Target player reveals three cards from his or her hand and you choose one of them. That player discards that card.

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Blackmail Discussion

Se7enfoot on No-Hand Job

1 week ago

middle andlate game Blackmail comes in very handy

zapyourtumor on 8 rack grief

5 months ago

I've been playing a Grief 8-rack build for some time and I have some comments on your build that I hope you find helpful.

For one thing, Feign Death is strictly worse than Undying Evil, except with multiple copies on the same creature. More about the creature/flicker package: If you flicker a Kroxa with Ephemerate the rebound is wasted since it still dies either way. And you don't have a further target if you topdeck another flicker spell/undeath spell later. Also, you have to wait until t3 to get any value from the flickering. This is why I suggest running a creature like Burglar Rat or Elderfang Disciple instead. Also, you have 10 flicker cards but only 8 creature targets. While the flicker cards are dead cards by themselves, the creatures aren't, which is why I advise going down on the flicker cards and going up on the creatures.

For the discard suite, you currently have 12 targeted hand disruption spells, 4 Grief, IoK, and TS. This seems really overboard for me, since those spells tend to be bad late-game topdecks (and this deck aims to put the game into topdeck mode asap). I suggest cutting down some on those and putting in some Blackmail and/or Raven's Crime. Also Liliana of the Veil is a really powerful card in any 8rack build. I'd move them from the sideboard to the mainboard, leaving up more space for hate cards in the sideboard.

About the manabase. You also have barely any lands. Even without Smallpox, 18 lands is really low. I would recommend 20 at the bare minimum. Not sure why City of Brass is there either. And you have 4 Urborgs and no fetches. For a three color deck, CoB should not be needed and I highly recommend you go with a fetch shock manabase with Bloodstained Mire and Marsh Flats (and maybe one Savai Triome. Mishra's Factory is also generally better than Mutavault.

Using Ensnaring Bridge to defend against creature-based strategies is a complete nonbo with the deck's strategy of attacking with Grief and Kroxa. You also have no spot removal in the entire deck, which means it is really difficult to deal with creatures you want to remove that don't attack. I suggest swapping out the Bridges for some spot removal. Also you're in mardu colors which means you can run Prismatic Ending along with Lightning Bolt and Fatal Push.

About the sideboard: Feed the Swarm is played in most monoblack lists because it is the only enchantment removal in monoblack. You're mardu, not mono-B, which means you have better options like Fragmentize, Fracture, Rip Apart, and Prismatic Ending. Grafdigger's Cage completely shuts down all of your Kroxa, Feign Death, Malakir Rebirth antics which makes it a terrible choice for graveyard hate. One sided hate like Soul-Guide Lantern and Leyline of the Void would be much better choices here.

raefgall on Perfect Rack

5 months ago

Well, apparently the default budget option of Necrogen Mists isn't a budget option any more.

Blackmail is probably my favorite budget option for 8-Rack (and honestly, I like it better than Thoughtseize in this deck). It's not as strong turn 1, but it doesn't whiff based on card type and it still gives you some choice.

Ravenous Trap is a good budget sideboard option against graveyard decks. (Leyline of the Void isn't too expensive anymore, either, although that is certainly relative.)

zapyourtumor on BW Blink Rack

6 months ago

raefgall Blackmail is indeed a pretty good card here, it's just that my list is super tight already. If I had space I would probably put in a third Raven's Crime first, then fourth lili. When I first saw Syphon Life I was really skeptical, since it requires three lands (which doesn't always happen in a smallpox deck) and doesn't have much payoff so I thought it wouldn't be great against aggressive decks. However I've heard it mentioned enough that I'll try one in the sideboard. It's just that I'm not sure how good it is since this deck also has a really greedy manabase with only 21 lands (while most Smallpox 8rack decks run 24), and I think a fourth affliction might be better for racing opponents.

raefgall on BW Blink Rack

6 months ago

I heard someone talking about this combo in another shell and I was excited to look into an 8-Rack brew. With the conversation about Seize and IoK above, I wanted to toss the Blackmail hat into the ring. Not as good early game, but not as much of a dead draw late game. I've also found that Syphon Life can be a decent sideboard card if you're running into those race situations you mentioned.

lagotripha on On the Prowl

9 months ago

I meant Blackmail not bribery mb.

CheapBastard on And Everytime We Touch I Get This Feelin

1 year ago

ClockworkSwordfish first of all, nice name. Second of all, I didn't know viridian claw was a thing so that's really sweet and I didn't think about putting a reanimation package in here but looking at it now, I feel kinda dumb that I didn't before! I'm a big fan of the menace counters and maybe reviving 1 or 2 nighthawks with it is mighty fine. Servitude can get back my merchants if the game goes sideways and I'm hurting for some kind of advantage so that's definitely a solid option as well. I have alot of hand attacks in my sideboard like Inquisition of Kozilek, Blackmail, and Thoughtseize so that's 12 cards already so I'm thinking maybe just swap some of those out for more of a recursion package

PhyrexianPreator on Budget Devotion: Now With A White Splash!

1 year ago


I like what you have for a starting point.

Your selection of spells, creatures and Your one planeswalker are solid choices. I will be detailing what you can do for making the deck work a bit smoother and most of it is relatively budget friendly.

1) For triggering revolt with push all you need is a mix of Terramorphic Expanse and/or Evolving Wilds. They are fetchlands that are each under a $1. Only problem with them is that you can't fetch up shocklands since they only get basics. To better take advantage of them for revolt I would heavily suggest You get two copies of Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth. Last I checked urborg was only $15 Canadian. I did read the above comments and I understand where you're coming from and I respect your train of thought.

2) I would add two copies of Isolated Chapel. When I last checked they were Sitting around $5 Canadian. They make it easier to cast your white spells and don't interfere with casting your black spells.

3) If you ever felt like changing out sign in blood you could go with Night's Whisper. Since using sign in blood on the opponent isn't all that common to do, you can switch and still have access to this effect. The upside you get is an easier to cast spell in case your opponent has blood moon while you have some nonbasics.

4) For budget hand disruption spells you could either go with Duress or Blackmail. Last I checked duress is like $0.05 Canadian and blackmail was $5 Canadian. They are by no means close to Thoughtseize, but hand disruption is most effective when you know how and when to use it.

Lastly, I would say for an optimized list I Would remove and add the following cards.

-1 Arena, -5 Swamps -2 Caves of Koilos, and -3 Vampire Nighthawks.

+2 Isolated Chapel, +2 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, +4 Terramorphic Expanse/Evolving Wilds and +3 Duress/Blackmail.

All in all you have a functional list. If you do go with my recommendations I would save up and wait to get the cards that are $5+. For a reference on my prices you can check this site.┬žion=product

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