This is my take on a power level 7 Juri deck. The main goal of the deck is to accrue tons of value through an aristocrats strategy while putting a ton of counters on your commander. Once you get Juri massive you can sacrifice him to deal a ton of direct damage.

The MVP of this deck is The Ozolith as it can store all the counters that were on your commander upon death, making it super easy to make Juri huge again the following turn. Juri triggers off ANYTHING being sacrificed so I tried to theme the deck around treasure tokens. Powerful on their own, providing Juri with counters while providing you with mana is too good to pass up.

This deck has a ton of moving pieces as it plays so many different cards that sacrifice so many different things but in particular I’d like to highlight a few. Kazuul's Fury   and Fling are great at instant speed since they do damage as well as Juri dying, basically doubling the damage. Revel in Riches is also an alternate win condition as it makes you a lot of treasures for your strategy but also has a “win the game” clause by simply making 10 treasures.

If you enjoy my take on Juri then leave an upvote. Make sure you comment with any questions or simply just to chat about the deck. I love feedback and would love to know what you think!


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