Welcome to my take on a Sythis deck. This deck is meant to be around a power level 7. This decks current record is 3-5 with an average win turn of 9.

This deck is nothing but value as nearly 50% of this deck is basically cantrips. The main goal of this deck is to overwhelm your opponent with card advantage and building yourself a little pillow fort. The amount of card draw allows you to consistently hit your ramp spells and chain together enchantment after enchantment.

Sigil of the Empty Throne, Hallowed Haunting, Archon of Sun's Grace and several other token producers make and INSANE amount of tokens that can flood the board and be used for one devastating attack. And with the addition of Boon of the Spirit Realm those token will become lethal QUICK!

Approach of the Second Sun is an awesome win condition with the amount of card draw in this deck. 2 casts wins you the game!

If you enjoy my tech on Sythis then please leave an upvote! Feel free to comment with any questions or lets get a discussion going!


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