Sultai Ascendancy

Sultai Ascendancy


At the beginning of your upkeep, look at the top two cards of your library. Put any number of them into your graveyard and the rest back on top of your library in any order.

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Sultai Ascendancy Discussion

master_chalk on Mime and Me

5 months ago

I would add Sultai Ascendancy for great self mill and Dryad of the Ilysian Grove for mana fixing. If you want something to just have fun add Villainous Wealth.

multimedia on Tainted soil

1 year ago

Hey, looks like your going for a Zombie tribal theme.

Going to have to make some sacrifices of five drop Zombies and here's some advice. Sidisi, Undead Vizier, Gray Merchant of Asphodel and The Scarab God are the only three you need the rest could be cut. Muldrotha, Grave Titan, Rooftop Storm and Liliana, Dreadhorde General are the only six drops you need.

I have a Zombie tribal Muldrotha deck that I made last year, Zombie Grave Wave (Budget). My deck is budget, $200, but it could give you some ideas and you can replace the budget alternatives I'm using with more expensive price cards that you have. More advice to improve your deck is to include Gravecrawler infinite combos since it's a Zombie.

Gravecrawler + Phyrexian Altar + Diregraf Captain/Plague Belcher/Bontu's Monument/Blood Artist/Vengeful Dead is an infinite combo to make all your opponents lose life. Sac Gravecrawler with Altar, use the one black mana to cast Gravecrawler from your graveyard and repeat. Gravecrawler + Altar is infinite casts of Gravecrawler from your graveyard which can be used with other cards. Diregraf Colossus is infinite 2/2 Zombies. Undead Augur/Secrets of the Dead/Guardian Project can draw into a win condition. Kill all your opponents creatures with Grave Pact.

Cards to consider cutting:

To also make room for more lands and other card upgrades this is more than 13 card suggestions to consider cutting. Many of these suggestions are good cards, but are very much outclassed by other better cards in your deck already or you could add with such a high budget.

20x total lands is not enough for a functioning Commander deck. Want at least 30-36 lands depending on how high the avg. CMC of your deck is and how many additional mana sources you include. The current avg. CMC is 3.7 which is too high. What's making it this high is too many high CMC Zombies especially five drops.

I offer more advice if you would like. Good luck with your deck.

Milkspy on Mill-Me-O-Plasm [PRIMER-ish]

1 year ago

Ragnarok2100 Thank you for your comment! I used to play Hermit Druid in this deck and I am considering to put him back in, I took him out because he didn't deliver any value on the turn I put him into play. But I will probably put him back in. Likewise I'm really considering Sylvan Library , but I am not sure if I am playing enough shuffle effect cards, especially fetch lands. And paying 4 life seems a bit rough in a deck that doesn't win really early in the game. Furthermore. I took out Sultai Ascendancy , for Mesmeric Orb , which is a way faster engine.

But again thanks for the recommendations!

Ragnarok2100 on Mill-Me-O-Plasm [PRIMER-ish]

1 year ago

Looks like a tight list! I'm surprised you aren't running Hermit Druid with so few basics, it really gets my Mimeo deck going. The only other card you might want to consider is Sultai Ascendancy , it's usually a better Sylvan Library in decks like this. Again, super sweet list!

enpc on Tasigur's Wealth

1 year ago

If you're building a list designed to take advantage of as much land based ramp as possible, then I would probably drop the Thran Dynamo and Gilded Lotus lotus for more land based ramp. Not only does that focus on your land based theme, but it provides sorceries for you delve away.

I would also look at working in stuff like Turnabout and potentially even Doubling Season to help generate a bunch of extra mana for your combo turn.

There are a lot of chaff cards that I would recommend cutting as well: Mesmeric Orb , Sheoldred, Whispering One , Underrealm Lich , Temporal Trespass and Sultai Ascendancy .

Pikobyte on Muldrotha, the Graverobber

1 year ago

Deadbridge Chant and Sultai Ascendancy are examples for that. Had both in my first Muldrotha list but they underperformed totally. Mesmeric Orb gets the job done better for you.

Lord of Extinction is pretty disappointing too. Nothing but a really fat beater, but doesn’t do anything if a 1/1 token gets in his way. With no way of giving him trample or unblockable he’s not worth the slot.

Plaguecrafter is just a straight upgrade to Merciless Executioner .

Removals like Abrupt Decay etc are pretty useless too. Your strategy involves a lot of mill, what if you mill those instants/sorcery’s? You need to cast a witness to bring them back and then cast them?!? Better go for a slightly more expensive permanent-based solution for them. Try to ask yourself „would this instant/sorcery be worth using a witness to get it to my hand“ everytime you want to add one. Most of them are just dead cards in your graveyard.

And most important, what does your deck do without your commander? Muldrotha lists really need Muldrotha on the field to get repeatable value out of the cards. You don’t play any form of protection to keep her around, it’s usually over for you (depending on your meta) if she gets removed 1-2 times. Beside the usual cards like greaves and boots, cards like Curator's Ward , Diplomatic Immunity or Kaya's Ghostform are great and re-usable protection cards. Ghostform even protects from boardwipes (your own Pernicious Deed too) and acts as a wincon in my deck.

That was a lot of text and should be enough for now ^^

xXW1nterFreshXx on Muldrotha, The Gravetide EDH

2 years ago

Pikobyte, No worries no nerves were hit :) and I wasn't using netdecking in a negative sense It was more so in the sense of I just dont follow the norm thats out there. granted there's tons of different Muldrotha strategies since she can go so many ways! So a norm is hard to find I guess.

also sounds really I like the idea of muldrotha crontrol mill sounds fun! I was considering muldrotha lands matter but in the end it wasn't the particular playstyle i was going for. To be honest, I think my Muldrotha deck in the end is really just lookingto outvalue my opponents. It doenst hard control, but it can, doesn't land matter or mill or. Like how I said in my description of why Muldrotha. She's perfect for me because of the "oh you took out my card well too bad I want it back!"

As for my WinCon of Mike and Trike it is pretty cliche but this is suppose to be my most powerful deck for when it's the end of the night. Most the time Muldrotha is able to start outvaluing my opponents before I start the combo. But I usually play much more janky decks like Izzet coin flip, Monoblack Rats, and colorless artifacts XD they're a ball!

Also Yeah New Ashiok is a HOUSE in this deck! I use to run Old Ashiok, and then both just cuz Ashiok is my favorite. but yeah Not really a pet but kinda cuz it'd be real hard to part with it. like it was for Old Ashiok :/

Anyways any suggestions you have? or perphaps some insight on if you think Yarok, Elvish Reclaimer, Lotus Field, and Vampiric Tutor should enter the 99? Currently I'm thinking of dropping Glen Elendra Archmage for Yarok, the Desecrated and Sultai Ascendancy for Elvish Reclaimer If i need any of those 4 or if you have suggestions on what to drop for the other 2 or better drops that i may be missing :)

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