Haste, trample, & tokens power up the volcanic hellion that is Thromok the Insatiable .

  1. Commander Damage
    Step 1. Generate tokens.
    Step 2. Play Thromok the Insatiable and devour those tokens growing his size exponentially.
    Step 3. Win by lethal commander damage.

  2. Combat Damage
    Step 1. Generate tokens.
    Step 2. Buff tokens as with Beastmaster Ascension , Fires of Yavimaya , Return of the Wildspeaker Step 3. Win by combat damage.

  3. Direct Damage
    Terror of the Peaks and Warstorm Surge can take an opponent out when a massive Thromok the Insatiable enters the battlefield. And after a combat swing with Thromok has eliminated one opponent, Thud , Fling , or Soul's Fire can take out another opponent. Finally, Chandra's Ignition can win the game on the spot if Thromok is above 40 power.


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