft, if you drew 2 of them that could be bad and you would prefer to have one more creature.

For using exert, have you considered Devoted Crop-Mate?, i think is just great for weenie decks.

Beydin83 on G/W Humans Standard

6 days ago

Renegade Rallier would work just as well for a replacement with Devoted Crop-Mate, or, even included in the list since you're triggering revolt from sacrificing Selfless Spirit.

Master_Of_Obscure_Blue_Spells on GW Midrange (Amonkhet)

1 week ago

Have you though about siding Devoted Crop-Mate or Renegade Rallier against removal heavy lists?

Darsul on Green White Midrange

1 week ago

Devoted Crop-Mate is almost strictly better then Renegade Rallier

razelfark on Always Exerting

2 weeks ago

I sorta understand what you two are saying, but I am finding that the exert creatures I chose are working rather well with the human support cards. The only exert creature that is not human that I liked its function is the dragon Glorybringer. If you look at a lot of the r/w human decks people are making use of Glory-Bound Initiate and Combat Celebrant and sometimes have the dragon in the side deck.

The only exert creature I chose to use that I am not seeing often is the Devoted Crop-Mate which brings back 6 different types of creatures back from the grave when used. I find it combos rather well when you use it to bring back Thalia's Lieutenant for obvious reasons and can help you get an advantage over decks that are trading with your creatures or recovering creatures after they took a removal spell.

For the most part this is more a human tribal deck with exert support, because the cards to support the exert cards work well with the human tribe cards as well. If you say I should focus on one deck type or the other, then what would you suggest for being more human focused and what would you suggest for being more exert focused? Not trying to put you on the spot or anything but want to get a better idea of what you meant to get the deck a better balance of cards.

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