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Thromok the Insatiable is one mad lava monster that grows exponentially when it devours creatures:

  1. Devour 5 creatures? Thromok is a 25/25 attacking with lethal commander damage.
  2. Devour 7 creatures? Thromok is a 49/49 ready for Fling, Soul's Fire, and Pyrrhic Blast to one-shot an opponent or for Chandra's Ignition to win the game on the spot.

Swarm the battlefield with tokens that can pressure opponent life totals on their own. Then Thromok eats them all for a lethal attack with haste and trample before finishing off another opponent with a thunderous Thud. This deck expects Thromok to die so we can rinse and repeat.

Combat Damage
1. Generate tokens.
2. Buff tokens as with Beastmaster Ascension, Fires of Yavimaya and Return of the Wildspeaker.
3. Win by combat damage.

Tip: Ideally we can take out one opponent with token combat damage before they are devoured by Thromok. But if you don't have critical mass or buff effects to support, just move to the commander damage plan.

Commander Damage
1. Generate tokens so there are at least 5 creatures on the battlefield.
2. Play Thromok the Insatiable and devour those creatures growing his size to a 25/25.
3. Attack with lethal commander damage.

Tip: If there is another opponent who is a threat at the table, offer to take them out. Play politics.

Tip: Ideally you can devour 7 creatures so that the direct damage cards are lethal.

Direct Damage
Warstorm Surge can take an opponent out when a massive Thromok the Insatiable enters the battlefield. Thud, Fling, Soul's Fire, and Pyrrhic Blast can take out another opponent. Impact Tremors adds up fast in this token deck and Chandra's Ignition can win the game on the spot if Thromok is above 40 power.

  • You enjoy playing your commander in every game.
  • You like tokens and you enjoy eating them to make a planet-sized monster.
  • While most voltron decks try to keep their commander alive, you love being able to sacrifice yours if it kills an opponent.
  • Selesnya can make bigger, fatter token armies than Gruul but we have haste to go faster and direct damage if combat is impossible.

  • You don't want to play your commander in every game.
  • You dislike combat damage as a win condition. Some folks prefer combos in their sacrifice decks like Korvold, Fae-Cursed King.
  • You don't want to play as the threat at the table.
  • You hate tokens.

  • Inevitability. High power in the command zone, tokens that can go wide or defend as you build up, direct damage and protection spells will trample over opponents.

  • Speed. Ramp and haste work in combination to rocket out evasive threats fast.

  • Removal. You won't always have a protection spell. Try to bait out removal so you can respond with Fling or Pyrrhic Blast. Count on rebuilding a threat on the next turn by manually playing tokens and recasting Thromok with haste.

  • Threat level. When you run Thromok as your commander, opponents may target you from the outset. This is ok as you can often fight through being focused at the table anyway.

  • Buffs. This deck does not go deep on the wide token attack strategy with Overrun effects. In order of importance it needs ramp, tokens, protection, evasion, haste, damage, removal, and card draw. That leaves very little room for alternate win conditions. That said, we are running a few "outs" if our commander is completely shut down so our tokens can finish off opponents via Return of the Wildspeaker, Beastmaster Ascension, and Fires of Yavimaya.
  • Doublers. Cards like Doubling Season and Parallel Lives were originally in this deck but I found that I didn't have enough actual token generating cards for them to double. Also, playing these cards meant that I had to delay playing Thromok by another turn. Once I added in the token generators I realized Thromok only needs 5-7 creatures to be lethal so the doubling is not necessary to power up commander damage and I didn't need help doubling tokens more than generating them in the first place.
  • Damage. Chandra's Ignition, Impact Tremors, and Kediss, Emberclaw Familiar are better than Burn at the Stake as they hit each opponent. Fling, Thud, and Pyrrhic Blast are the primary damage spells to knock out 2 opponents on the same turn.


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