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The value army of the God Pharaoh

Commander / EDH Mill Reanimator UB (Dimir)



My updated The Scarab God list! This deck was born as a zombie tribal, but it didn't function all that well, so i've reworked it over time, transitioning into a value-based reanimator deck which, in my opinion, is the best way to fully utilize our commander's reanimation abilities.

This list aims to use the God's power, with the help of some other reanimation effects, to pull the best value out of our graveyard and those of our opponents. There's a strong mill component built into the list: by filling up our opponent's yards we are both denying them resources and claiming them for our own, just as Bolas intended. Our creatures help with milling, drawing, or they just bring to the table powerful ETBs that we can recur to use again. The real fun of the deck, however, comes with utilizing our opponent's best creatures against them and using our cunning to figure out how to build a wincon with what we have available in the yards. The Scarab god exiles creatures to make Eternals, so we can't reanimate them multiple times just with it. Be patient and reanimate that Seedborn Muse or Craterhoof Behemoth when you have an opening to go off.

Not being able to keep our commander on the field consistently is a big setback for the God Pharaoh's plans so we run some protection as well as various sac outlets to send the God to the yard if it gets targeted with exile or gain control effects. They're also useful to send ETB creatures to the bin so we can reanimate them later.

This list is not optimized by any means, but has won its fair share of games at my LGS and is a ton of fun to pilot, with every game being different and unique since you have a ton of interaction with your opponents' decks. I'm open to any kind of feedback or advice on how to improve this deck!


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OUT: Psychic Corrosion, Geth, Lord of the Vault, Fleet Swallower, Gleaming Overseer, Ancient Excavation.

IN: Counterspell, Negate, Ulamog's Nullifier, Wrexial, the Risen Deep, Thief of Sanity.

Being in Dimir colours, this deck really struggles against some types of permanents, especially enchantments, with the only way to deal with them being Steel Hellkite and Unstable Obelisk. Some low-end utility cards were cut to add some counterspells to mitigate this weakness. Thief of sanity is just a small upgrade over the Overseer and Geth is just not mana efficient enough to warrant using him instead of the Scarab God at any point in the game. Especially with the latter being so resilient the need for secondary reanimators is kinda lower than i imagined. Wrexial is a solid body that comes with evasion and can help dealing with troublesome permanents by casting your opponents' Anguished Unmaking. Fleet swallower is a ton of fun if you pull the attack trigger off and he's gonna draw some salt, but is a bit underwhelming for a 7-drop.

The deck is still weak to enchantments and dies on the spot to Overwhelming Splendor so try to keep some mana up if you're feeling that kind of stuff is coming.

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