Early game focuses on ramp and putting down a few Hate bears in order to slow my opponents. If I can Tutor before Chulane drops then priority targets include: Cyclonic Rift, Render Silent, CloudStone Curio, Karametra.

Mid-game the focus switches to dropping and bouncing creatures in order to accrue card advantage. Tutor remain the same but more options are now available: Triumph of the Hordes, Elesh Norn, Jin Gitaxias, or self bouncing creatures all are great options for casting far above curve or gaining an insurmountable card advantage.

End Game I need to connect with enough damage to take out my opponents triumph is good for this, as are my other overrun effects. I've avoided the more combo-centric Lab man build as I feel it is too fragile in the early game.

This deck soft locks my opponents until I can win and it does so reliably. Ramp, card draw and removal are always on hand and with Chulanes ability so are the creatures I need to cast.


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