Being worked on. Trying to replace pretty much everything with a creature version of spells. Thoughts and suggestions and critiques welcome.

Guaranteed Win setup (almost at least):

Animal, Soul of elements+Birgi, God of Storytelling  +Grinning Ignus+Urza, Lord High Artificer for basically playing anything in the deck. Birgi and Ignus let you dump infinite counters in animar and generate double that amount of mana, minus 1 to 2. And if you happen to have Vizier of the Menagerie, you can also play everything in hand.

Then, while hunting through the deck, make sure Maskwood Nexus is out. Then pick your win conditions. Effect damage with Omnath, Locus of the Roil? Or do you drop Pathbreaker Ibex and swing for the fences on everyone? Pick your poison!!!


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