Wild-Field Scarecrow

Wild-Field Scarecrow

Artifact Creature — Scarecrow


, Sacrifice Wild-Field Scarecrow: Search your library for up to two basic land cards, reveal them, and put them into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

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Wild-Field Scarecrow Discussion

thenewlollipopjam on Jeepers Reapers, exploding Scarecrows!

1 year ago

Molten Echoes is a better flameshadow conjuring. Urza can tap all your scarecrows for blue Mana. I actually play a changeling tribal Scarecrow deck. Has Reaper King as commander, has Scuttlemutt and maybe Wild-Field Scarecrow. I revel in the jank.

Grind on Squee the Looter

1 year ago

Hi scumbling1, thanks for the comments!!
I had seen journeyer's kite before, but not thaumatic compass, which is i think a strictly better version, so that's cool! these cards are cool and i would like to play them but 5 mana for 1 basic land to hand is hard to justify.
I actually considered Wild-Field Scarecrow to run in this slot because it gives me 2 lands for the same cost and is maybe a chump blocker. but i am still playtesting, thaumatic compass is a strong contender, especially given i dont have a lot of defense and that maze of ith effect is nice.
i've seen dangerous wager before but for me the risk of drawing this card with a full hand is too high.
i have been playtesting this deck a lot, and amazingly the engine usually runs really good. In fact a lot of times i have found i don't even cast squee! because i find i almost always have something else to do with my mana. so i am considering keeping the decklist the same and running maybe Verix Bladewing in that slot. for 1 more mana than squee, he is a 4/4 flying blocker - which seems useful maybe, or to apply pressure to a planeswalker. obviously i could run godo or kiki-jiki as the commander but i think that telegraphs the deck objectives a bit too clearly. i think squee is the right amount of useless that it will allow my opponents to underestimate the deck until they see it combo out. anyway i think i'll have to get in some real games once the card shops open back up and see how it plays irl. cheers!

seshiro_of_the_orochi on SUPER BUDGET ARCADES

1 year ago

The landbase seems a little too simple for a 3-colour-deck. May I suggest du add at least Evolving Wilds and Terramorphic Expanse ? They aren't expensive and help a lot. Primal Druid and Wild-Field Scarecrow are fitting ramp/fixing options, and Scaretiller might be worth a look, as well.

You should play copies of each High Alert , Assault Formation and Belligerent Brontodon as backups for your commander. Wakestone Gargoyle might be very useful as well.

Two more interesting options are Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive and Mistford River Turtle to make your walls unblockable. Oh, and a way to give your creatures vigilance seems importan as well ( Always Watching is fine for that). Three more nifty cards for toughness-decks are Bident of Thassa , Angler Turtle and Profaner of the Dead .

Keep up the work, you definitely are on a good way.

SynergyBuild on $10 Sek'kuar

1 year ago

king-saproling - Moldervine Reclamation , Thermopod , Wild-Field Scarecrow , and Qarsi High Priest are all great inclusions in the budget, I just felt that I didn't need to fit them, since the first two are 5-drops, where we are meant to be casting our commander, and those slots are already filled with other five-drops. I didn't remember the High Priest and the Scarecrow honestly didn't seem great at first, but it is like an Armillary Sphere , which is pretty good!

You can test these out easily in the $10 budget, or some of the others if you make some cuts!

EDIT: tagged you xD

king-saproling on $10 Sek'kuar

1 year ago

Wow this is great considering the budget. There are so many decent cards here I've never seen before. I'm thinking these are some good alternates that wouldn't push the budget too bad if one wanted to invest a little more in the deck: Pitiless Plunderer , Fell Shepherd , Warstorm Surge , Zulaport Cutthroat , Gleancrawler , Moldervine Reclamation , Ogre Battledriver , Second Harvest , Caustic Caterpillar , Elemental Bond , Wild-Field Scarecrow , Qarsi High Priest , Ghastly Conscription , Death's Presence , Thermopod

Titus7007 on Scarecrow Deck

1 year ago

Do you think the 4 toughness of Fae of Wishes Wild-Field Scarecrow and Signpost Scarecrow is useful in slowing down aggro, or am I still getting overrun?

Pal00ka on Sacrifices, sacrifices

2 years ago

I get the force sacrifice theme but do not really see many creatures YOU would want to sacrifice. I count 4 creatures who once they enter I would be happy to let die to trigger something or force sacrifice (WS, VE, SD, and G). This is not counting Sakura-Tribe Elder, co. because I assume you will want to sack them to their own effect most time.

Creatures who are happy to die and come back or create tokens to be sacrificed are: Reassembling Skeleton , Bloodsoaked Champion , Squee, the Immortal , Open the Graves , Xathrid Necromancer , Overseer of the Damned , etc. all give you extra bodies to sacrifice while keeping your enablers free.

I am surprised to see so little graveyard recursion either, some to consider: Phyrexian Reclamation , Palace Siege , Animate Dead , Whisper, Blood Liturgist , Phyrexian Delver , etc. are good for getting back killed creatures or reanimating high-CMC ones (@ 4.03 that is pretty HIGH).

For ramp I would add in more creatures who self-sacrifice to grab basics (and add more basics in place of tap lands) to kill 2-birds with one stone. Burnished Hart , Wild-Field Scarecrow , Dawntreader Elk , Pilgrim's Eye , Skittering Surveyor , and of course Solemn Simulacrum .

Such a theme screams to have more aristocrat value pieces added: Zulaport Cutthroat , Poison-Tip Archer , Fecundity , Outpost Siege , Harvester of Souls , and Skullclamp , etc. all make every death benefit you that much more.

You don't seem to be playing any counter spells, even for protection with such high-costed creatures, I would add more via Heroic Intervention , Mizzium Skin , Wrap in Vigor , Undying Evil , etc. I like Kaya's Ghostform but it telegraphs to opponents that this will need to be killed 2x, and a truce may be made to ensure Sheoldred dies. One of the above is "sneakier."

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