I’d like to make this deck more competitive, because as fun as it is, there’s definitely been times when it just doesn’t go off and I’m sitting around waiting for either more land (very rarely though) or some form of card draw to pull for answers.

If I could get cards to switch for more card draw and more mana rocks (though I already have a 4 or 5 in the maybe to add), that’d be awesome. {especially card draw, after a certain point top decking sucks and discarding in Muldrotha is no biggie}

This is the result of turning my devoid Vela deck into a BUG Muldrotha deck so I could have the additional access to green mana and spells.

It’s meant to be an Eldrazi tribal deck, with the ability to return permanents with Muldrotha, though this works just fine without ever using the commander.

If you aren’t smacking people down with the larger Eldrazi’s, you’ll be milling/exiling their libraries.

Vela’s Eldrazis


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