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(Competitive 1v1 EDH MEREN) La Mama de la Muerte

Duel Commander* BG (Golgari) Combo Competitive Midrange Reanimator Rock



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Quite classical Meren build, with some added spices !

  • Faceless Butcher : I'm quite surprised not seeing him more often on lists, cause the potential of this one, especially in black-green, is gold. You know the trick right ? You sacrifice it with a insta-speed sacrifice outlet in response of his first trigger ? Now you see all those gods that are indestructible ? Eldrazis ? Well that guy's made for them, oh and if you need to recur etb effects to your advantage (saying, destroy multiple artifacts/enchants a turn without pernicious deed) he can help too ! Clever Butcher

  • Shadowborn Demon : A big body with wings that can kill nearly anything upon arriving and that let you have a sacrifice outlet every turn, he's just so impressive at what he does that it replaced without hesitation the (quite useful enough) Shriekmaw.

  • Liliana's Specter : Can come down turn 2, Flies, dies to a Skullclamp, looks like a Nazgull and is great in Multiplayer. Even if on the paper it sounds less effective than a Mindslicer or a Sadistic Hypnotist for the discard effect, the 3cmc price (that works really well with meren's ability) and his wings makes it just much more threatening overall, as it helps you getting to the 20 life total needed for Marit Lage to make you win out of nowhere.

  • Scryb Ranger : Flash is great, flying is great (see above why), protection from blue can be super useful, and untap a creature ? With a Dryad Arbor (Invincible blocker at the cost of your landdrop) or a Elf team (Priest of Titania of course, but Fauna Shaman is a great option too), that can go nuts in seconds. (Turn 4 Tooth and Nail ? hmm utopist indeed, but not that difficult to do)

  • Deranged Hermit : 5 bodies for 5 mana on etb, grant Meren experience points, is an elf and is every Rick and Morty's fan favorite ruler of the world when recurring nightmare and phyrexian altar are in the game. Great to come back from a board wipe and establish board presence. Well, you've never see squirrels that frightening (Expect maybe the Unearth + Squirrel nest combo) in years !

  • Dark Depths / Thespian Stage / Vampire Hexmage combo : Flying 20/20 Indestructible is good, instant speed with crop rotation is better, and the fact that it makes the deck not relying only on graveyard or "Mike and Trike" to finish the game is just perfect. Can inspire fear and despair for your opponents as early as turn 3 with Urborg in hand.

PS : No SOTF even if I'd love to, as it's always and forever too pricy for me, and too close to the banlist edge. Not too much Fetchlands for budjet reasons, the same goes for original bi-lands, cavern of souls and so on... Just have to make it work, and it does quite well ! Peace


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  • 1 Contamination / + 1 Gray Merchant of Asphodel

This deck can quite hurt your life total, and I was not enjoying Contamination a lot even on Tournaments, so here goes some ETB all star life drainer.


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