Tinker Tutor Reanimate Win Repeat

Playing with cogs and rocks is fun. Build your war machine faster then most by filling your grave and dumping double, quadruple, and occsionally sextuple copies of your favorite pieces on to the battlefield. Forget Boros, we Lorehold now. Lorehold makes colorless ramp useful.

Tokens and tutors and battlespheres, oh my! I've been trying hard to build a mild-comp level/combo deck with my first take on Osigr. I am enjoying that this build lets you sit back a bit more and just have fun. Its like a constructor set that smashes peoples faces. There are still enough built in combo/lockout pieces to allow you to hold up an emergency win but it no longer holds that strat as the only goal.

Anyway, rant over for now. Please feel free to draw up a hand and give this puppy a shot. Let me know your thoughts and feelings about it in the Comment section.


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